Interview – ‘The Knightsbridge Fashionista’ Jinny


Photo Credit – The Ringside Perspective/Oli Sandler

  1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Jinny, first of all please introduce yourself to the readers and give them a summary of who ‘The Knightsbridge Fashionista’ is???


My name is Jinny and as you know I am Knightsbridge’s own Fashionista. Growing up in Knightsbridge, London, I have always had everything I ever wanted from the latest Marc Jacob handbag to the latest Christian Loubitons From the age of ten I even had my own American Express Centurion Card (black American Express) and could purchase whatever I wanted. My nanny told me once I could not buy a Gucci bag for school because school is for learning and it’s not a fashion show, so I had her fired and my parents brought me the bag as a way of apologising for having such a horrid woman as nanny.


I also have my own Personal Assistant, Elizabeth. How many of you can say you have your own PA? She is ringside during my matches at Progress. She is a part time wrestler too (a very good one, not as good as me though), and during her matches I will come out with her to make sure she does a good job, because at the end of the day she is associated with me and I cannot have anyone associated with me look bad.


So basically to those who don’t really know me all you need to know is that I live the life you dream of having, I have custom made ring gear by Gucci and Vera Wang just to name a few and I get what I want.


  1. Let’s talk about your growing up, did you enjoy watching wrestling growing up or did it start much later and if so, who inspired you to think I am going to become a Wrestler??


I started watching wrestling at the age of nine, but I become a true diehard fan at the age of eleven and it was also at that age I knew that I wanted to become a wrestler.


I am a fan of Ted DiBiase, he was someone I could relate to. He was somewhat fashionable and he was rich and flaunted it, and that’s exactly what you should do when you’re rich. Sherri Martel was also someone I loved, the way she held herself and did what she needed to do to get the win for who she was managing was brilliant! She also always looked fabulous!



I am also a big fan of Jushin Thunder Liger, I love the Japanese wrestling style. I also grew up watching Victoria, Trish and Lita we’re also wrestlers I grew up watching even though sometimes their outfits weren’t as fabulous as Sherri Martel’s but I would say they certainly inspired me to become a wrestler.


At the age of eighteen I looked into wrestling schools in the UK and America, but I never had the nerve to go through with it. A year later after graduating university I still had that passion to become a wrestler (it’s a passion that never dies) so I looked around London for a good wrestling school and two months after contacting Progress Wrestling I started training to become a wrestler. 


  1. You trained at the Progress Wrestling Training School a.k.a The ProJo as far as I’m aware, who had a hand in your training and how would you rate your experience training?


I started training at the end of February 2014, and when I first stepped in the ring my love for wrestling grew even stronger. I actually remember I was wearing my Stella McCartney gym outfit and thought I looked ‘wow, I look fabulous’. In my early stages of training I trained under Jimmy Havoc, James Davis and Darrell Alan. I still train under Jimmy Havoc as you never stop learning, and to be the best you learn from one of the best. He has had a big hand with my in ring ability, psychology, attention to detail and my character development.


I was not trained to a “women” wrestler, I was trained to be a wrestler, to be confident and not let anything faze me. My experience training has been great, it hasn’t been easy there is a lot that goes into learning the sport of wrestling. All three owners of Progress Wrestling (Jon, Jim and Glen), truly care about the talent at the school, they come down in their own time to help us in different areas and give advice whenever you need.

  1. Speaking of Progress you had a feud with Pollyanna which is highly talked about among Progress fans and this developed from the ENDVR shows to even a match at SSS on the main shows, what are your thoughts on this feud and did Pollyanna gain your respect after this feud??


The feud started when Pollyanna chose to wear a hideous outfit when she was put in a match with me. I am the first female graduate of The Projo, I mean seriously have some respect. I really felt sickened that such a talent like her could be so stupid to wear an outfit a homeless person wouldn’t wear as a change of clothes from wearing the same outfit for a year! So I took it into my own hands to teach her a lesson in fashion. 


Our feud was a true battle, a tough one I shall not lie. On many occasions on the Progress ENDVR shows we went back and forth at each other (the ENDVR shows used to be trainee shows were a student from The Projo was put in a match against a Pro, but now they are a Progress show like the Chapter shows). She was rightfully hit over the head with a clipboard by my Personal Assistant during our first match after trying to disrespect me by wearing the same hideous outfit as she did last time we were in the ring, this lead to a tag match and unfortunately my PA cost us the match as she was pinned. So I needed to do something about this, so wisely I teamed up with one of the best, someone I who I knew was as ruthless as me, and would do anything to win my friend Paul Robinson which lead to me hitting her in the face with a chair (I only did it to make her look better) and Paul picked up the win. However, Glen Robinson thought the feud had gone too far so to allow us to settle the score he booked a No DQ match on day 2 of the Chapter 19 Super Strong Style. You can hear more about our feud (which will end when I say on Progress Originals: Rivalries which will be available on Progress On-Demand soon.


Do I have respect for Pollyanna? As a talent, yes, she’s one of the best the UK has got to offer, she has travelled the world and has had a number of good matches. As a person, with a dress sense like hers? No!


  1. You are the first female wrestler to join Wardust Wrestling League on Sunday February 21st, do you think it shows how good you are that you are the first to join the promotion and do you have a message for any challenger to you on the 21st??


Of course it shows how good I am, I am amazing! But, I am looking forward to joining Wardust Wrestling League, and to be the first female wrestler to join does mean a lot me. Obviously they made the right decision to choose me to be their first female wrestler.


My opponent is Jamie Hayter, another talented up and coming wrestler, who I have wrestled previously. She knows if she steps in the ring with me wearing something that’s unfashionable the pain I will cause her will be the worst she has ever felt. If you disrespect fashion you are disrespecting me and I don’t play nice!


  1. Also you are debuting for VII Pro Wrestling the next week a renamed promotion in Dawley, what are your thoughts on debuting for them and what would you say the fans of VII who have never seen Jinny before should expect for your debut??


For those fans in attendance it certainly will be the best day of their life as they will be in the presence of a true Fashionista. What they will get from me in terms of wrestling is seeing me teach my opponent a lesson is fashion if she is dressed unfashionably! I am set to face Dahlia Black, a wrestler from New Zealand. I know Dahlia, I know what she is capable of, she’s a talented wrestler and has made a big name for herself in New Zealand and is doing the same in the UK. But she also knows me, and she has seen first-hand what I will do to my opponent. The outfit she was wearing in her promo picture was vile. For her to pose in a picture wearing such an outfit thinking it’s “nice” made me realised I need to knock some fashion sense into her. I mean orange and green? That’s a big no no!


  1. Women’s Wrestling seems to be on an all-time high at the minute and has nearly shaken off its image of a toilet break match, are you glad to be a part of this new wave of women’s talent coming through and a lot of people have said that 2016 will be your breakout year after a stellar first year in Wrestling, do you think that people are right to think that??


Of course it’s wonderful to be a part of this! It is good to see woman wrestlers appreciated. There are so many talented female wrestlers in the UK alone who genuinely have a passion for wrestling. Obviously no one is as fashionable as me, but it is about time to see women’s wrestling respected and the matches they have appreciated.


2015 was my wrestling debut year, I worked hard and will continue to do so this year. I was part of the first women’s match on a Progress Chapter show, I made history, and this year I will make sure the whole world knows my name. On the 3rd January at Progress Wrestling ENDVR, I said no one will take my spot light and I mean that.


  1. What are your future ambitions in Wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time??


I will continue to work the UK scene, for the last few year it has been amazing, and rightful so there are so many talented British wrestlers. Unfortunately there aren’t as many fashionable ones. I always set goals for and push myself to achieve them, but as long as I am wrestling and always have the latest Fendi handbag I will be happy.


  1.      Where can the readers like/follow ‘The Knightsbridge Fashionista’ Jinny on Facebook/Twitter and where can promoters book you for shows??


Promoters can contact me on my email:


Facebook: My page is Jinny (





  1. Have you got any future dates for 2016 or projects you wish to plug??


As you mentioned I will be wrestling at Wardust Wrestling League on the 21st February and also at VII Pro Wrestling on the 26th February.


I will also be wrestling at Pro Wrestling Chaos on the 12th March

Progress Wrestling Endvr on the 13th March & 

Plymouth Wrestling Association April 17th.

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