Interview – Juvenile X


  1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival, first of all please introduce yourself to the readers and give them a quick summary of yourself as a wrestler?


Within the squared circle, wrestling fans know me as Juvenile X. I am trained by former WCW-superstar Alex Wright and his legendary father, Steve Wright. To this day I still hear people how well respected Alex and his father were within different locker rooms around the globe which makes me proud every single time someone tells me. So far, I was able to compete for promotions in all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, England and the United States. I am the current World Champion for GWP in Germany and former Tag Team Champion in Austria. Thanks for having me, Sam.



  1. Lets talk about your growing up, did you enjoy watching wrestling growing up or did it start much later and if so, who inspired you to think I am going to become a Wrestler?


Compared to other stories, I started watching wrestling pretty late. I remember the Summer Slam 2007 being the first PPV I ever watched and when I look back, all of these larger than life superstars including HHH, Undertaker and Batista at that time fascinated and inspired me to become a professional wrestler myself.



  1. How did you get involved with Wrestling training, who trained you, how was this experience and if you could have been trained by anyone else or even do a seminar with dead or alive when you started off wrestling who would it be and why would it have helped you as a wrestler?


Talking about my first step on this journey, I still remember it like it was yesterday. On this particular day, I stepped into the door of The Wright Stuff Pro Wrestling School in Nuremberg, Germany without having any clue what I just got into. I remember the friendly smile Alex (Wright) gave me right before my first training session. ‘Are you ready?’… ‘for sure, I have been involved in sports all my life’, I said. But in some way, that didn’t help me from not being able to move my head the whole following week. Bruises and muscle soreness all over. But hey, I survived! In all honesty, he is a very hard but really fair trainer and I don’t regret a single thing about this.


Throughout my career, the workers that inspired me most besides Alex and his father have always been guys like Fit Finlay, Dean Malenko, Karl Gotch and Billy Robinson. I also love watching Austin Aries and Samoa Joe at work. Considering a seminar with dead or alive, it’s honestly hard to say. I’d probably choose Karl Gotch.





  1. You wrestle mostly for GWP and are the current world champion having been champion since early last year, first of all how did it feel to win the title and also for any perspective challengers wanting to take it off you just before you hit a year with it have you got any words for them?


I don’t wrestle mostly for GWP, let me correct this. I wrestle mostly for NEW. But you’re right if you’d say I’m the man that came into this company and ten minutes later captured their gold while others didn’t get the job done within ten years. It felt great, but at the same time I knew that a lot of men in the locker room were jealous and didn’t see me ready for that position.


I think I proved them wrong because I’m defending the championship already the tenth time within less than a year on March 19th in Schwabach, Germany.



  1. You and T-K-O were previously UKWA Tag Team champions in the same promotion back in 2014, did you work well in the ring chemistry wise would you say and do you want to reform as a result in 2016 for another run?


We were very good, if not best friends even outside the ring. And believe me, the chemistry was great. But one day, he decided to choose a different path and as much as people talk about ‘never say never’, I don’t think you’ll see him as my tag partner any time again.



  1. Looking at the people you have defended your GWP title against this includes Tatanka, WWE legend, does beating him would you say give legitimacy to your title reign adding name after name to the wrestlers you have defended against?


Definitely. Why not?



  1. Of course the name of the blog is TheBritishWrestlingRevival, you have previously wrestled for a touring promotion over here in All Star, how did it come about, how was this experience and do you want to return either this year or the next if given the opportunity to do so?


Touring with All Star Wrestling was a great experience. It taught me a lot inside and outside of the ring. Brian Dixon is a huge name in our industry and I’m proud that I was able to work for him. I plan to return to the UK this summer for several weeks.



  1. What are your future ambitions in Wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years time?


Five years is a very long time and anything can happen. I don’t know where I will be in even one year, so it’s hard to talk about it five years in advance. But I do know that every day I go to sleep I want to make sure I worked towards my goal on that day.

I know everybody is talking about WWE and it is indeed the top destination for any performer. But these days, a lot of doors can lead the path to success. As cliché as it sounds, I am a big believer that never stopping pays off one day. The name of the most recent proof is AJ Styles.



  1. Where can the readers find Juvenile X and where can promoters book you?


You can follow my path on…


…Twitter:        @juvenilex

…Instagram:   @juvenile_x


For any booking inquiries please either send me a message on Facebook or contact my management via E-Mail: Thank you.



  1. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug?


New European Championship Wrestling, the company I competed for since day one, recently signed an international TV-contract. As far as I know, it is the only promotion in Europe that has his own venue. We had our first TV-Tapings on February 5th and 6th and were able to put on a great show. The next show called ‘Retribution’ will take place on March 5th in Heßdorf, Germany.


For more information, please check out and help the company grow.

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