DVD Review – TIDAL Riptide 2016


Welcome to another TIDAL review, once again we take a look at one of the best promotions in the UK today and their latest show to hit DVD as of 27/03/2016, Riptide! This was highlighted with Leva Bates and Andrew Everett making their debuts and the highly anticipated New Nation vs The Proven match which was building for months! In truth I got sent this around two weeks ago tomorrow but I thought as I had no WWE commitments this weekend for reviews that I would save it till now! Will it be another high score or will it achieve their worst yet??

Match 1 – JD Boom (w/ Big T) vs Nsereko

First match is between someone who is up there with Jack Sexsmith as funniest wrestler in the UK and Nsereko who I really rate especially after last time he was at TIDAL. The bell was rung and JD Boom had him in a wristlock which was quickly reversed but Boom got to the ropes to get out of it! Boom put him in a headlock but it was Boom who was brought down and then put in a headlock of his own. JD left the ring and hung onto the ropes hiding behind the referee. Boom and Nsereko exchanged full nelson’s but when Boom hung onto the second turnbuckle he fell flat onto his back. Boom distracted him and took advantage for the moment but he went down all the turnbuckles and went for an axe handle but of course Nsereko moved out the way, he put Boom into a fireman’s carry but couldn’t make anything of it. Boom tried for it himself but couldn’t get him up on his shoulders. Boom stalked Nsereko and spinebustered him to the mat, he went for a People’s Elbow type move and ran the ropes constantly and as a result Nsereko had it scouted and moved out of the way! Nsereko got a headbutt to the midsection before tripping him and executing an elbow drop. He then dropkicked him to the mat and constantly headbutted him in the midsection before getting a Ugandan drop. He went to the top but when Big T knew this could be the end he distracted him and this allowed Boom to take advantage for a time.he went for a coast-to-coast but missed it. Big T got in the ring distracted him and as a result Boom hit Nsereko with a foreign object for the win.

Match 2 – David Graves vs ‘The Dapper Grappler’ Josh Alden

Next up we have David Graves vs Josh Alden, I have been really impressed with Graves due to his role in the Burial during their feud with Ward 13 and in this case he gets the chance to go one on one with a BWR alumni in Josh Alden who I really rate. As a result when I saw this on the back of the DVD it stood out like many matches on this particular card. They shook hands and Alden pulled him into a side head lock. Graves got a lovely takedown and put pressure on the knee after getting a reversal. Alden got out of it in a great way almost crossing his feet together and putting Graves in the same predicament. Graves took him down again but this was soon dispelled and Alden took him down but Graves reversed it and got back in control once again. They got up and Graves was elbowed but then took him down and spun around before locking in a front facelock. Alden got him onto the top rope and slapped him, Graves jumped over him and got a back elbow. Alden got out the ring and checked his teeth and tried to capitalise when he ran back into the ring but he couldn’t and was soon taken down again with a nice snapmare and penalty kick. Graves got a side headlock but was thrown against the turnbuckles which meant a neckbreaker could get Alden in control. Alden got some clubbing blows in and then used the ropes to cause damage to Graves. Alden got him into the corner and got some good shots to the midsection before irish whipping him fiercely into the other corner. Alden irish whipped him again and axe handled him to the mat. He did what he did previously and battered him in the corner until Graves dropkicked him but when he did that he got a  clothesline and suplex from Alden. Josh got a two count from here to show there was still some fight in Graves yet. Alden kicked him and Graves went for it getting some good momentum in with some chops and was brought down from this. Graves battled though and got an atomic drops, palm strikes and an uppercut. David went to the corner and speared him and got a snap suplex. The crowd got behind the Burial member and he got Alden up but Alden powered out of it and suplexed him down to the mat. Graves again fought out of a pin attempt, Alden got his cane out and tried to hit him with it and the referee John Myers took it off him, as a result he went for the ball and Graves shoulder tackled him and spiked his head into the mat for a 3 count following this!

Match 3 – TCW Open Championship – ‘The Gentleman’ Jack Gallagher vs ‘The Armbar Superstar’ Dan James

Two BWR alumni’s battling here and I would say two of the best up North and even the UK. As a result this seems like it will be an absolute cracker.  Gallagher got James grounded with ease and tied him up in knots. He did this again by going under him and using his calfs to get him down. James wasn’t having any of it and left the ring, they locked up again and James focused on the arm. Gallagher wasn’t in pain and got out of it with ease and got him down to one knee, James put the arm behind his back but used his feet to wrap them round his neck. James was on the apron and when he went back in he continued complaining about the crowd putting him off. James went behind and snapmared him down to the mat, he then focused on the arm both on the ground and when they were back up. Gallagher again reversed it and tied him up in knots, they went outside for a moment wand when they went back in he continued focusing on the knee including using a bridge to administer even more pain. He got him into a modified Figure Four but James got to the ropes. You could tell that James was in pain especially in his knees and Gallagher continued to focus on that but was kicked in the face as a result. James got Gallagher in a headlock then wrapped him into an armbar when they got back up before pinning him down to the mat but Gallagher soon reversed this to show his superiorty in this match. James tried to put his stamp on for a long period but couldn’t as Gallagher was like a monkey jumping over him and wrapping him up. James rolled out and got out of the knot he was in but Gallagher got out of the ring through the second rope and smashed his head off the apron and uppercutted him. Jack rolled back into the ring but was put into an armbar which was soon reversed again. James was sneaky and got his arm wrapped around the ropes before kicking it, he then kneed it when he got Gallagher down to the mat. He of course as his nickname suggests kept on going after the arm and it worked. Gallagher got back into it and got him into a Boston crab, James grab the rope and rolled out of the ring which meant Gallagher won by count-out and James of course retained the Open title

Following the match, Jack Gallagher declared that he was the best technical wrestler today and he would face anyone. He told Dan James that he had his championship.

Match 4 – ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero vs. ‘The Apex Of Agility’ Andrew Everett

Next up we have one of the most hardest working wrestlers in the world and I would say a good shout for one of the best in the UK in El Ligero vs Andrew Everett who is a cracking talent and someone who I have seen once down here last year and when he was announced for ‘Young Tigers Cup’ which I attended he got injured. Let’s just say he hasn’t had the best luck with injuries so to see him fine and wrestling again so soon is great! Everett went out of the ring for a moment at the start and Ligero did the same. The usual clapping before the lock up happened and Ligero and Everett exchanged some fast paced offence as you would expect as they both ran the ropes. Ligero tried for a C4L early but this didn’t occur and Everett was hit with a few chops and a dropkick out of the ring. Ligero flipped when Everett moved when he was going to dive. Everett went onto the balcony but came back into the ring. Everett got the upperhand when he got back in and got some nice kicks and chops which showed he isn’t just all about the flips but he did follow this offence up with a standing moonsault. Ligero fell out of the ring himself after a dropkick and Everett did constant flips when Ligero moved when he was going to get dived on. He did this again but Ligero was on the top and executed a nice missile dropkick. Ligero got him with a cracking few knife edge chops in the corners. He followed this up with a suplex and a moonsault of his own. Everett got some axe handles in but Ligero stretch submissioned him and got him down for a 2 count. Ligero followed this up with a snapmare and a dropkick and tried to keep him down as much as possible so he can’t use his ‘agility’. Everett got him up and hit him with an elbow, enziguri as well as a few forearm, he ended it with a springboard dropkick for a 2 count. Ligero hung on to the ropes when he went for a dropkick which means he fell flat. He got him in the head with a kick though when he was down and followed it up with a german suplex. Everett went to the tope but was enziguried, he went for a superplex but Everett fought back and went for a 450 which didn’t occur and when Ligero went for a finish himself with the C4L, Everett reversed it but was slammed down with a beautiful combination, leaving Everett in the centre of the ring. Ligero went to the top himself but was kicked and Everett tried to take advantage but was superplexed. Ligero went for a moonsault but it didn’t occur and was enziguried and nearly finished off by Everett. Both men exchanged blows but it was Ligero who got a springboard dropkick to get Everett down and nearly done with a 2 count. He went for a C4L again and was hit with a great reverse rana from Everett which he kicked out of. Everett went to the top to maybe finish him off and missed a shooting star, as a result he was superkicked and C4L’ed for a 3 count after a great match!

Match 5 – Addy Starr vs Leva ‘Blue Pants’ Bates

Following the Ligero vs Everett match we have Addy Starr who has been the premier female talent up there with Lana Austin and Ruby Summers in TIDAL and has finally got an opponent who is good enough after publicly at a previous show slating management for her rubbish opponents as of late, that opponent is Leva Bates who many people know for NXT where she has been Blue Pants previously, her great matches on the independents and overall being one of the best female wrestlers in the world (and a *cough* BWR Alumni *cough*). I am gutted myself that I missed out on meeting her as I have had a few opportunities this month and last month but I am glad TIDAL decided to book her! Leva Bates went for a schoolgirl slyfully and as did Addy. Addy took Leva down and when they shook hands Leva was irish whipped into the corner but she ended up geting onto the apron and took her down. Bates went up and over and was hit with a forearm by Addy. Addy smashed her head off the ring apron and Leva kicked her and smashed her in the back. When Leva came back in, she stood their frozen to the spot but then hit Addy with a back suplex, and a drop toe hold followed by a kick to the back and face. Starr slammed her into the corner and set her up for the tree of woe before kicking her in the face twice. Bates was sent into the turnbuckle and hit with a forearm but next time out she ran into a boot. Bates ended up on the apron and dragon sleepered her on the ropes. Bates rolled back in and was kneed in the guts. Starr then hit her with a suplex and got a bridge and curb stomped her following this. Addy dragged Leva by her hair and hit her with some forearms and out of nowhere Leva hit her with a crusher. Both got up on the 8 count and they slugged it out with forearm after forearm. Bates finished it off with a kick to the face but only got a 2 count. She went for it again but was slammed down face first to the mat. Bates threw her forward then dropkicked her into the turnbuckle. She then jumped onto the turnbuckle and kneed Addy. Leva went to the top following this and double stomped her. Bates though was double kneed herself by Starr after earlier when Bates went straight into the ring post following an irish whip attempt. Starr dragged her to the centre of ther ing but could only get the 2 count. Bates then got a superkick out of nowhere and then they went to the top together and Starr threw her off and forearmed her off the ropes to get the 3 count in another great match.

Match 6 – ‘The Gimmick Killer’ HT Drake vs ‘The Juice’ CJ Banks

HT Drake vs CJ Banks followed this, if you are a consistent reader of these reviews you will know that I am a huge advocate of Drake and of course I recently interviewed him, Banks is someone as well that I really like but don’t seem to see much of so it’s good to get another opportunity here! Both men locked up hard and Drake pushed him into the corner. They were hard-hitting again when they locked up once more. They scrapped back and forth over the ropes, they both exchanged punches with Drake getting him down with a knee right to the midsection. He did this again once more with a hard clothesline in the turnbuckle. Banks put his thumb in his eye and as a result got control over Drake somewhat sneakily. Drake though hit him with a couple of dropkicks which sent him outside. Drake went to he outside but was thrown off the ring apron after a fireman’s carry. Clubbing blows from Banks followed as he dragged him around the outside. Drake though sent him head first to the ring apron himself twice and he broke the count which meant they could continue to battle on the outside. Banks got some clubbing forearms and chops in and then they went back into the ring. He got a short arm clothesline and kneeing him in the corner. Drake fought out of it but was then thrown into the corner before having his hand stomped on. Banks followed this up with a back suplex before getting him with a tight headlock on the ground. He made sure Drake couldn’t get any offence in by kneeing him once again in the midsection following this up with a backbreaker. He slapped him in the face which angered Drake and he got a 2 count after reversing the knee to the midsection which Banks tried to use again. Banks brought him up and chopped Drake. He brought him out onto the apron and smashed his face off it. Banks continued on with the dirty but effective tactics including hair pulling and hand stomping. Drake had the crowd behind him and hit him with a spinning kick and spinning back elbows followed by a suplex into a bridge. Drake measured up Banks but was german suplexed after bouncing off the turnbuckles. Banks went to the top and hit him with a spinning european uppercut. Drake hit him with a running dropkick after being measured by Banks and then hit him with a samoan drop followed by a ‘Gimmick Killer’ to get the win.

Match 7 – Liam Lazarus vs. ‘The Priority’ Chris Ridgeway

Lazarus vs Ridgeway was the  sub main event if you will and this should be a killer match, I have seen Riddy live myself previously and thought he was great but his match with Ligero made him outstanding in my eyes and I hope it continues in a similar vein here. Lazarus pre-match cut a promo and said how many dicks did you have to suck to get your title match as he waited a year to get his while Ridgeway got his straight away. Ridgeway hit him with the microphone but Lazarus speared him in the corner and then got a front wrench sde slam. He got Ridgeway up and clubbed him on the back followed by wrenching his arm and while doing that he chopped him. He was kicked in the head by Ridgeway and then choked under the apron as well as being choked over the rope. He did the same when Lazarus was sitting in the corner and was absolutely brutal in this match. Lazarus had the crowd behind him and got back into the match with a great backbreaker and t-bone suplex. Ridgeway was sent to the outside and Lazarus slid out to the outside but Riddy had it well scouted and sent him crashing onto the apron. He took advantage when he came back in and dropkicked him but Lazarus got a big stomp on Ridgeway when he was resting on the second rope. Lazarus had him on his shoulders and couldn’t do anything but hit a Lazabuster on Ridgeway. You could tell though that it would take that extra little bit to end Ridgeway and when Ridgeway got up he hit Liam with a high kick and olympic slam. Ridgeway went for te pin but it was only a 2 and he was frustrated and hit him with an aggressive uppercut and kick to the head before slamming him down to the mat. He followed this up with choking him on the ground and headbutting him, he put his hand up on the 3rd time and both men exchanged fast takedowns and pin combinations with Lazarus getting the win!!

Following the match, two masked men came to the ring. One man revealed himself to be Sean Only before attacking Liam Lazarus. Sean Only and the other masked man then left.

Match 8 – The New Nation (Alexander Henry & Jason Prime) vs The Proven (Caz Crash & Sam Wilder)

The New Nation vs The Proven’s big grudge match was the main event, I have been really looking forward to this for a while! The New Nation ran into the ring and both men obliterated each other and dragging each other out of the ring basically straight away and what Henry said about people needing to stand back was true to form. It was Crash vs Henry and Prime vs Wilder mostly and of course they went onto the stairs as like I always say it wouldn’t be a TIDAL event if they didn’t battle on the balcony. Crash was even thrown down the stairs by Henry and Prime didn’t do that and instead just dragged a dazed Wilder down the stairs. The battering from the New Nation continued on the floor with Prime and Crash returning to the ring as well as Henry to try and get the win but it only got a one count, this led to both men battering Crash even more in the centre of the ring to try and get the deciding 3 count. The Proven though got back in and Crash found a new lease of life battering Jason Prime, the result was that Alexander Henry beat up John Myers. This led to both New Nation members getting back in control after a short period. The Proven again got back in control and teamed together to send the bigger man in the group down and get the win. Myers of course was down and as a result they couldn’t get the win. Prime and Henry returned together and this time dominated Wilder. They made their way up to the stage and Prime hit Wilder with a great German Suplex after a discus elbow from Wilder on Prime. They worked on Caz Crash as a result of Wilder being basically dead and even though Caz tried his hardest the numbers game soon made it impossible, Henry hit a package piledriver but it surprisingly only got a two count. They stomped the living crap out of Crash after he flipped them off. They tied him to some cable ties which he snapped off. Wilder powered down the stairs and was back into the ring when Crash was thrown into a wall. Wilder tried to battle out of it but lost the match after a tag team move which ended with knees to the chest!!!

Following the match, Alexander Henry restrained Caz Crash at ringside while Jason Prime stamped on Sam Wilder’s leg which was trapped in a steel chair. After The New Nation left, Caz Crash challenged them to another match but for the Tidal Tag Team Championship.

Rating – 9/10 – This was so good and I would say it was about the same if not better than WipeOut but I don’t better in .5 rating’s but if I did it would be 9.5! I have really enjoyed watching TIDAL DVD’s lately and I think looking at the Best Laid Plans card that one could be up there as the best yet! It had the more technical bouts throughout as well as the high-flying, women’s and tag and to cap it off with that main event which was great! If we would of seen Gallagher win vs James instead of a countout it could of been a 10 but that’s just me being picky! The only way is up for one of the best promotions in the UK!!

Thanks as always to TIDAL for giving me the opportunity to review these DVD’s, they have been one of my main suppliers for 3 years along with WWE so you should support them by please visiting their Facebook :http://www.facebook.com/tidalchampionshipwrestling and following their Twitter @TIDALWRESTLING! If you want to buy DVD’s, T-Shirt’s or even tea towels go to tcwrestling.bigcartel.com for more information!

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