Blu-ray Review – WWE WrestleMania 32





Welcome to the latest WWE Blu-ray Review, it’s been a little while since the last one and it is fitting that the latest one is the biggest PPV of the year in WrestleMania, surprisingly I didn’t watch this before I received this for review as I just didn’t get time when it was out so unlike last year when the review was a little biased due to me already seeing it and loving it, this is the complete opposite and this was one on the schedule I was really looking forward to.

The ladder match was the first on the card and was exactly what I love in Wrestling and that is a manic spotfest which gives all men spotlights especially in this case being a ladder match to fall off ladders, perform finishers off ladders etc. Zack Ryder ended up winning which was great as he used to be my favourite in WWE when he did his YouTube channel and he is someone who in my opinion will always go down as one of the most underutilised talents in history. The Miz with help from the returning Maryse the next night screwed Zack out of the belt so this was more of a WrestleMania moment than anything.

Jericho vs Styles was next which pardon the pun was phenomenal. As you may know from previous WWE reviews I have differing opinions on both men in this match with Styles one of my favourites at the moment and Jericho being quite stale to me but both men put in a great performance when it mattered most on the biggest PPV of the year. Jericho hid behind the referee, then countered Styles’ Phenomenal Forearm into a mid-air Codebreaker to score the pinfall victory in the end which is typical Jericho living up to his heel nature!

The New Day vs The League of Nations featured next which was ok but nothing special, I really enjoy TND but have never liked the members of the League of Nations individually. The Booty O’s box entrance was memorable and probably the best part of proceedings. Wouldn’t rewatch it compared to the previous match but each to their own.

Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar was really good from my perspective with the build being one I really got into in the weeks before the event. The use of weaponry was cracking and especially being a big fan of the old ECW I probably enjoyed this a bit more than most with some people disliking this due to the potential use of the chainsaw and the use of weapons but overall from my point of view it was another cracking match on the card.

Next up was Charlotte vs Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks for the new Women’s championship, in all honesty this was the match that I was most looking forward to, anyone who reads these reviews on a regular basis knows that I am a huge Becky Lynch fan and so her alone being on the biggest PPV of the year for the first time was really great. The match itself was brilliant and this and Jericho vs Styles really stole the show for me and rightly so. I was abit bummed out to not see Becky win the title but it made up for it with a great match. This finally shows how good the strength and depth is at the top of the women’s division and long may it continue!

The match with probably the most hype in the whole card followed this in the form of Shane McMahon’s in ring return vs The Undertaker. I would probably say first of all that Shane coming back was a massive mark out moment and one of the biggest in years. I thought he was going to get battered in the hell in a cell with Taker but I would definately say he held his own in parts vs the Phenom who many people may know is someone who I have never been a huge fan of. The elbow drop off the cell was crazy and deserves recognition in this review for sure as well as various beatings inside the ring on the steps by Taker. It all worked out for Shane as even though he lost he still took over RAW. All in all a better match than I thought it was going to be and well worth the watch if you have some time to kill especially.

We then got the Andre the Giant Battle Royal who many people expected it to be won by Kane but it was won by Baron Corbin. A fun little match to break up the card a little bit and it was great to see Tatanka and DDP as well as weirdly Shaq in the battle royal. It was of course a filler to foreshadow the main event but overall a good watch after some cracking matches previously.

The Rock vs Wyatts was just there to shine all the lights in the stadium and get the Rock onto the show and only lasted 6 seconds, I would skip it if I were you.

Finally the main event with a usual amazing entrance from Triple H who always pulls it out of the bag on WrestleMania’s vs Roman Reigns who most people expected to win. The match was alright but not amazing, both men have never been exactly high in my list of best wrestlers but because of the other match on the card it made up for it and brought the event to a close nicely. Reigns finished with a spear which meant he ended up winning the title back from Triple H to confirm everyone’s prediction about Reigns winning it back.

Also on the set of course is the Hall of Fame which I do recommend, usually I sit down and watch snippets but this years was really insightful and really worth a watch if you get the chance!

Rating 7/10 – Great PPV as it should be not exactly as good as last years which was cracking but they pulled it out the bag and really delivered here. I would definitely advise picking this up if first of all you collect Wrestle Manias or want the best PPV in a year if your a new or returning fan. Some matches were only alright so that’s the reason why it only scored a 7.

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