DVD Review – TIDAL Wrestling ‘Best Laid Plans’


Welcome to the latest DVD review and today we once again are taking another look at TIDAL Championship Wrestling with their Best Laid Plans which happened on the March 13th 2016 from the Leeds University Union. The main draws of this show were 3 american wrestlers, Chris Dickinson who has wrestled for the likes of CZW, PWG and Beyond, Ricochet who is known for wrestling mainly for NJPW, PWG and Lucha Underground and finally Chuck Taylor who as well is known for PWG and Chikara. I am really glad to be back reviewing TIDAL again after a short absence!

Match 1 – Sebb Strife vs Tom Weaver

First match is between recent BWR interviewee Sebb Strife and Tom Weaver. I don’t recall ever seeing Weaver wrestle before while I have seen Strife a few times so like a lot of TIDAL’s matches it will be an eyeopener to see new talent that I may have never seen before! Strife came straight in sporting a TIDAL shirt and went straight after Weaver wasting no time in decimating his opponent. He continued this over in the corners but it didn’t last long with Weaver getting some offence showing his agility with a great headscissors before moonsaulting over onto Strife who was on the outside. Weaver went to the top when Strife came back in but Sebb moved out of the way and Tom landed on his feet which then prompted a roll through and an european uppercut before ending it with a kick to the head. Weaver got a 2 count from there and when Tom went for a hurricanerana he was promptly dumped down to the apron by Strife who countered it. Strife got a Death Valley driver before headbutting Weaver when he dragged him back up. He got knife edge chops in every corner but Weaver got some back on his own and struggled to get him over for a 2 count. Strife though got a huge clothesline taking Weaver’s head off but again Weaver used his agility to run rings around the bigger Strife, Weaver went to the top again but fell flat on his chest as Strife moved out of the way and went to the top himself to execute a frog splash and get a 3 count.

Match 2 – Sean Only defeated Ace Matthews

Next of all was Sean Only who has only recently recovered from injury and is another BWR alumni and someone I rate really highly mainly due to his appearances for TIDAL vs someone again like in the first match that I don’t believe I have seen before in Ace Matthews. Even though Sean is not a face as such in TIDAL he always is a class act so I should enjoy this one!

Sean started off on the microphone by blaming the crowd for being out for 7 months and saying how him being a psychopath isn’t a gimmick before ending it off by saying Welcome to your Nightmare. He sat in the corner with his hood up with Matthews being held back by the referee. Only attacked Matthews from behind picking his moment superbly, Matthews got some offence back though showing that he wasn’t going to be pushed over easily by the returning Sean Only. Matthews ran into a high knee and was bundled out of the ring. He tried returning but was kneed in the midsection which meant Matthews struggled even more to get back into the ring and once again this occured with him being kicked out of the apron. He finally got back in and tried to take control but it was Only who once again was in control. Matthews got himself out of pin attempts multple times and jumped over Only before executing a spinning shoulder tackle, Matthews was thrown into the corner but moved out of the way when he was ran at before getting a russian leg sweep. Only kicked him in the face and kneed him in the midsection but Matthews planted Only down to the mat showing once again that he wasn’t going to roll over. Sean Only ended up faking a shoulder injury before delivering a superkick to Ace Matthews for the win.

Match 3 – Addy Starr & ‘The Primate’ Jason Prime vs. JD Boom & Ruby Summers

Next up we have a mixed tag team match with Addy Starr and Jason Prime vs Ruby Summers and JD Boom. Addy has been great in TIDAL and her matches with Boom and Leva Bates highlighted that, Jason Prime who has only just recently debuted in TIDAL match wise is a rising star and someone who we will see tons of this year thats for sure all over the UK, Ruby Summers is up there as one of the best female wrestlers in the UK with only i’d say Nixon and Kay Lee Ray surpassing her and JD Boom is just hilarious and should add the comedic factor to this match.

First of all it was Prime and Boom in the ring with Prime executing a tight head lock to start off proceedings, he kept grabbing handfuls of facial hair and so Boom got a head lock of his own but this didn’t last long as Prime powered out of it and when Boom grabbed Prime’s beard he got dragged back into a head lock and ran off the ropes before delivering a clothesline. Boom then jumped onto Prime during an irish whip and was slamemd onto the mat. Boom kicked him in the head and he was launched by Prime. Boom got Prime out of the ring by somehow throwing him out. Starr tagged herself in to try and get her hands on Boom with JD missing the lock and grabbing hold of her breasts which understandably annoyed Starr who beat the living daylights out of Boom. Prime tagged himself in and continued obliterating Boom where Starr left off. Starr ended up coming back in and continued the beating but Prime came back in basically straight away and got a great Belly to Belly suplex and a nice elbow drop. They kept him in the corner but Boom finally got over to Summers and the two women in the match faced off and she even got a DDT onto Prime. Boom stupidly tagged himself in when Summers had some offence and he paid for it being slammed down on his testicles by Starr and Starr got a bridge which nearly ended it off but got a surfboard slam when Boom got out of it. Prime came behind him and got a german suplex but Boom somehow kicked out of it. Prime came back in and Boom tried to kick him but was kicked himself and held up followed by a knife edge chop and another belly to belly. Starr was tagged in and double kneed Boom who was hanged off the second rope. Ruby Summers once again was tagged in and off momentum alone beat the living crap out of Prime but Boom again tagged himself and both wrestlers were German suplexed and Summers was speared out of the ring allowing Prime to get a spinebuster on Boom. Starr was tagged in and they got a double team stunner type move to win the match.

Match 4 – Fatal Four-Way – Ricochet defeated ‘The Gimmick Killer’ HT Drake, ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero & ‘The Kentucky Gentleman’ Chuck Taylor

There is always a few matches that stand out especially on TIDAL cards and this one definitely does with two of America’s best and two of the UK’s best facing each other in a 4 way which could get match of the night. Ricochet is so good at the minute, Drake is so impressive and underrated, Ligero is and always has been one of the best in the UK and Chuck really impressed me when I saw him live last year and is someone making his return to TIDAL after a great match with Ligero at their first Leeds show I believe.  Taylor sat outside and Drake, Ricochet and Ligero were in the ring together before exiting when they tried for a 3 on 1 with the referee Craig Anderson. Aaron the commentator was thrown in the ring and it was Ricochet and Taylor in the ring in the end together. Ricochet wore Drake’s jacket which was promptly taken off him. All 4 men were finally in the ring together with the fans begging for wrestling. Ricochet and Ligero were in one corner and Taylor and Drake were in the other but this arrangement didn’t last as all men faced off. Ricochet ended up being the only man standing tall after taking out both Drake and Taylor. Drake and Ricochet started off afterwards but Taylor and Ligero once again came back in with Ligero and Taylor battling in the middle. Taylor kicked all 3 men when they went for him. Taylor went to the top and missile dropkicked Drake, Ricochet threw Ligero out and Drake went for him but Ricochet flew out onto Taylor and Ligero after ducking out of the way. Drake went on the apron and knowing all 3 other wrestlers were outside he moonsaulted onto them. Drake attacked Taylor but Ligero was thrown into him in the corner after he jumped over Taylor. Ricochet came flying out of nowhere to floor Taylor but when Ricochet went back up top he got sent down onto the turnbuckle but when Taylor tried to capitalise Ligero came out of nowhere and dumped both men onto the canvas. Drake as well came out of nowhere and got a swanton bomb which would of got a 3 count had Ligero not been there to stop it. Drake grabbed Ligero but he jumped over and superkicked him. Taylor kneed Ligero after the superkick but Ricochet got an enziguri, Drake then got a nice enziguri to get back on top and be the only man standing. Ricochet got an amazing brainbuster and Ligero got an amazing hurricanerana. Taylor got a powerbomb to follow up and Drake got a full nelson into a german suplex on Taylor. Again Drake stood tall but was kicked in the face by Ligero who was on the outside which allowed Ligero to go for a C4L but Drake countered and got another full nelson into a german suplex which he bridged, Ricochet came out of nowhere to get a running SSP to end the count. Ricochet grabbed Drake and put him onto his shoulders but Drake managed to fall out of it and dropkick Ricochet into the corner. Taylor was thrown off the apron by Drake but due to him being distracted a big boot followed by a knee and kick to the face and finally getting him up onto his shoulders and then kicking him on the way down from Ricochet to win the match! What an unreal match!

Match 5 – David Graves vs ‘The Armbar Superstar’ Dan James

David Graves gets a chance to shine in a singles role here facing off against Dan James, both men are BWR alumni’s and it will be great to see them both face off especially Graves who is great in tag action. Graves went straight after James and got some cracking offence in to get James to the outside. James came back in and he tried to get back into the match but he was being dominated by Graves who of course wanted to impress. He went to the top but was pushed when he was flying through the air which hurt his arm which of course James then focused on effectively. Graves got out of it finally, he was jaded due to having his arm focused on but he pulled through until being grounded again and put under an armbar once again. Graves went for a sunset flip which was reversed but he smartly moved out of the way when James tried to jump on his arm. Graves was dumped out of the ring by James and when he returned he was booted in the back and suplexed. James choked the life out of Graves as well as focusing on the arm at the same time, Graves got James onto his shoulders twice but 3 times when he did it he was thrown back into an armbar. Graves was irish whipped into the corner when they did get up and Graves kicked the living hell out of James but then ran into a european uppercut, Graves gave him an elbow, boot and a clothesline though when he was in the corner. He followed this up with an atomic drop and various rakes and forearms. He shoulder tackled him in the corner and then got a spinning european uppercut. He went up behind twice and got a german suplex on the second attempt. Graves stalked James for a finish but was given a spinebuster by James who saved the match for himself. James pushed him which made him mad and it meant he carried on being on top. Graves was thrown into the corner and was given a killswitch and thrown straight into an armbar and moving that into a crossface. Graves got to the ropes and James grabbed his chain and wrapped it round his fist. Graves ducked the punch and got a great shoulder tackle and ended it off with throwing him head first into the apron for a 3 count. Great showing by Graves!

Match 6 – Liam Lazarus vs ‘The Righteous’ Joseph Conners

This match was another that stood out for sure, Lazarus is so good and is someone who like HT Drake I would say is criminally underrated and Conners is my favourite UK wrestler and is someone who I have seen live as I always say probably about 50 times over the past 3 years and gets better and better with each match! Both men jockeyed for position with a few lock ups in the opening minute. They transitioned from there with Lazarus pinning him down to the mat and then Conners monkey flipping Lazarus with both men pinning each other to the mat. They had a test of strength with Conners taking Lazarus down and trying to use his weight to put him down fully to the mat. They both stood tall and locked up again with Lazarus getting the upperhand but a mistake from Liam allowed Joseph to ground him multiple times and jade Lazarus. Lazarus did the same as Conners and got him into a head lock on the ground before doing the same when they got up. Conners got a great reversal and pinned him down to the mat with another head lock before it was reversed for a headscissors. Conners flipped him over using his legs and got himself another head lock. Conners then focused on the arm of Lazarus by wrapping it round his back. Lazarus flipped him over and picked up the pace and got himself an armbar himself on the ground, he rolled through still holding it and brought him to his feet before wrapping it round his neck and getting him onto his knees. Conners went under his legs and flipped him over followed by a arm drag which allowed him to twist his arm. He got two more arm drags and held onto his arm. He got himself a roll up but it wasn’t enough which meant Conners got another arm drag and arm bar. Lazarus was sent into the corner and he rolled under Conners legs and got 3 successive arm drags and went after the arm again. Conners once again took him down and bent the fingers and put pressure onto the shoulder. Lazarus tried to get to his feet but he was kept grounded. He finally got up and took him down to the ground, Conners tried to get Lazarus to the ground himself but he was taken down again. Conners stretched the arm when they got up and he put the arm under his groin and took him down. Conners got a springboard assisted suplex and then got a rear chin lock applied. Lazarus got out of it and was fired up which gave him the opportunity to get a head lock of his own. Conners reversed a wrist lock witht eh ropes and then took him down to the apron grabbing the head once again. Conners flipped over Lazarus and brought him down again but Lazarus arm-dragged him again and got an abdominal stretch locked in. Lazarus brought him down fora  2 count and another head lock but Lazarus was clotheslined by Conners twice.He got a jumping clothesline from there and stalked Liam from there. Both men exchanged multiple pin attempts and Liam got a gutwrench powerbomb. Both men stared each other down and Conners was a man possessed but he was quickly rolled up before he could get the win for a 3 count. They shook hands but they brought each other in for a staredown which could imply another match. One hell of a match overall.

Match 7 – Rampage Brown vs ‘The Dirty Daddy’ Chris Dickinson

The main event is going to be an absolute brawl between Rampage who is a wrestler who in all honesty I am not a massive fan of, I think he is a great wrestler don’t get me wrong but I prefer other wrestlers to him and Dickinson who since seeing him wrestle a few years ago when he was hardly known, is someone who I knew would break out and be over here soon enough so it is great to see him in TIDAL and the UK in general on his first tour!

They locked up but were soon back to where they started! They locked up again with Dickinson applying a headlock followed by a clothesline. Brown jumped over him and shoulder tackled him. They exchanged blows and Dickinson started kicking him but Brown ducked and got a dropkick. Dickinson was booted and shoulder tackled from the top rope.

Brown put him up onto the top turnbuckle but he was german suplexed off it himself as opposed of doing the same or something similar to Dickinson. Dickinson knocked the air out of Rampage kicking him multiple times and getting an eye rake. He got him into a sharpshooter but he got to the ropes. They exchanged chops but Dickinson kicked him in the side of the head and suplexed him. Rampage though tried to get back into the match but Dickinson caught him between his legs. Rampage tried to get out but was smashed as well with some great forearms. Rampage got to the ropes and both men were at their feet. They both kicked each other but Dickinson got him grounded with a lariat. He stamped on his feet and restricted him from reaching his feet. Rampage elbowed him and caught a kick to the face but got him back with a spinebuster. Rampage got to his feet and kept clotheslining him, Dickinson kicked the leg out and got a huge frankensteiner off the top rope. Rampage got a lariat on Dickinson though and he got to his feet first. Dickinson got another kick and then took him down before getting another sharpshooter in the middle of the ring. Rampage once again got to the bottom rope to break the hold. Both men staggered to their feet with Dickinson getting kicks to Rampage but he was halted by a samoan drop. Rampage went for a finish and got it on the 2nd attempt with a piledriver to get the victory in a great war to end proceedings.

Rating – 9/10 – The last few matches made it for me with the 4 way stealing the show, also special mention to the Graves vs James match and Brown vs Dickinson match all of which were the best parts. They are constantly getting 9/10’s which makes you wonder when the next 10 will come which I reckon knowing TIDAL’s shows at the minute will be very soon indeed!

Thanks as always to TIDAL for giving me the opportunity to review these DVD’s, they have been one of my main suppliers for 3 years along with WWE so you should support them by please visiting their Facebook :http://www.facebook.com/tidalchampionshipwrestlingand following their Twitter @TIDALWRESTLING! If you want to buy DVD’s, T-Shirt’s or even tea towels go to tcwrestling.bigcartel.com for more information!

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