Blu-ray Review – US Championship : A Legacy of Greatness


Welcome to the latest WWE Blu-ray review this time we are taking a look at the US Championship set recently released by WWE, in the UK this was released last week but I only got it early this week due to the discs getting lost and then resent around Monday so if anyone was wondering where this review was that’s the reason!
Also been hugely busy personally and not had that much free time to write up a review so I apologise for that as well.

The set itself is split up into 3 discs on DVD, 2 discs with extra matches on the Blu-Ray set, I came into this before reading the match listing thinking it was a documentary with a disc of matches but oh no it is basically a history from the start told in matches for the belt so if you really like the US title or old style wrestling it ticks that box straight away.

The first disc for the Blu-Ray includes NWA/WCW matches which outlay 19 while the WWE portion of the set includes 11 matches, this in itself is quite weird as NWA/WCW used it for around 26 years while WWE only has for around 13 so for them to have almost the same amount of matches is like alluded to quite weird.

We start of with a cracker on the first disc from 1978 in the form of two legendary wrestlers in Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat who ironically are on the cover with Booker T and John Cena. I myself am not into older wrestling mainly due to the quality of a lot of it in terms of picture but what i’d say in this case is that the quality of the match shines over that and with Andre the Giant as special guest referee it makes it even more special than the usual US title match.

Also on this disc is another great match between Magnum TA and Tully Blanchard in a I Quit Steel Cage match, I have not watched that much early NWA due to it not being my era but this showed that I need to put some at the top of my watch list, both men were not afraid to put their bodies on the line which was showed with the blood. Also on this disc of the same vain was a match between Dusty Rhodes and Lex Luger both incredible wrestlers, this match was from Starrcade 97 also in a cage match and again it was great and worth the watch if like myself you have not watched that much NWA and if you are a fan of cage matches!

WCW follows the NWA with some of the standouts being Dean Malenko vs Chris Jericho which was cracking if you love a bit of technical wrestling, I would say that I am more of a fast-paced, lucha-libre sort of guy but when I sat down to watch this I was enthralled in what was an absolute clinic of what these two can do in the ring. Also we get a pre Attitude Era Stone Cold facing off against the Great Muta in a slick match which was executed to it’s full effect and is a joy to watch for sure.

Finally on the WCW side a notable inclusion is Booker T vs Scott Steiner which is from WCW’s last PPV Greed, this match is great in my opinion which is mainly due to the fact that I really enjoy watching both in the ring and have done for many years especially Booker T who when he came back was a real mark out moment for me and one I will never forget.

We then have the WWE side of things with John Cena vs Big Show from WrestleMania 20 a good match as well as in my opinion Edge vs Test from Survivor Series which again is mainly for the reason that I may not be the biggest ever Edge fan but I used to really enjoy Test and wish he was still around for sure. After a few matches from the early 2000’s on the disc, it goes to 2008-12 which is the era I got back into WWE in so there is familiar memories for me including Matt Hardy vs MVP from Backlash and Daniel Bryan vs John Morrison vs The Miz, they are not 5* but they get mentions for a cracking trip down memory lane. Finally we conclude the main lot of matches with Ambrose vs Cena from his open challenge run and also a moment which again I marked out for majorly which was Del Rio returning against Cena at Hell In A Cell.

There are 6 bonus matches on the Blu-Ray which in my opinion like most WWE Blu-Ray’s are not worth the extra money for so unless you can;t help it I would go with the DVD!

Rating 7/10 – A good set which highlights how good some of the matches for this illustrious title have been in the past and it is definitely worth a pick-up if you either like the wrestlers involved with it being only matches or the title itself but overall a good return for WWE after a short break from any releases!!

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