Interview – Eric Escobar


1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog Eric, cheers for taking time out to answer these questions, first of all please could you give a brief introduction to the readers about yourself and your wrestling career so far??

Well first and foremost thank you for taking the time to interview me.

Well I’ve been wrestling since 2000 so it’ll be 16 yrs later this year. I have wrestled for a few companies, mostly in Puerto Rico and US for DSW, FCW,WWE,IWA,WWC and WWL. i have held  titles in all of them except WWE…

2. Let’s speak briefly about growing up for you, did you watch wrestling growing up or was it later on in life and who would you say inspired you both in wrestling and out of it to become one??

I was always an on and off type of fan. When i was a kid i was a huge fan of GLOW (women’s wrestling) but always watched WWF (at the time) i must admit it wasn’t until the whole attitude era that i really showed an interest in becoming a pro wrestler. I mean my biggest influences were The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin but the whole attitude era was the 1 that did it for me. Undertaker, HHH, Edge & Christian i was hooked with the product. Everyone had something to do in the company so u had a lot of different things going on which was awesome.

3. Speaking of becoming a wrestler, how did you get involved in wrestling training, who had a hand in this and would you say that you enjoyed the experience??

Well Victor Quiñones (RIP) who was the owner of IWA Puerto Rico at the time saw me at a show sitting in the crowd i was wearing a cowboy hat i had started lifting weight a few months ago at the time so i had a wife beater on showing my “gains” hahaha…wasn’t much at the time but i thought i was big…anyways he has 2 guys approach me and my best friend and asked if we wanted to become pro wrestlers. We were excited about it because we had been asking about wrestling schools in the area. So 1 thing led to another then i started training and after a few sessions the guys who were training me disappeared. I told Victor about this so he told me to come to the shows as early as i could so i could train before the show. That’s what  i did and pretty much everything else was like “on the job training”

After that i trained with Super Crazy which was phenomenal, even tho i cant do much high flying or any for that matter, haha. But he did teach me a lot. After that was pretty much Bill DeMott in DSW, the Dr Tom Prichard, Norman Smiley, Steve Keirn, Dusty Rhodes (RIP)…And so on.

It was all great training due to the fact that all different types of workers, eras, schools…so everyone had a different take on everything so you had choices on what to make your own and create whats going to make you stand out.

4. You are known to most people as being a former WWE superstar for a short period between 2009 and 2010, first of all what are your thoughts looking back on it on your time with the company, how was it working with Vickie Guerrero and would you ever return given the chance??

I only made it to TV for that short time but i was under contract from 2005 until 2010…so few years of training and ups and downs for a few months of TV.  It was great and weird and a bunch of mixed emotions, because your never knew exactly what they wanted,how they wanted it until you either got a push or got released, so that’s why it was weird…maybe its just me i don’t know.

Working with Vickie was great she had so much heat it was unreal but very sweet lady backstage very nice.

Sure i would come back, why not? But if it hasn’t happened by now i don’t think it will.

5. Since leaving you have wrestled in Mexico for AAA and WWL in Puerto Rico where you are from, how is it wrestling in a place like Puerto Rico that you were born and grew up in and what are your thoughts on the rise of promotions like AAA/Lucha Underground in the past year or so??

Wrestling in PR is different because it’s mostly brawling what people want, blood matches, and all that nonsense..and i say nonsense because its ok if the storyline calls for it but sometimes it doesn’t and promoters just for the sake of having a gimmick match on the show will throw it out there, which sucks. I don’t do them unless they make sense but i do have strict rules when it comes to that.

I think its great that some promotions are popping up creating new opportunities for the talent. Lucha Underground is different i like the way they set up the storylines it looks like you watching a TV series looks very different when it comes to that. AAA its another beast so colourful and entertaining it just catches you by surprise. Even if people don’t speak Spanish they should watch it trust me you will be entertained.

WWL, its a great promotion to work for, the ups and downs are what has kept it from really taking off like its supposed to and be shown to the world.

6. Going back ever so slightly to the subject of WWE, were you ever in contact with any other major promotions when you left such as TNA and if not would you have considered going if you were offered a deal??

No sadly, i guess TNA nor Dixie want me. I figured that because of my WWE storyline they might’ve gone like “well we can’t bring him because he is gonna try to make out with Dixie or something along those lines”  lol…i put myself out there for a while bunch of offers came my way. A lot i took, a lot i declined.

7. Of course the blog is called TheBritishWrestlingRevival, do you want to come over here in the future if given the chance and if so is there anyone you would have your eye on to face??

Of course i’m always open to talk and try to come to an agreement and go to wrestle all over. Like i said a lot of the offers were not good for me so i declined them and some were not even real,  i guess they were pranks or people with nothing to do wasting other people’s time. If anyone in the UK wants to bring me for a show, we can talk maybe make their money’s worth maybe run a seminar and a match or just one or the other. They can reach me any time and i will get back to them. As opponents go i’m up for any type of challenge except like hardcore matches and stuff like that i don’t do them and if i were to do 1 well obviously we must discuss the business part of it thoroughly.

8. I read when researching for this interview that you wanted to get into acting soon, does this means that you will be retiring soon or will you still be actively wrestling??

Yes i do. I’ve always been a fan of movies my entire life and its not something that i say “Ok i’m just gonna fall into this now”, I wanna prepare myself for it and hopefully make a career out of it. I’ve been blessed with some of the opportunities iv’e gotten in the last few years couple of Hollywood projects here and there but Hollywood doesn’t come very often to PR so i guess i must go on the adventure of going to LA and try to stay there for a bit, but at this point who knows…as for wrestling i’m just looking for like a last hoorah sorta speaking, have a run before i hang em up for good…maybe in a year or so.

9. Where can the readers find/follow Eric Escobar on social media and how can promoters get hold of you for potential bookings??

Well they can find me on my profile pic is me wearing wrestling trunks…just in case theres another pages out there. Lol

Also on instagram and twitter @ericescobar8712

Shoot me a line, we can talk from time to time im cool answering as long as its not weird lol…

I’m about to start coming up with some merchandise products for sale 8x10s, t shirts etc…so i guess i’m going all out for this last hoorrah…

And promoters out there that want to bring me in they can email me at  and like i said we can talk and work out a deal that’s good for everyone involved.

10. Finally have you got any future dates and/or projects you wish to plug to the readers??

Not at this moment as i’m taking the month of July off because its too hard to get out of PR during this month and honestly don’t want to go thru the hassle. Also there’s a movie project being shot here and i’m strongly considering it. I think not sure yet might be in Texas for MEPW in October…but that’s still up in the air.

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