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Photo Credit : Darren Potts

1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog Cousin Jake, thank you for taking time out to answer these questions, first of all please give the readers a brief introduction to Cousin Jake??

Hello. Let’s start from the bottom. Cousin Jake is a messed up human who enjoys hurting people. I always describe it as the exact opposite of me as a person. Whatever is good about me is bad about him and vice versa. It’s very much like night and day with me. I’m extremely loud and smiley he’s very quite and angry. It’s very unique to have a character like I do because most characters are an extension of themselves whereas mine is the complete opposite of me as I’m a bit of a character in real life.

2. Let’s talk quickly about growing up for you, did you watch wrestling as a child and if so which wrestlers really inspired you to go down the path of training to become a wrestler??

I always loved wrestling. The first present my nan and grandad bought me was a video of the first In Your House, I must have seen that a million times. My nan and grandad live in Birmingham so everytime we’d go and see them they’d have a new old wrestling tape for me so it grew from there. The Undertaker is someone I’ve always looked up to, he’s the total package. I watch so much Undertaker stuff even to this day. I always knew this is something I’d end up doing. Even when I was doing other things in life I always knew I’d end up wrestling.

3. Next up lets speak about Training, how did you get involved in wrestling training, who had a hand in this and would you say that you enjoyed the experience??

I’ve been really lucky; I had the best training experience. A lot of people I know have these horror stories about their training but I couldn’t have had a better experience or talk highly enough of the All-star training school. I love that place. Dean and Tish Allmark are two of the most caring, supportive people you’ll ever meet in your life and I’ll always be grateful for everything they’ve done for me. I don’t get much chance to get to the school as it’s only on Saturdays but I still speak to Dean all the time and get his advice on wrestling and try pick his brain as much as possible. My training hasn’t stopped even though I’m on shows, if anything I train more now because I’m in a good position and I don’t want to lose that. I train a lot with Marty Jones at the squared circle now as well as get down to infinite when I can to train with John Kenny, which I need to do more often if I’m honest. I’m still really new to wrestling, I haven’t been around for two years yet so I’m still learning and trying to get better.

4. You previously told me that you have done over 170 matches, who is the biggest name you would say that you have worked with and what has been your favourite match so far??

I’ve wrestled a lot of really talented people who are big names. It’s impossible to say who the biggest name is and I wouldn’t want to disrespect anyone by saying someone is a bigger name then someone else. I’ve been so lucky with the guys I’ve had the opportunity to work with; the likes of Juice (CJ Banks), Dean, James Mason, Frankie Sloan, James Carr (JC) and so many others that have taught me so much by being in the ring with them and passing on valuable knowledge and feedback. I haven’t really got a favourite to be honest. There’s been a few that stick out like when I wrestled Dean in Skegness Embersey. Another one that sticks out is when I wrestled Robbie McKenzie (Caelan Tayloyr-McKenzie) in Bridlington. That lad is absolutely brilliant. I always enjoy tagging with Saxon (Ross Cooke) and we had a good one with the Burial at the start of the year.

5. You work for All Star and Megaslam as far as I’m aware, what are your thoughts on the touring environment and do you think that it gives wrestlers vital experience and to get themselves out there??

I love the touring promotions and have been so lucky to work for both Allstar and Megaslam. I’ve never loved wrestling as much as I do right now. I really appreciate everything Brad has done for me. Brad is one of the most hardworking, driven people you’ll ever meet. I honestly believe Brad will take over the world one day haha. I’m very fortunate because I travel a lot with CJ Banks, who has become a good friend. I love travelling with Juice, he has this incredible wrestling brain. Everything he says just makes sense, I learn so much just by sitting there, listening to him and by watching his matches. The experience provided by working for Megaslam is invaluable. I’m so thankful for the spot I have and I know all boys in the locker room feel the same. We have some of the biggest names in the country on so for someone like me to learn from is massive.

6. You have also worked for WrestlePro, Marty Jones’s promotion, how is it working with such a legend like Marty and do you think they will come back after their first show a few weeks ago??

Yeah, WrestlePro was an experience. I know Marty wants to start more running shows so I’m confident there will be another WrestlePro sooner rather than later. It was a pleasure to be a part of that show, wrestling in a Church was really unique. I train a lot with Marty at the Squared Circle which is really cool. Marty has helped me improve so much, he comes out with these little gems and I’m like ‘I would have never thought of that’. Marty is a fantastic trainer and it shows with people will to travel from all over the country to train with him. Marty is all about separating your match from all the others on the card and standing out which is crucial in wrestling if you want people to remember you.

7. What are your thoughts on the current state of British Wrestling and do you think it could reach TV again soon??

British wrestling is so strong at the moment; it’s probably the best in the world. I see a lot of shows around the country are selling out or drawing big crowds which is good for everyone. It’d be amazing to have British wrestling back on television and if I’m honest the way British wrestling is going I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened. With TNA on its arse there’s a gap in the market, why couldn’t be next challenge to WWE be a British company?

8. What would you say are your future ambitions in Wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time??

That’s a really hard one. If someone would have said to me five years ago I’d have been doing this I wouldn’t have believed them. It’s been such a whirlwind of a ride. I’m taking each step as it comes really. To be completely honest, I just want to be happy. my happiness is such a big deal to me and wrestling makes me happy. Do I wanna wrestle every day and be doing this full time? Fuck yeah, that’s what I want. I try and live in the now, plans change, injuries happen, I don’t wanna miss the present because I’m thinking about the future.

9. As the interview draws to a close, where can the readers find Cousin Jake on social media and how can promoters get in contact with you about potential bookings??

I’m terrible with technology! I really need to update my Instagram and Twitter more but I never get around to it. I don’t just look like a caveman, I am a caveman when it comes to technology. Apologies to anyone who follows me or tweets me, odds on I won’t see it. The best way to get in contact with me is through my actual Facebook (Daniel Hudson) or by email me

10. Have you got any future projects/dates you wish to plug, if so the floor is yours to do so??

Yeah, come down to Megaslam shows! Buy a ticket you won’t be disappointed. All dates are on the Megaslam Facebook page. Also for trainees out there get down to the Allstar training school and the squared circle as much as possible.

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