Blu-ray Review – WWE FastLane 2016


Welcome to the latest WWE review, this is the second incarnation of the ‘Pay Per View before WrestleMania’ and this is always I would say the measuring stick of how good the buildup is to WrestleMania and which matches need a bit more build and with it being after Royal Rumble there is always a title match or a No.1 Contender’s match which could tip the balance when it comes to the big event! I quite enjoyed last years event but over the past year the PPV’s haven’t been amazing with only 1 or 2 standout’s so will this be any different and will it hinder or help the WrestleMania buildup let’s find out!

Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks vs Naomi and Tamina was a good opener with of course Becky and Sasha shining in this one like they should do really, I have never been a massive fan of either of the latter competitors so for me they played a sort of second fiddle when I watched it as I was focusing on the first two but like I said good opener but not the best Divas match over the past few months by any stretch

Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler was really good and the match before was a great bridge onto this. Many people will agree that Ziggler is as wrestler who is really underrated and doesn’t really get enough chances to shine and I would definitely say this is one of those matches where this rings home. It was full of great moments and is one of the matches that I would recommend checking out if you buy this Blu-Ray, DVD or even watch it on the Network which many people use!

Big Show, Ryback and Kane vs The Wyatt Family wasn’t great and in all honesty before I put this in to review and I looked at the card this was the main match I knew was just going to be either a catastrophe or just alright and it was definately the latter of the two. It wasn’t bad by any means like I alluded to but it was just full of brutal spots and parts of the match where they were made to look like monsters which is understandable considering most if not all are huge guys but I would say to end off that it was just card filling from WWE which is fair enough in some cases!

Charlotte vs Brie Bella was great and one of the best Divas matches I have seen in a little while! For her last singles match in WWE Brie definately went out well and the storytelling this match evoked was excellent with the mocking on the sides of Ric from Brie’s side and Nikki and Daniel Bryan from Ric’s side added a different dynamic from just a usual Divas match. They really worked well in the ring abit like Charlotte and Natalya I would say. I have never been a massive Charlotte fan but over the past few months she has improved in my rankings and I really enjoy her matches and Brie wise is a wrestler who I have never been that enamoured with in the Women’s division but it’s matches like this that make me a huge fan of her!

From one great match to another we next had AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho, this was amazing and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if this is on the Best PPV Matches of 2016. Technical wrestling wise this was wonderful and is a match I will be revisiting for sure. When you see the names Styles and Jericho though it is a great proposition and it didn’t disappoint on this card.

Curtis Axel vs R-Truth was rubbish  and this was mainly due to the fact it was given the honour of being the cool down match from Styles and Jericho and so it suffered. It would of been good on the pre-show but not here and this was one of the only problems I had with this show but they have to put some match here and it wouldn’t be Styles vs Jericho or in this time Charlotte vs Brie Bella.

Finally we have Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar which was of course worked this year that the winner would face the WWE Champion Triple H and everyone knew before hand that even though they’d rather Brock or Dean face HHH that Reigns would get a shot and probably win and this did occur. The match itself wasn’t very long and even though it was 25 minutes long it didn’t seem it and was gone in a blink of an eye which sometimes when your watching a show in a sitting is a good thing but this time it wasn’t as I did watch it in stages.

They of course get their moments to shine in little ways with it being a 3 way, Lesnar is billed as what he is in this match and that is the strongest guy easily beating up Reigns and Ambrose when it is 2 on 1. Also another theme of this match which is typical of many 3 ways is that in a lot of cases it is just 1-on-1 and I would definitely say that even though this happened too many times that when it was Ambrose vs Reigns especially it was great and it shows how good they are in the ring together. In the end like alluded to Reigns won and at the end we got that build up with Triple H coming out and both men teasing the title match at the ‘grandest stage of them all’

Rating – 7/10 – A great return to form for WWE with Charlotte vs Brie Bella and AJ Styles vs Jericho being the main shining lights and the reason why it got so high. Some matches were alright or bad but you aren’t going to get a 10/10 for a FastLane as bad as that sounds but for the last PPV before WrestleMania it was great and well worth a pickup on DVD/Blu-Ray or a watch on the Network, whatever floats your boat!

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