Interview – Earl Black Jr.


1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevivalBlog Earl and thanks for your time, first of all could you please give the readers a quick introduction to yourself??

No problem! I’m Earl Black Jr. Second generation wrestler, human suplay machine and don’t call me default! I’ve been training for about two years at the Projo and on shows for about a year and a half.

2. Let’s move on to growing up for you, did you watch wrestling a lot growing up or was it an occurrence later on in life instead and who would you say inspired you both from wrestling and outside of it to train to become a wrestler??

The first time I saw wrestling I fell in love with it. I remember watching it my parents bedroom with my Dad while my Mum did the ironing. I think it was Goldust against somebody. My Mum kept saying it was hokey but my Dad kicked off and said you wouldn’t say that if you’d been in the ring! Turns out, he kayfabed her for thirty years.

A lot of people think the Earl Black Jr thing is a gimmick. But some of my earliest memories are seeing pictures of Senior wrestling for Stu Hart in Stampede and NWA territories across the world. Wrestling was always a thing in our family. When I got into my teens, all I wanted to do was wrestle and the Attitude Era was in full swing. Wrestling was everywhere.

I begged my Dad to teach me to wrestle and we’d do bumps, rolls and chain on the park on a weekend. I’d wrestle nonstop with my brother every time my Mum left the house. We’d have insane backyard matches in my bedroom. Thumbtacks, gigging with pencil sharpener blades, whatever. At school, I ended up shoot wrestling a lot of people who wanted to beat me up to prove that wrestling was pony. We used to do little shows in the break room or playing fields and I’d take back body drops onto the bare floor or whatever and pretend to be dead. Just to get a pop.

3. Speaking of becoming a wrestler, as far as i’m aware you trained at the ProJo, how did you get involved in wrestling training there, who had a hand in your training in the most part and would you recommend it to readers who may want to become wrestlers in the future??

In my teens, wrestling was all I wanted to do. I had made enquiries about training at Hammerlock and had discussions with Bruce Hart about training in the dungeon. But I ended up being persuaded that University was a better option (it wasn’t). Over time, wrestling seemed like a mad remnant of my past until a writing group commissioned me to go and train as a wrestler on the agreement that I’d write about it. I walked into the Projo and met Darrell Allen and everything went from there. I fell once again completely in love with the business. The majority of my training has come from Darrell and James Davis of the London Riots and Jimmy Havoc’s advice is always insightful. I’d recommend it. Just to see. You never know. Check out the Progress Wrestling School page on Facebook for details of the next Beginner intake.

I walked into the Projo and met Darrell Allen and everything went from there. I fell once again completely in love with the business. Every time I lace up my boots I feel a stab of pride and disbelief.

4. Speaking of the ProJo you are one of a few to make it to the main roster from the training school, what are your thoughts on the rise of Progress and are you proud to be one of those few to wrestle on the main shows??

Growing up, I loved ECW and Japanese wrestling. Progress seems to combine the best elements of both with a real sense of storytelling. It’s one of many fantastic success stories in British wrestling lately. I’m not sure where things are headed. But with the breadth and depth of talent in this country, the rise of alternative forms of distribution media and professional promotions, running wrestling properly, it can only get better and better.

The Projo has an amazing record of producing talent and Progress invest a lot of time and effort in developing and nurturing them as wrestlers. The trainers are passionate. The promoters love what they do. I owe a great debt to them. Before Progress, barring rolling around in the park with my Dad, I’d never had any wrestling training.

5. You are part of the Dazzler Team with Darrell Allen, how did this come about, was it due to you being friends outside the ring and do you think that you and Darrell could be winning titles up and down the country by the end of this year??

I’m not entirely sure where it started. Daz backed me and assisted in a beatdown on Kyle Ashmore at an ENVR last year. I wasn’t sure if the original intention was for it be a faction or not. But we ended up tagging and have good chemistry in and out of the ring. Weirdly I think the moment we knew we had something was when I ended up being superkicked through a cake and we did a bit in the ring where EBJ was heartbroken and eventually made up with Daz. I play the psychotic buffoon to Daz’s straight guy. Not too dissimilar from real life, in fact… In terms of titles, we’d love to get our hands on some gold. We have a Progress tag team title match this Sunday so you never know!

6. You wrestle for one of my local promotions in the form of GOOD Wrestling based out of Northamptonshire/Buckinghamshire, on your debut you defeated Jack Sexsmith and next up you team with Darrell to face Panda Cub and Big Grizzly who scored a win vs. The London Riots last time out, have you got any words for both men ahead of your match on July 29th and are you looking forward to making your return to GOOD next month??

GOOD Wrestling is an interesting niche promotion. Strong cards in an intimate venue. I hope they continue to do what they’re doing and people get behind them and turn out in force for their shows.

I’m looking forward to going back and we’ll teach those Panda Cub and Big Grizzly a thing or two about the bare necessities of life.

7. What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment in Wrestling so far and also what has been your favourite match??

I’d say the character of Earl Black Jr. I’m just another default-looking white guy in black trunks. I do one move and pull faces. But hopefully I’ve made it interesting and different without being overly gimmicked. I’ve always seen EBJ as a dangerous Alan Partridge or a shit terminator. He’s a bit of me and a bit of Tom Hardy’s Ronnie Kray in Legend.

I don’t have a favourite match so far. I think I’ve been involved in a few decent ones but nothing like what I want to do. There’s no single match of mine where I’d say, yeah, that’s me, that’s what I’m all about.

8. What would you say are your future ambitions in Wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??

I have no idea! I never expected to be doing what I’m doing now five years ago. I had an idea that I’d retire by the time I was thirty-five but I can see myself still wrestling on the holiday camps in two or three hundred years.

9. As the interview draws to a close, where can the readers find Earl Black Jr on social media and how can promoters get in contact with you about potential bookings??

I tweet @EarlBlackJr and my email address for bookings is

10. Finally have you go any future projects or dates where the readers can see Earl Black Jr live if so the floor is yours??

I’ve been helping out Pro Wrestling Legion ( They’re an interesting new promotion based in Chester and their first show will be in October. They’ve got a North/South Game of Thrones sort of thing going on. Where the champ will be almost a monarch like Lucha Underground.

I’m also involved in a short film about pro wrestling called Those Bright Lights with Ricardo Freitas.

Aside from that, I’m a novelist by trade and I’ll be doing an MA at Birkbeck where my research interests will be pro wrestling and masculine performativity. I’m going to write a nonfiction novel about a fictional sport.


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