Blu-ray Review – Eric Bischoff : Sports Entertainment’s Most Controversial Figure


Welcome to the latest WWE review, the reviews seem to be coming in thick and fast compared to usual and today we take a look at their latest documentary after a flood of compilation sets and PPV’s recently in the form of Eric Bischoff : Most Controversial Figure in Sports Entertainment, this was released around a week or two ago in the States and yesterday in the UK. Being quite busy recently it was put on hold until today which I apologise about like last week this will not happen in the future unless review titles are late to my door.

Anyway lets get on with the backstory to the set and also the review the most important part, The documentary on the Blu-ray/DVD goes on for almost 1 hour and 40 minutes and it starts off with various clips from different documentaries over the years such as the Monday Night War and the Rise and Fall of WCW with various personalities talking about and basically having a go at Bischoff’s actions at the time before we end up cutting to the man himself to end off the opening. Like most documentaries such as the Jerry Lawler one released last year we take a look at his life from a young child with his martial arts hobby and other business ventures such as Ninja Star Wars and of course the wrestling part with his start in the AWA which without that we wouldn’t be seeing a documentary on the man in question today.

Speaking of the AWA we follow that part up with a segment on his roles in the company which is brief but acts as a bit of a segway to the most talked about part of his career which of course is WCW which came about after the closure of the AWA promotion. We get his rise to the top in WCW documented from executive producer to executive vice president as well as about his signing of Hulk Hogan as well as of course speaking about Nitro and how it would compete with WWE as a show. These stories as fascinating as they are have been told on multiple DVD’s about WCW take the two mentioned above.

We then get following on from that stories about the merger of Turner Broadcastng with Time Warner, him leaving WCW in 1999 and his return and of course him attempting to purchase the company when he returned and how this all went wrong.

We then move on from that to finally his time in WWE and his first phone call with Vince which lead to him joining the company after WCW went out of business to end up becoming the RAW General Manager with a bit looked over about his time as the top dog on RAW as well as a bit about his personal ventures and his involvement with Jason Hervey, in my opinion him having all these irons in the fire as you will shows how great of a mind he is both inside the world of wrestling but also outside the world of wrestling and I would say that stemmed from a child as alluded to above. Also this segment means it isn’t all about Wrestling and discusses his whole life so far.

We end the documentary with Eric sitting by a fire and thinking about his life in Professional Wrestling and how an interview with JBL gave him a differed opinion towards WWE, the Monday Night War and the fall out as a result. Eric comes out and says that WWE won the war and saying how good Vince’s commitment to the business is. This ends the documentary also in it includes interviews with the likes of his wife, Sonny Ono, DDP, Kevin Nash/Diesel, Steve Austin and Chris Jericho which is a usual occurance on a WWE documentary, in all honesty I was surprised that we weren’t given comments from the usual suspects on the current roster but with him being around in the early 2000’s mainly not a lot could comment on it apart from the likes of the Big Show.

In all honesty I came into the documentary with low expectations mainly as I wasn’t really into Wrestling when Bischoff was a key player. I thought it smashed the expectations I had of i and it was a really enjoyable documentary that I could just pop in and really enjoy watching..After quite a few compilation sets of matches recently it was good to watch something that didn’t last around 8 hours and was a change to the norm. It’s not the best documentary out there over the past year or two but is definitely up there and deserves a watch if you can as a result of all the factors stated I have to give it a 9/10 as even though I didn’t enjoy it as much as some hardcore WCW fans may do it was still a great watch!

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