Blu-ray Review – WWE Straight Outta Dudleyville


Welcome to the first WWE Blu-ray review in ages, WWE itself had a bit of what i’d call a break from releasing stuff mainly due to I would say WrestleMania and their first release after the event is ‘Straight Outta Dudleyville : The Legacy of the Dudley Boyz’.

As many may know and if you don’t here’s a history lesson, the Dudley Boyz returned after a long time away from the WWE about a year ago after turning up in the Royal Rumble, I myself was hugely excited about their return and they are currently part of a new resurgence in the tag team division which with the call ups of The Vaudevillains and Enzo and Cass from NXT keeps getting bigger and bigger.

This DVD/Blu-ray is WWE’s homage to a team that started as a bigger stable as the Dudley Brothers in ECW  but they soon broke out and it is only right in my opinion that Bubba and D-Von get their own set and is something that I expected at some point when they returned to the company. The documentary on this set is like many done by WWE recently and like Sting’s I would say where it follows them on a day and in Sting’s case it was him signing with the WWE finally and for Bubba and D’Von it was their return to the WWE on RAW. They talk about their history such as how they were formed, growing up with Bubba saying how he was front row when Jimmy Snuka jumped off the cage at MSG so adding personal anecdotes to it with Bubba saying about how he was hooked by Bob Backlund vs John Studd. They speak about their training and how D-Von was trained by Johnny Rodz who himself was interviewed for the documentary which is great as if you can get people like Johnny who had a hand in the training it offers a different perspective with Bubba talking about how he didn’t want to mention who he was trained by.

They of course touch on their ECW career and how they joined the company which is known to be where they got their big break, it isn’t touched on that much though in terms of the matches they took part in like other documentaries but their gimmicks and how hated they were is touched on which in my opinion is a great move as it means you get to learn about other parts of their career instead of having a well documented part in ECW shoved down your throats.

They then go on to speak about their move to the WWE with Bubba speaking about how eager they were to move to the promotion from ECW and their meetings with the company before signing. Of course their TLC matches which are another thing people talk about when you mention Dudley Boyz are mentioned in great detail as well as them being split up in the draft split.

The company that should not be named is mentioned which for me was a surprise, Bubba’s Singles run is praised as a result as well as their achievements in that company in general. Also Japan and their wrestling school which has produced many a wrestler over the years and still does to this days as far as i’m aware are also given mentions which is great and would of been two parts that due to time constraints they might have left out which even though they are minor they still are integral so i’m glad that they were included. Finally we get a part on their return to the WWE after many years which rounds it all off nicely documentary wise.

The documentary isn’t the greatest in the world and it only really gives the small part of the Dudley Boyz over the years but in my opinion unlike some other documentaries it seriously doesn’t need to be really long and have lots of talking for hours to make it great as both men have an engaging story which makes for one of the best over the past few years.

On the Blu-Ray it is two discs and the documentary only covers half of it with the other half and the whole of 2 dedicated to matches. You get your ECW matches which being a massive fan of the company I have already seen so there was no point really revisiting them but also some WWE matches such as the SummerSlam 2000 and Wrestlemania X-7 TLC matches which are great still to this day. Other teams were included in tag team action and also some singles with Triple H. The main 20 or so matches are on both and the Blu-ray I would say is not essential as it only includes a few more matches and their return which is easily accessible due to it being fairly recent so unless you are a huge Dudleyz fan I would go for the DVD copy.

Rating 8.5/10 – Great return to form for WWE after a small break and continuing on from a 10/10 for the NXT set. They always seem to do the documentaries very well and this is another one that I will probably be re-watching. I would definitely say I am a bit biased as I am a huge Dudleys fan but even if you aren’t, i’d give this a go for sure!

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