DVD Review – WWE Royal Rumble 2016


Hello BWR faithful, welcome to the usual Monday WWE review this time it is the turn of Royal Rumble 2016. This is hand on heart my favourite PPV usually in a WWE year, WrestleMania is always one I tend to watch all of while the Rumble is just normally a one match deal. I think it is the fact that lots of people are rumoured before hand for it and it is so exciting for many fans. Fans on the other end of the spectrum tend to hate its predictability and how it has got worse over the years but my job today is to run through the matches and to see if it is great like I always think it is or like what the other fans seem to think!

On another note, WWE seem to be having a great year DVD/Bluray wise as they have consistantly scored 7 and above even reaching a 10 last week so I would say the pressure is on!

Let’s first of all speak about the undercard, a lot of the time on Royal Rumble shows this eclipses the main event which is of course everyone’s focus, in all honesty apart from when I have had to do these reviews for WWE Home Video I never watch the undercard of the Rumble as I never have time and for me sitting through the same matches we saw a month before just doesn’t appeal to me but I definitely did sit down and give them the attention in this case

The Usos who had only recently returned to action I believe after an injury in the ranks were taking on The New Day in tag action and many fans may say that New Day is going stale and some will say they are still as funny as ever and i’m definitely in the latter. It’s great to see Big E, Kofi and Xavier Woods used in a light which gets them TV time and PPV matches they may not have got had the New Day not formed. The match itself was alright and nothing special but I didn’t expect it to set the world alight as it didn’t need to in my opinion, it just needed to provide a bridge onto the main event.

Kalisto who seems to be getting the push of his life took on newly returned last year that is, Alberto Del Rio in again an alright match. I never thought i’d see ADR back in a WWE ring and for him to be challenging and winning titles again albeit not the WWE title but I think that may come sooner rather than later is great and I for one missed him.

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch was better than usual PPV matches between the Divas but I would say and I may get some hate for this it is down to the fact that they are the two best in the company right now, that maybe a bit biased as if you read my reviews you may know that Becky is my favourite diva. I think I said this in my NXT review as well that I am really looking forward to the WrestleMania match between Charlotte, Becky and Sasha and it could be a show stealer if done right. The ending was really interesting with Sasha Banks coming out and basically staking her claim for the Divas championship which of course sets up the future match between the 3 at WrestleMania in a few weeks!

Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens was great and a legitimate Match of the Year contender, Ambrose entered and exited with the IC strap and this being a last man standing match played into later on as if both men entered the rumble they would look visibly hurt and on the edge of collapsing. Both men with this stipulation destroyed each other with Ambrose showing of course that never say die attitude and Owens being an absolute beast when it comes to giving and taking punishment. If your going to watch at least one more match on the card than the Rumble I would urge anyone to watch this!

Finally to end this review of before the rating we have the main event the Royal Rumble for the WWE championship and man this sucked! I normally enjoy even the most slated rumble but this one wasn’t my favourite and I know why. They relied on WWE talent with no returnees such as even the likes of the Godfather which could get me and the crowd popping. I would only say it is worth watching for the debut of AJ Styles who is one of if not my favourite wrestler and so even though I knew it was happening it sent shivers down my spine live.

Of course most know that Triple H won the belt due to the DVD cover if your picking this up which in a way I have no problem with but in another way it sucks as I have never been a major fan of Triple H a bit like the Undertaker, they are bona fide legends in the business and that’s well warranted but they just don’t do it for me and never have done so when he got the win I groaned watching it live and was one of those people who was complaining.

On the other hand though I would rather they give it to Hunter as opposed to keeping it on Reigns as with Rollins and Cena gone, they literally only have a few main event names left so it had to happen!

Rating – 6/10 – Quite a good undercard which suffered due to the main event, hopefully they can improve with FastLane next time out as I was quite disappointed with this one!

Review wise for anyone wondering, I have a litle about two week break from WWE releases now as Straight Outta Dudleyville comes out in early April but I have that next to me so that should be up on release date. TIDAL Riptide as a result will be done this week! Watch this space for the next one and cheers for reading today’s review!

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