Interview – Little Miss Roxxy


1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Roxxy, cheers for taking the time out to answer some questions, first of all please give the readers a quick introduction??

My name is Little Miss Roxxy , I am a funky haired exhibitionist who is currently training to be a pro wrestler, with a back ground of pole dancing and fire breathing who lives by the motto I bend I do not break
2. Did you enjoy wrestling growing up or was it something you got into a little later and who would you say mainly inspired you both from watching wrestling and outside of it to become a wrestler??
I watched it growing up, it was my nanna & Uncle John who got me into it, growing up I was always a wannabe Hardy Girl & Lita! My nanna was also a very feisty strong lady so it was only fitting I’d somehow take after her by training in something you need to be physically strong and fit to do.

3. How did you get involved in wrestling training as a result, who has had a hand in this and how would you rate the experience that you have had training to become a wrestler?

I train with Marty Jones, but also train with Rampage Brown and have attended sessions with Dean Allmark and Mikey Whiplash

4. You have wrestled for TIDAL Wrestling one of my main affiliates on the Darlington shows, how would you rate the set up at TIDAL and would you say that one of your goals in TIDAL is to reach the Leeds shows if possible in future??
I love Tidal, I love everything it represents. I love the set up and I hope Darlington continues to grow so we can keep entertaining people there, and in time I do hope to be part of the Leeds shows but until then I am happy rocking my home soil in Darlington

5. You are making your Empress Pro debut on May 14th in Wycombe which is known as being one of the best all female promotions in England, are you looking forward to debuting for this promotion and what can the Empress fans expect who have never seen you live before??
I am so excited to be heading to Empress Pro, I plan on representing the North East and showing Empress Pro just how tough us ‘Northern birds’ are, I have so much respect for the ladies on Empress Pro but that is not to say I am not going to bring a fight

7. You were part of the Rumble at Rumble in the Jungle 2 for Fierce Females, did you enjoy the experience of being in a rumble match and would you say that you want to return if given the chance in the future??

I loved Fierce Females and would love to be part of it again.

8. What are your future ambitions in Wrestling and where do you see yourself in around 2-3 years time??

I personally just want to help wave the flag for Womens British wrestling and show that we can go just as if not better than alot of the guys on the scene

9. Where can the readers follow/support Little Miss Roxxy and where can promoters book you for shows??

I have facebook which is

and I am also on twitter

10. Have you got any future dates/projects or anything else that you want to plug??

Catch me on upcoming shows for Absolute Wrestling ,Tidal Darlington & Main Event Wrestling

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