Blu-ray Review – WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2015


Welcome to the latest WWE Blu-ray review, it’s been a little while since I released any reviews that have been WWE related as this is the first release in a few weeks so I have been occupying my time doing TIDAL reviews which came just in time in all fairness when I was on a break from WWE!

This particular review is of TLC 2015, the last Pay-Per-View of the year and one that is hit and miss in my opinion, sometimes they can be of real high quality and sometimes they can include only like one TLC match which means there is no point of it being called TLC, in my opinion as a result this PPV falls into the same realm as Money In The Bank as 2011 was one of the best to this day and a few in recent years since then have been alright but nothing special.

The show itself was held on December 13th at the TD Garden in Boston for anyone wanting to know! The first match was a cracker between Lucha Dragons vs The Usos vs The New Day. As I always hark on about, The New Day are the best thing about the WWE right now and they have really made the best out of three wrestlers who for at least 2 of them may have been out of the door otherwise especially Kofi Kingston who has literally been with WWE more years than I can count in the same realm as Alicia Fox I would say, someone who has been there for years and it has seriously felt like it has been a long time!

The match itself is the main recommendation from the Blu-Ray, it has so many spots that have you marking out and once you see it you will know what I mean I would say. The main spo was Kalisto’s Salida Del Sol onto the ladder. The match itself was tag team so Big E and Kingston were in the ring while Woods was a commentator, of course he came into play towards the end hitting Kalisto with a trombone which allowed The New Day to kind of pick up a sneaky win even though it was basically No DQ being a TLC match. It was a 17:30 match which for an opener is great and shows a bit like the Divas division to a certain extent that they are actually giving the tag team division time to shine on PPV’s instead of giving them 5-7 minute slots.

Next of all we have Ryback vs Rusev with Lana, this match of course suffered after the previous exploits of the ladder match, the crowd were not into this one as a result and is a write off in my opinion. It goes on just over 5 minutes with Rusev getting the accolade to win. If you have to watch the whole show watch it but if not I wouldn’t.

Again Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio suffered, of course this was a repeat of their previous feud and so it was good to see a repeat of this as it was one of my favourites for sure over the past few years and also it is good to see Jack Swagger back on a PPV card. Both men put in a great effort and it included chairs which meant that for example in a great spot Swagger applied the Patriot Lock with a steel chair. Del Rio of course ended up retaining with a double foot stomp from the top rope onto Swagger on top of a pile of chairs. Overall I would say the effort was there but due to the crowd it suffered not as much as Rusev vs Ryback. Myself I would like to see this again but not put on the same part of the card as in this case as if done again it could steal the show.

Next it was Team ECW which was Tommy Dreamer, Rhyno, Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley vs The Wyatt Family (Erick Rowan, Luke Harper, Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt), I am a bit biased with this as I am a major fan of ECW, garbage cans, axe handles, baseball bats, street signs, cheese graters, kendo sticks and tables were used as a result. The Wyatts were made to look strong, Erick Rowan was only eliminated to show this. Bubba was the only one left for ECW, Braun stopped him lighting a table and putting Bray through it by delivering quite a stiff kick then choke slamming him through the table to get the win. This was a good match, of course it is never going to be like ECW from years ago but it doesn’t have to be even if it only had tables I would have been happy but to have all the other weapons made it better and a war at that.

Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose followed this and was a rematch of the semi-final match for the WWE title at Survivor Series which delivered back then and it further delivered here. It was one of the matches that really stole the show and one I may pop in and watch again in the future that is for sure. Ambrose got the win to become new Intercontinental Champion by reversing Owens’ trademark pop-up powerbomb into a hurricanrana to get his first Intercontinental Reign, to summarise great match and both men delivered with Ambrose a great choice to take this division forward in my opinion. Wrestlers like him and Owens have really made this title strong again over the last 12 months and long may it continue!

Paige vs Charlotte followed this and even though it was a tough act to follow after that great match both delivered and again I am a bit biased as I am a huge fan of Women’s Wrestling and really think that these two and others like Sasha, Becky, Bayley and UK talents like Nixon, Kay Lee Ray etc. are really bringing the division back to the forefront instead of it being stylised as  a toilet break. The crowd even though they hadn’t been into much this PPV due to the opener being so good were engaged throughout and it was again another match I will be watching again in the future. Charlotte emphasised her new found heelish attitude by picking up the win through using an exposed second turnbuckle to knock her opponent out and score the pin! Great job WWE!

Finally we have Roman Reigns vs Sheamus, I have never been a huge fan of either men and hardly no-one is to be honest. This match though was a fight more than anything and was really physical from the get go.

Reigns fought off the League of Nations,Sheamus knocked Reigns out of the ring with his famous Brogue Kick. With it being TLC Sheamus retrieved the title in the end after around 25 minutes in the ring and he was shocked himself that Reigns continued to fight.

Rightfully so Reigns snapped and attacked the League of Nations. HHH runs down to try to sort Roman out but is laid out instead. Reigns follows this up with a Superman Punch before powerbombing him and giving him a flying elbow both on the Spanish announce table. Finally HHH was speared to end the night off with a bang and to set up for WrestleMania possibly.

Rating – 7/10 – A well deserved 7/10 for this PPV, it will be a long time until I award them a 10 again as nothing is perfect at the minute but they keep rising everytime and certain matches mostly the opener, Charlotte vs Paige and Ambrose vs Owens are definately worth the watch with other matches for the most part falling short of expectations mainly due to the crowd not being into certain ones which was understandable!

Finally in terms of whether you should buy the Blu-Ray or not, in my opinion if you already watch the main show every week they is no point as most of it of course is build up so if you don’t like me I would for sure pick this over the DVD. You get 70 minutes of extra footage and of course the Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks match which I think shouldn’t of been on the preshow, they should of given that to Ryback vs Rusev.

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