Interview – Darius Lockhart


1. Hello and welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog Darius and thank you for your time, first of all if you could please give the readers a quick introduction to Darius Lockhart??
That is a very hard question actually. I suppose the easiest answer is Darius Lockhart is a African-American independent professional wrestler from Charlotte, North Carolina. I fancy myself as a bit of a revolutionary in the making. I’m a strong advocate of representation, and I believe its important within the path to inspiring those who inspire us – the fans. A man of the people, so to speak.
2. Next of all, did you watch wrestling growing up or was it later on in life and who would you say were your heroes growing up who then inspired you to become a wrestler??
I knew what wrestling was for a very long time. All the older kids I would hang out with as a child were obsessed with it, and I just didn’t really get it until around the age of 12. I ended up catching an episode of Smackdown one night and it was basically a wrap from there. I was a big fan of the Hardy’s coming up, as well as Samoa Joe and CM Punk. Those are some of the guys who had a major influence on me wanting to get into the sport.
3. How did you then get involved with wrestling training, who trained you and what are your thoughts on your overall training experience??
I actually stumbled across my training school by accident. By the time I was 17 I was absolutely obsessed with wrestling and couldn’t get enough of it and I had decided at that point that it was what I wanted to do with my life. One day I was working on a mandatory school project, which I had chosen wrestling to be the topic of, and during my research I stumbled across the “Highspots Wrestling School” in Charlotte North Carolina. Once I realized how close the school was, I was off and running. I started my training in November of 2012 under the teachings of George South, Cedric Alexander, and Caleb Konley, and haven’t looked back sense. The training experience was tremendous. 
4. You are currently here in the UK on a tour as far as i’m aware, how did that all happen, what are your thoughts on the country so far and have you trained with any wrestlers while over here??
Funny enough, I’m actually only 20 years of age, and am still a University student back at home. So I decided that I would use my University’s student exchange program to benefit myself in an attempt to learn the British Wrestling Style, and here I am! I’ve been here since January, and I’ve loved it so far. The people are fantastic and there’s so much to see. I’ve luckily been blessed enough to train with the incomparable Marty Jones while I’ve been here, as well as work with people I’ve admired for years such as, Ricky Steamboat, Nigel McGuinness, Johnny Saint, Johnny Kidd, Tommasso Ciampa, Dave Taylor, and countless others. It’s been a blessing.
5. You have wrestled for Kamikaze Pro and RISE as far as i’m aware while in the UK, what are your thoughts on the atmosphere on these shows compared to the ones in the States and has there been any talent that you have been impressed with??
The atmosphere all comes down to the fans really. It’s not too different, but the creativity of the chants here are remarkable! As for talent, it would be insanely difficult to give names because there are SO many who’ve caught my eye, and I’d hate to leave anyone out, but Saxon Huxley is a up and coming guy who I got to work with, and is actually the RISE Champion and he’s got an amazing future ahead of him. I’ve gotten to see Pete Dunne in action a few times and he’s remarkable. Nathan Cruz, Liam Lazarus, Jack Gallagher, the list is endless.
6. Back over in the States you have had the majority of your matches for CWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling including a great one with Trevor Lee, what are your thoughts on that match and are you looking forward to taking your experience from over here back to the States when your return soon??
Thank you, first off. That match was very memorable for me for a number of reasons, but it’s definitely one of those matches that turned a lot of heads. I got a bit of attention because of that match, so that’s definitely a positive thing. It was very hard hitting and allowed me to tap into a place I hadn’t before so, it definitely sticks out. I’m definitely looking forward to taking my experience here back home though. I’ve learned SO much. I’m just ready to continue to make a name for myself. 
7. What has been your greatest accomplishment and match so far in Wrestling and why??
I’d honestly say my biggest accomplishment so far in wrestling is being able to hang in the ring with the talent I’ve been in there with a keep up. I’ve been in there with some great guys, so the fact that I’ve held my own and earned their respect is like a badge of honor to me. My greatest match so far, is more so great for me on a personal level. I got to wrestle Cedric Alexander on my début show for an amazing promotion called PWX and to be on that stage with someone I admire so much and who’s like family to me was very special. I was a little banged up going into that match and being in the ring with someone at that level and still holding my own… It was quite the moment. 
8. What are your future ambitions in Wrestling and where do you see yourself in roughly around 5 years time??
You know – I used to be obsessed with this concept and consumed with being on top or running things in five years, but recently, I’ve just found it within myself to just enjoy things for what they are and just appreciate the journey. I’ve love to be the top guy in wrestling one day, but in five years time… who knows. 
9. Where can readers follow Darius Lockhart on social media and how can promoters book you for their upcoming shows??
If you’re interested in following Darius Lockhart, you can follow me on twitter @DL_Hart and on various other social media platforms at simply “Darius Lockhart.” If interested in booking Darius Lockhart, contact me at

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