Interview – ‘The Lord of the Manor’ Paul Tracey

paul tracey

1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog Paul, thanks for taking the time out to answer these questions, first of all could you please introduce yourself to the readers??

No problem. My name is Paul Tracey, known these days as ‘Lord of The Manor’ Sir Paul Tracey in Professional Wrestling terms. I began training in Pro Wrestling in August 2000 at NWA-UK Hammerlock Wrestling in Kent, debuted in November 2001, and have been involved in the wrestling business since then – always as a wrestler, as a coach, and previously a promoter too for a number of years too.

2. Next of all let’s speak about growing up, did you watch wrestling growing up and if so who inspired you to go and become a wrestler??

Yes like a lot of kids in Ireland I grew up watching wrestling on tv – initially World of Sport, and then WWF when Sky TV moved across the Atlantic. I was fascinated by both the skill of the British Style, amazing technical wrestlers like Johnny Saint, but also the character element. Good heels like Jim Breaks. I was also blown away by the sheer size and strength of competitors like Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks. With the influx of American Wrestling I became more fascinated by the characters – Jake Roberts, Rick Rude, Randy Savage, people like that. But also the characters in tag team wrestling. The first feud I remember having a real interest in was the Bulldogs against the Harts. Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels also had big influences on me. I wanted to be a wrestler as a kid growing up and I guess I never grew out of it so I gave it a go and here i am today !

3. You trained with Andre Baker I believe who trained the likes of Finn Balor and Doug Williams, how did you get involved in training with him and how was the experience looking back on it now??

I grew up with Fergal (Finn) who was obviously also a big wrestling fan as a kid. He saw an advert in a magazine for a week long Summer Camp at NWA-UK Hammerlock, of which Andre was the head coach and promoter and that was how we started and met Andre. It was a great experience and a wonderful training school. Very old school, very technical, great submission base, and great shows to learn how to wrestle and work on. I wouldn’t change it for the world, and have met some of the best friends I could ever have imagined at Hammerlock. The success of the Hammerlock Training School and Promotion speaks for itself I think

4. You wrestle for Over the Top Wrestling and are facing Mr Anderson representing William J. Humperdink with the losing Humperdink leaving, do you have any words for Anderson before the match and are you looking forward to representing William on the 26th and hopefully getting a win??

OTT this weekend will be fun – over 500 people, sold out, great atmosphere, excited fans, and when the bell rings Mr Anderson will look across the ring into the eyes of The Almighty Lord. I am sure a hard and physical battle lies ahead but have no doubt that when all is said and done that Mr Anderson will lie in defeat as The Lord’s hand is raised in victory. And then myself and William J Humperdink will continue to lead OTT to a brighter, better and more upper class future.

5. You wrestle also in Scotland including for Reckless Intent, what are your thoughts on the rise of Scottish Wrestling over the past few years in part to promotions such as ICW and you were unsuccessful in defeating the RI Champion Michael Chase a few weeks back, do you want a rematch in future if given the chance by RI management after hopefully beating Big Damo on April 30th??

Scotland’s wrestling scene is, and always has been great as long as I have been going there. It was my first time at Reckless Intent a few weeks ago and I met some great people, and it was a professional set up throughout. Due to the referees incompetence however I was apparently unsuccessful. I suppose I will have to take that out on Big Damo on April 30, en route to bringing the title back to The Manor.

6. You have wrestled in England previously but not recently as far as i’m aware, do you want to return in the future and if so do you have a message for any promoters that want to potentially book you??

Yes I wrestled in England a lot. Obviously I began there and have done a lot of shows there but you are right – I haven’t done many over there lately. I do have very fond memories of England though and would like to return and bring ‘The Lord of The Manor’ to England again in the future. England has a lot of good promotions, good people and a great wrestling scene, so hopefully I will be back there soon.

7. You have wrestled I believe in around 14 countries to date, do you want to add to this in 2016 and if so do you have any particular countries you want to add to the growing list and finally do you think that wrestling in different countries gives you more invaluable experience especially for wrestlers who are just starting out in the business??

Yes I have been very lucky. I have wrestled in 15 countries to date, and will be in Norway in mid-April, which I am excited about to make it 16. Adding to the list and going to new places and promotions is something I am really up for at the moment. I don’t have any specific countries in mind. That’s one of the great things about Professional Wrestling – you never know what’s going to pop up for you next or where you might go. Wrestling in different places against different people is a great experience for wrestlers of all ages but especially for younger guys trying to make a name for themselves as you said.

8. What would you say are your future ambitions at the current time and where do you see yourself in 5 years time wrestling wise??

I actually have no idea ! I take it day by day, show by show. As long as I am healthy and can perform at a high level I will be in the ring wrestling and entertaining people. I will know myself when I have had enough of that or can’t do it to the level that I want and need to be at. But at the moment I feel I am in my prime and will be for the next few years so I’m just enjoying every match. When I am done as active wrestler, and that won’t be any time soon, I will probably go back to full time coaching, helping produce matches at shows, working as a non wrestling character, maybe promoting, who knows. Whatever happens I will be involved in the wrestling industry for a long time yet.

9. Where can the readers find ‘Lord of the Manor’ Paul Tracey and where can promoters book you for shows??

My personal Facebook is –
The Lord of The Manor Facebook is –
Lord of the Manor on Twitter is – @PaulTraceyLOTM

10. Finally do you have any future dates that anyone reading this can see you at and do you have any future projects as well that you wish to plug??

Nothing too major – in Ireland the OTT Wrestling Shows are getting bigger all the time so that is great for the scene here and is a project I firmly believe in. Check out @OTTSideshow on Twitter and OTT Wrestling on Facebook. Apart from that all my show info and upcoming stuff will be on Thanks for having me. Best wishes to all your readers. Be healthy, happy, and above all – Praise The Lord !!!

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