Blu-ray Review – WWE Payback 2016


Welcome to the latest WWE Blu-ray review, it’s been 1-2 weeks since the last one and a return to the PPV’s from WWE Home Video UK. If you have been reading these reviews for a little while now you will know that they can be very hit or miss with them scoring between 7 and 10 or being 4-5/10. I am always hoping to be surprised so potentially Payback can do that as a PPV that I have down as being a potential dud before I watched it and when I got the copy of it.

Here are my thoughts on the PPV then…

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens was a cracking match and just what I enjoy sometimes from a wrestling match in order to get away from a huge build up to a mega finish. In this case it was a bit of a spotfest which for the most part meant it’s only criticism is that it had no meaning and I am starting to think that they are over using this match due to their historic feuds both in NXT and outside of the WWE which are both well documented so I think this was an attempt by WWE to put on a good match to satisfy the crowd but like I said I do enjoy a good spotfest so pretty good in my opinion.

The Miz vs Cesaro was next and this is another good match, to be honest though anything with Cesaro has the potential to be great and I have always thought of Miz very highly so you’d think I am quite biased. There was lots of back and forth between the two men which made for a good a match instead of one man being made to look strong both were. It was ruined in a way by Owens and Zayn, Owens was out guest commentating after his win and they fought on the ring apron which of course distracted the referee and also Cesaro who knocked off both men from the apron and The Miz ever the opportunist ended up rolling him up to retain the IC title. Like I said good match but ruined abit but of course The Miz has to play up to his heel moniker and getting the win through any means necessary!

Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho was also very good and even though I have started to get sick of Jericho returning like it’s meant to be a big thing he does a very good job of working with not only the more experienced guys but also the younger wrestlers in this case Ambrose. In my opinion a very easy watch due to it not being too complex and it bodes well i’d say having 3 good matches in a row in my opinion and I would say that WWE have done well here in not booking any dud matches that are there just to get every wrestler embroiled in a storyline or not on the card. Ambrose ended up winning which makes him stronger ahead of a potential storyline with someone else on the roster and this loss could signal the ending of Jericho’s current run.

Charlotte vs Natalya was alright in comparison to the other matches and in effect was a rehash of the Montreal Screwjob which is emphasised with Bret in Nattie’s corner. Charlotte applied the sharpshooter and the referee called for the bell despite Natalya not tapping. This like the Miz I would say emphasises Charlotte as a great heel who will cheat to retain. It sucks to see Nattie screwed out of the title as I would of loved to see her have another run with the title and as far Charlotte I reckon she will either lose it on a big PPV or potentially go for the record.

Reigns vs Styles was alright also but nothing amazing and 5 star like a main event should be, the interferences didn’t help it’s cause and fair enough have 1 but not 2 which could distract from a perfectly good match on the face of it. Firstly we got Shane restarting it a little bit into it with a no countouts stipulation added to it to I guess impress the boss and get to potentially run RAW and Stephanie added a no DQ stipulation to spice it up even more and again impress the boss which made mayhem insue with The Club and The Usos coming out but in the end it was both men who ended the match with Reigns executing a spear after a failed springboard move by Styles in order to retain the title.

Rating 7/10 – In all honesty, a good PPV in spots with some parts letting it down which make it just alright and nothing more. I do recommend it though as it is better than some PPV’s by WWE this year but not the best by any means!

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