DVD Review – TIDAL WipeOut 2016


Welcome to the latest TIDAL review and the first of the month and the 3rd in around 2 months. Last week I received WipeOut 2016 which took place at the end of January but put it off until the start of this week and even though I have been ill as of late I thought I would do it today. Normally TIDAL’s DVD’s receive high ratings so hopefully this will be the same or even higher!

Match 1 – ‘Gimmick Killer’ HT Drake vs ‘The Omega’ Isaac Zercher

Future BWR interviewee HT Drake faces Isaac Zercher in a match on paper that looks to be an absolutely quality opener and one that should deliver. I think that HT is one of the most underrated wrestlers up North at the minute up there with the likes of Sean Only, Jason Prime etc. while I have never seen Isaac wrestle as far as i’m aware but due to him working in Progress and him being on the main and ENDVR shows in the past and me hearing good things about him, I should enjoy my first look at ‘The Omega’. HT was quick off the mark but was soon dominated by the bigger opponent after trying to get some offence but this didn’t last long and HT got some offence in including getting him out of the ring following a springboard dropkick but he was caught mid air by The Omega and he was then thrust into the ring post. When they returned to the ring it was like at the start with Isaac dominating him with the personal highlight being the great suplex by Zercher and later on a samoan drop.Drake though got back in and got some great offence in which ended in a great corkscrew moonsault onto Zercher to get the 3 count. Good opener with both men impressing for me!

Match 2 – The Burial vs Ward 13

Next match was between The Burial and Ward 13, I have been really impressed with the Burial in TIDAL recently with their I would say never say die attitude. Ward 13 have decimated nearly all competition but like alluded to The Burial do have that NSD attitude and have been facing Ward 13 on most TIDAL shows with Ward 13 being disqualified a lot of the time. Hopefully this time out it should be a more even battle with somebody picking up the deciding fall. Both teams stood in the ring with the new member of Ward 13 being supposedly injured when they stood face to face. This new member got up to face off with Graves first of all but again he pretended to be injured and attacked Graves when he wasn’t looking. Graves though took him down but he ended up on the top turnbuckle but nothing came of it. This new member was taken down twice with a dropkick and shoulder block. BA Rose came in but was eye raked, the bigger member came in to face off with Rose and both men did the typical test of strength, with neither man getting the upperhand from that and as a result Graves and the new member were tagged in and The Burial teamed up to dump him on Rose’s knees. They teamed up again for a double team axehandle. Rose was distracted and as a result Ward 13 took advantage and he was hit with a diving headbutt by the bigger member when he entered the ring and like The Burial they quick tagged each other and used effective tag team moves. The referee was distracted by Graves who was complaining about cheating so again Ward 13 took advantage once again, Rose was full of adrenaline but was prevented from tagging Graves. Graves finally was tagged in and himself was full of adrenaline due to him being fresh and got the crowd behind him. He threw the smaller member round the ring like a ragdoll and got Rose back in with an awesome monkey flip tag team move. Ward 13 fought back and got Graves out of the ring, Rose was back suplexed from one side of the ring to the other almost. Ward 13 tried to finish proceedings off with the bigger member ready to powerbomb the smaller member onto BA Rose but Graves came back in just in time to spear both men to the ground. A firemans carry followed by Rose’s knee to the face got the Burial a pinfall victory finally!!

Match 3 – Lana Austin vs Natalie Wild

Lana Austin was once again in action here accompanied by the huge Big T Justice and of course JD Boom who is literally the funniest thing about TIDAL. Lana was facing Natalie Wild who surprisingly I have never heard of so will be good to see whether she can pick up a victory on her TIDAL debut and also impress me! JD said about how they are best friends in real life and how Natalie is a rookie and how no-one has ever heard of her. JD exited the ring. Natalie went straight after Lana and got a few blows and from there both women exchanged offence with Natalie getting some nice takedowns. JD distracted her but Lana didn’t take advantage as such with Lana ending up getting dumped outside the ring. Natalie like Lana though couldn’t take advantage and when she went for a kick to the midsection she got dumped on the apron. Lana got back in after Natalie and started some offence which was halted when Natalie scouted most of it.Lana got a snapmare but was then taken down by Wild. Lana slapped her and dragged her round the ring as a sort of ragdoll. Lana set her up on the second rope and kneed her in the stomach. Lana took her time on the top rope and paid for it being slapped out of the ring. Natalie took advantage and got some momentum building with 3 successive clotheslines. When Lana was down, she was kicked in the side of the head. Natalie tried for a sun set slip but couldn’t get it and she was denied a win by JD Boom. As a result Boom was slapped but this meant that Lana could pick up a quick pin for the victory.

Match 4 – TCW Open Championship – Liam Lazarus vs ‘The Armbar Superstar’ Dan James

Next of all it is the first title action of the event with Dan James facing off against Liam Lazarus, both men are BWR alumni’s and in my opinion like HT Drake are some underrated and deserve more exposure round the country not just up North. As a result when I looked at the DVD when I got it through this and one or two other matches definately stood out for sure. Dan James left the ring and walked round before getting in and then getting out straight away multiple times. Lazarus though grabbed hold of him when he tried to enter and exit again with headlocks. They went into some quick offence with some great arm drags from the part of Lazarus. He used James’ tricks by putting him into armbars which of course James is known for. James though got a good snapmare but he couldn’t follow it up and was soon put into an armbar once again. James was thrown out of the ring but pretended he was really tired so he could take advantage. Lazarus used his agility when he came back in but James didn’t succumb to any further offence and took him down using some good knee’s to the midsection which were used to try and get his armbar in place. Lazarus held onto his leg and took him down with both men jocking for position when they were grounded. Lazarus got some quick offence again using his aforementioned agility but was soon thrown out of the ring by James who of course himself wasn’t in the mood for it and was instead vicious. He pushed his face though multiple times pushing his luck of sorts and so Lazarus came out firing. James got a chain but it was taken off him and when he left the ring and came back he was hit with a dropkick and a backbreaker for good measure. Lazarus tried to end it but was hit by a spinebuster which only got him a 2 count. James tried to end it himself but he couldn’t and as a result he executed a neckbreaker instead. He went for this again but this time from the top but was then hit with a high crossbody and speared into the corner. He set him up and double stomped him in the midsection. James rolled out of the ring and took the belt which means Lazarus didn’t win the title and only won by disqualification. Lazarus ended by saying he will prove why he deserves to be champion again!

Match 5 – ‘The Righteous’ Joseph Conners vs Jack Sexsmith

Next of all we have Joseph Conners who now adays is known for being quite a serious heel and he is taking on Jack Sexsmith who is anything but and frankly is the funniest wrestler I have seen live so like the match above I was really looking forward to this and it is great booking from TIDAL to put these two men in a match. Conners wasted little time and started stamping the back of Sexsmith who crawled back in after giving a lollipop to a member of the crowd. What I would say is that Jack is the UK’s Joey Ryan but is more sleazier and tow’s the line a little bit more. Sexsmith though wasn’t lying down and got back into the match fairly quickly. Conners ended up on the outside but came back in like a freight train clotheslining him to the ground. He was clotheslined again when Sexsmith was about to get up and this continued with Jack not being allowed to get up and when he was he was grounded again such as when he was slingshot suplexed to the mat. He had him up and was about to suplex him but this was reversed. Again though when it looked like Sexsmith was going to get some offence it just didn’t happen and Conners was back on top again. Sexsmith finally got into the match and got some momentum going. He backed up on Conners and like when I saw him live he got his arse out but was kicked in the arse. Sexsmith got ‘Mr Cocko’ out but it was reversed by Conners and he was chokeslammed to the apron. Conners got the ‘Righteous Kill’ for the 3 count after a hilarious match.

Match 6 – The Proven (Caz Crash & Sam Wilder) vs Sweet Jesus (Pastor William Eaver & Chuck Mambo)

Next of all we have The Proven who like I always say I have never been that enamoured with taking on Sweet Jesus aka Chuck Mambo and Pastor William Eaver from Progress fame. Crash and Eaver were first to face off. They locked up with Crash grounding Eaver but it turned around with Eaver grounding Crash. Both men continued this theme until a point where both men just stood there and Chuck was tagged in. They showed a sign of respect and Crash went behind but Mambo got a nice wristlock which was reversed and followed by a side headlock takedown. Mambo reversed and got a nice head scissors, both men then locked up again and Mambo got a quick pin which got him only a 2, he was then flipped over and Wilder was tagged in and booted him in the chest. Crash was tagged in again and got a nice dropkick but Wilder was back in straight away. Another quick tag followed but both men were dropkicked. Eaver was tagged in and a couple of nice uppercuts followed. Crash was the only Proven member around the ring as Wilder was on the outside for a short time. Mambo was tagged in again and they teamed up to hiptoss Crash. Eaver again was tagged in as they tried to keep Crash in their corner. Another tag team move followed from Sweet Jesus with a nice double drop toe hold. Mambo stretched Crash and Eaver came in and followed it up with a great Fisherman’s Suplex. Eaver got another drop toe hold and Mambo did exactly the same to Wilder as he did to Crash and again is was followed up with a  fisherman’s suplex. It looked like at this point that Sweet Jesus would record their first win in TIDAL but Crash got Wilder into the ring and of course him being fresh he used some momentum to floor both Eaver and Mambo. Crash slammed Mambo down to the mat and both Proven members stood tall. They went outside the ring though and Mambo went over the top and caught both Proven members. Wilder was thrown back in and Eaver went for a crucifix bomb but he was thrown into his partner and Wilder got a full nelson suplex. Mambo came out of nowhere and double kneed Wilder, Crash though got a dropkick on Mambo to dispell any momentum. Crash and Eaver traded forearms and both men ended up grounded. Mambo went for the five strikes on Wilder but only got to 4 before being elbowed when he went for the superkick. Alexander Henry of the New Nation, a BWR alumni was on the apron and was floored when Eaver was thrown to the outside. The Proven as a result got a superkick and brainbuster on Mambo to pick up the win! All in all a great match would highly recommend!

Match 7 – Rampage Brown vs Dara Diablo

This match was between two former TIDAL champions, of course Dara lost his title on the last show to El Ligero who was in the main event vs Chris Ridgeway. Knowing Rampage this was going to be an absolute war. Dara pushed Rampage and both men then locked up with Rampage throwing Dara to the mat. They locked up again and again Dara was grounded. Dara tried to get a bit of offence but that was dispelled. Dara went to the outside and threw a beachball in to try and distract Rampage but this didn’t work and Rampage decimated him. Rampage was talking to the referee and Dara took advantage for the first time. They went to the outside and Dara chopped him and he got one back for his troubles but Rampage couldn’t continue from there. They went back to the inside and Dara was elbowed in the head but then he hit a great neckbreaker as a result when Rampage bounced off the ropes. Rampage got back into proceedings and capped this off with a great DDT. Dara took advantage though of what looked like an injury with a  drop toe hold and also a low blow which sent Rampage to the outside.  When he came back in he tried to get back into proceedings and did in the end after Rampage rolled out of the way of Dara’s moonsault. Rampage got a clubbing clothesline followed by a top rope shoulder block. He hoisted him up drove him into the corner then powerslammed him onto the mat which was great. He called for the piledriver but Dara countered it and nearly got the win, Dara eye raked him and followed it up with a chokeslam type of move which only just floored Rampage. Dara followed this up with a death valley driver, he then went for a hurricanerana off the top rope but was powerbomb and piledrived to the mat which got Rampage a win in an absolute war!

Following the match, Rampage Brown announced that he would be facing the winner of the TCW Championship match as he never received a rematch after losing the championship.The current champion, El Ligero came to the ring and shook Rampage Brown’s hand. Chris Ridgeway attempted to attack El Ligero from behind but received a clothesline from Rampage Brown.

Match 8 – TCW Championship – ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero vs ‘The Priority’ Chris Ridgeway

The main event was between El Ligero who recently became the new TIDAL champion again and Chris Ridgeway who I think is absolutely quality and deserving of this shot. I am sure that Riddy will give Ligero an absolute war in this match. Of course both men were already in the ring and Ligero started with a cutter. Ridgeway kicked the legs out of Ligero who was on the apron. Ligero was thrown against the post but moved out of the way which meant that Ligero could take advantage when they returned to the ring. Again Ridgeway went out of he ring and was caught in the apron when he tried to dive to the outside, Chris choked him with his shirt and punched him in the side of the face, he put his middle fingers up to the crowd and got a knife edge chop twice for his troubles, Ridgeway poked him in the eye threw him against the apron and then they battled up the steps. Ridgeway went head first into the bar and he was thrown down the stairs. They soon went back up the stairs and Ridgeway ran off and attacked Ligero on the balcony. Ridgeway was slammed down onto the wooden flooring after both men tried to throw each other on to the floor or off the balcony. They went down the stairs again and back towards the ring, Ridgeway kicked him and got him into the corner continuing on. Ligero threw him into the stairs and both men went onto the stage with Ligero chucking Ridgeway down the stairs. Ligero jumped off the stage and caught a boot to the face and was then choked with a chain. Riddy got Ligero back up onto the stage and he  ended up pushing Ruby Summers out of the way who was up there who then got kicked in the face before she could do anything to Ridgeway. Ligero was heated at that point but when he checked on Ruby, Ligero himself was kicked in the face. They got back into the ring and Chris continued and kicked him in the face once again. He continued to decimate Ligero but when he tried to unmask him he got a 2 count and body dropped and piledrived him. Ligs got to his feet and tried for the C4L and was kicked in his legs as a result. Ridgeway got to the top missed rolled over and was then dropkicked into the turnbuckle. Ligero then foot stomped him off the top rope, Ridgeway was set up in the centre of the ring but he held onto the referee when Ligero was going to jump. Ligero was low blowed and penalty kicked, he was then german suplexed. Ridgeway got him on the top and then superplexed and olympic slammed him. He went and grabbed the title and brought it to the ring, he stood there waiting to hit him with it and Ruby Summers grabbed it off him, Ruby was held by her hair as a way to taunt Ligero but Ridgeway was slapped. Ligero then nearly got the 3 count, he went to the top and Chris jumped which meant he could go to the top to attempt the superplex. Ligero superplexed him but twisted him inside out, he then went for a C4L and got the pin to retain the title and set up a match with Rampage Brown at the next show!

Rating – 9/10 – What a great show, the main event especially was one of the best I have seen in a very long time and from my stand point watching lots of wrestling it is a big thing for me to call it one of the best, great matches as well between Sweet Jesus and The Proven and Rampage Brown vs Dara Diablo, it didn’t get a 10 as it was just missing something in terms of the undercard, I would love to see a longer match between Isaac Zercher and H.T Drake in the future and the women’s match wasn’t the best that I have seen in TIDAL apart from that a stellar show that I would recommend anybody to go and pick up!

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