DVD Review – TIDAL Wrestling ‘All Crime is Legal’


Welcome to the latest DVD review and the latest instalment of TIDAL Championship Wrestling, one of the best promotions in the UK based in Leeds. It’s been a while since i’ve reviewed anything from TIDAL and this was their final show at the Leeds University Union which means they are going to be having their third venue in Leeds after The Cockpit and now LUU. I myself am pretty bummed out that it is the final show from this venue as it has hosted some great shows in the past!

Their next show by the way is on the 24th July from their new venue of the O2 Academy in Leeds ft. TNA & Chikara star Jigsaw who once again is about to embark on a UK tour, tickets are available from Ringside World and Ticket Web for those who are interested!!

Match 1 – Sean Only vs ‘The Amazing’ Matt Myers

Starting of the card was a very strong potential match in the from of two BWR alumnis Sean Only and Matt Myers. If memory serves me correctly, Myers hasn’t wrestled for TIDAL in a little while and Only has only just come back from an injury so both men have a point to prove here. Only as usual when it comes to TIDAL sat in the corner at the beginning of the match and Myers did the same originally to rib him. Only got up and went straight after Myers with Only ending up outside the ring with Myers rebuffing any attempts by Only to control the match from the outset. Sean collected himself on the outside the ring, he returned to the ring and started off with a kick to the stomach using the MMA style but Myers once again wasn’t going to allow Only to gain the upperhand and got a springboard hiptoss after reversing an armbar with various elbows. He followed this up with a side headlock but he was pushed out but Myers got a shoulder block to end the series. Myers kicked his back and he rolled over and armdragged him. He punched him in the side of the face and chopped him but was caught with a high knee from an irish whip and bundled out of the ring. Myers tried to get back in but was halted by Only twice. Myers got a shoulder block and went up and over but was booted in the face for his troubles. He followed this up by choking him on the rope, kneeing him in the midsection then kicking him in the head. He got the Nervous Breakdown DDT but Myers ended up kicking out!

Myers got to his feet and kicked him but ran into an elbow. Myers got a few axehandles and a spin kick to shift proceedings in his favour, he got a great moonsault which got him a two. Myers went outside of the ring and ran round to knee Only in the head

Two masked men stood outside the ring which distracted Myers and allowed Only to choke him out and get the victory via Submission/referee stoppage!

Following the match, one of the masked men revealed himself to be Dan James who wrapped a chain round his fist with the intention of attacking Matt Myers. Liam Lazarus came to the aid of Matt Myers. Sean Only warned that this was only the beginning.

Prior to Toni Storm vs Ruby Summers, Violet O’Hara came to the ring. She announced that Tidal Wrestling have a Women’s Championship that was supposed to be on the line in July. She demanded that it was put up for grabs tonight and that she be included in the match otherwise she would quit.

Match 2 – TCW Women’s Championship (Vacant) – Triple Threat – Violet O’Hara vs Toni Storm & Ruby Summers

As a result of Violet O’Hara interjecting herself into the match we now have a triple threat for the new Women’s title with all 3 women deserving I’d say especially Ruby or Violet due to them being TIDAL stalwarts but you could make the case that even though it’s Toni’s debut with the promotion she is one of the best female wrestlers based in the UK right now! Craig Anderson rang the bell and Toni and Ruby kicked things off with Violet still doing up her shoes. Both women exchanged submissions and were both jockeying for position in the opening proceedings. Toni got her grounded with some good sideheadlocks including one with a bridge involved. Violet stalked the outside of the ring to take her opportunities. Toni got a shoulder block off the irish whip and got her in the corner for a short period until another side headlock was administered standing this team as opposed to being grounded. Ruby gained some offence after this including a great hurricanerana, she followed it up with a Samoan Drop which dragged Violet into the ring to break up the count and Ruby and Violet fought. All 3 were in the ring and Violet got a nice bulldog on Ruby but Toni was fired up and got a nice german suplex and then going corner to corner inflicting damage to both who were in the ring. Violet though stopped this and threw her into the ring post. Violet executed a nice snapmare/dropkick combinaton. Ruby came out of nowhere to get a dropkick from the top rope and then she exchanged pin attempts with both Violet and Toni. Both went after Violet but it was Ruby who ended up worse off with Toni going into her. Violet got a cracking DDT and a shining wizard to become the new TIDAL Women’s Champion!!

Match 3 – Go Team Sports (David Graves & Ace Matthews) vs ‘Number One’ Damian Dunne & Sebb Strife

Next up it is the turn of Go Team Sports aka David Graves also known as part of the Burial tag team and Ace Matthews vs Damian Dunne and Sebb Strife who are a thrown together team so there must of been a cancellation or something along those lines. Dunne started off vs Graves with him going to the outside and rummaging through Matthews kit bag to give Dunne a bib. Graves got a behind take down but Dunne got a nice uppercut after going under him when he tried to carry on the offence. Graves got a nice back elbow before Matthews and Strife ended up coming in. Strife shoulder blocked him but Matthews flipped the bigger guy right over.Strife got a back elbow, punch to the midsection and ended off with a scissor kick. Dunne and Strife double teamed to get a suplex on Matthews. Dunne got him up and irish whipped him and out of nowhere Graves drop kicked him to come into proceedings off the tag. A quick tag occurred and they rugby kicked him for good measure. Matthews got a shoulder block and got a 2 count, Graves came back in and when they went for a double team move. They were pushed into each other and Graves was enziguried. Strife kicked him off the ropes and Graves was slammed. Dunne was dumped onto Graves by Strife. Dunne kneed him in the head and Strife came in and slammed Graves followed by going up top for a leg drop. Strife picked him up and dragged him over to the corner in order to get a tag. Dunne continued the offence but Graves was fighting back and when Strife was tagged in, Dunne kicked the wrong person in the head which allowed Graves to get a great german suplex. Both Dunne and Matthews were tagged in and Matthews started the exchange off with a cracking clothesline, he did one more then got a dropkick. Matthews got a russian legsweep followed by a slam. Strife made the save after Matthews caught some knees. Strife went over the top rope and bashed his head. Dunne got a spear when it looked like it was close to the end but Dunne was caught mid air and suplexed . Graves went back to the famous bag and threw some cones onto the canvas, Strife came back in and executed another scissor kick. Dunne jumped off the ropes and kneed him in the face and Strife tried to go for the diving cross body but Graves rolled out the way. Matthews and Graves got a double team neckbreaker to win the match!!!

Match 4 – ‘The Gimmick Killer’ HT Drake vs ‘The Party Peacock’ Dalton Castle

Next up was HT Drake who has been a stalwart of TIDAL over the past year or so vs Ring of Honor star Dalton Castle who personally I really enjoy watching and I really like his gimmick! The match got underway with a chant of All the dicks and some tomfoolery from Dalton as to be expected. Both man exchanged submissions including arm bars in the early going with wrestling chants poring through the LUU. Dalton got a side head lock but Drake smartly got out of it and it ended with Drake in the corner. They locked up again and Castle put him into the corner again. Drake tried to get some offence together but Castle made him land hard outside the ring. Dalton taunted Drake by making him think he as going to jump through the ropes and he got a european uppercut for his troubles. Dalton ended up on the outside again but Drake was ceremoniously thrown into the pillar. Drake got a great springboard moonsault afer Castle swung round the apron when he was being thrown back into the ring. Drake ended up on the apron when he was thrown over but dodged a punch to the side of the face. Castle kicked his legs and then ran at him kicking him in the face. He the grabbed him from behind and threw him to the centre of the ring. Drake tried to power  out of his continued offence but being thrown into the ring post was a sign that Castle wasn’t done. Dalton trapped him on the ground and then got a vertical suplex to inflict yet more punishment. He kneed him in the midsection and then punched him in the midsection repeatedly in the corner. He got a bodyscissors but Drake got out of it. Drake for all his efforts ended outside of the ring once again and he ended up chopping him on the post repeatadly until Drake ducked out of the way. Drake got a european uppercut and followed him into the ring with some kicks and uppercuts followed by a knee lift to the side of the face. He irish whipped him and then he handstanded and then he kicked him in the side of the face and ended the combination with a spinning heel kick.

Castle fought back with some elbows and a back suplex when he looked like he was going to finish it off. He tried for a german suplex but Drake reversed it and got a suplex slam. He went to the top and Castle dodged a moonsault. Castle got a deadlift german suplex. Drake got a quick rollup to win the match after reversing Castle’s finish!

Following the match, HT Drake announced that he was the future of Tidal Wrestling.

War Machine (Ray Rowe & Hanson) vs CJ Banks & Tyler Bate

Next it was the turn of one of the main teams in ROH in the form of Raymond Rowe & Hanson a.k.a War Machine vs two of the best singles wrestlers this country has in the form of CJ Banks and Tyler Bate teaming together for the first time I believe! Banks & Bate went straight after the two bigger men but were overpowered quickly with quite a few tag team moves before the bell was even rung. They threw Rowe into the ring post then isolated Hanson as a result which they needed to do to get a result from this including keeping them around their corner. Hanson made the tag after getting some offence and Rowe dispatched both men with some mega power moves which made some holy shit chants. Rowe was fired up but both men moved out the way after looking like they were going to get an onslaught and they now isolated Rowe like they did with Hanson. Banks came in but shortly afterwards Bate was back in and threw Rowe around showing the strength of him. Banks came in and dropped a knee to the face and the back. Bate got the tag through his boots and he got some good uppercuts in the corner. Rowe though came out of nowhere with a huge slam which made it look like he was going 10 feet in the air and when Hanson came in he did exactly the same thing. Hanson ran the corner beating the living crap out of both men. Hanson hoisted Tyler and CJ onto the top rope and got multple chops for their troubles followed by a cannonball and when he went for it again he got a drop toe hold followed by a deadlift german suplex on Hanson!!!

Rowe ended up kneeing him in the face but Banks came out of nowhere to ground him and Hanson got a european uppercut from Bate when Banks was holding him. Both men grabbed Hanson to try and finish it but Hanson overpowered them to get a double suplex. Rowe gave Banks a forearm in the face out of nowhere then they slammed Bate down to the canvas, they then went after Banks and gave him a powerslam then a splash by Hanson to win the match!! Crazy match!

‘The Ugandan Warrior’ Nsereko vs Martin Kirby

Next up was a BWR alumni from this year in Nsereko who in my opinion is one of the most underrated wrestlers in the UK right now vs one of the best known and for a reason in Martin Kirby. The bell was rung and he took his Hawaiian shirt off. Kirby jumped Nsereko booting him in the corner and then following it up with a superman dive. Nsereko went up and over following it with a headbutt and got a nice elbow and leg drop. He pulled Kirby over the ropes and onto the canvas when he was on the apron. He got him grounded and got a knee to the back but Kirby got a knee lift and then continued to go after the midsection. Nsereko go back into proceedings but Kirby did his classic stop followed by an enziguri. Kirby got a good suplex to follow it up. Nsereko headbutted his hand and then he used Kirby’s tactic against him by doing stop but in Ugandan and then dropkicking him, he then gave him a vicious backbreaker before getting a 2 count. Kirby got a nice back kick and Nsereko ducked the clothesline before they exchanged stops, he then got a inverted atomic drop before throwing him over and onto the canvas. He got a 2 count from there. Nsereko got the crowd behind him but Kirby got an eye rake and then gave Craig Anderson one.Kirby went to the top for the Zoidberg elbow but was distracted by the crowd which made Nsereko move out the way and he followed it up with some chops and a back elbow. He ran into the foot though and he went head first into the turnbuckle multiple times which fired him up even more and he smashed his head off the turnbuckle again and again. Nsereko got a nice slam followed by multiple flying headbutts and then he got the win through a slam in the centre of the ring!!

TCW Open Championship – Liam Lazarus vs Joseph Conners

Two of my favourite wrestlers in the UK facing off as the sub main event in the form of Liam Lazarus and Joseph Conners for the TCW Open Championship. Conners stood in the middle of the ring just waiting and it was Lazarus who was out of the gate really quickly even when Conners tried to reverse him he still reversed and got in quite a few quick pin attempts. They then both stood tall in the ring with the crowd applauding. Conners then got some offence and did what he did best and that is grounding his opponent and punishing him. It got a little bit faster in Lazarus’ favour with some great arm drags which led to him using his opponents technique against him by grounding him and administering wrist locks and like earlier even when Conners tried to shift the momentum, Lazarus was just there with another arm drag. Conners backed into the corner  to make sure Lazarus couldn’t get to him but Lazarus did and tied him up in knots. Conners out of nowhere used some great strength to pick him up but Lazarus got out to once again pin him. He uppercutted him in the corner and they exchanged elbows to the face in the corner. Lazarus ran at him and got a good monkey flip and once again tried it but was dumped down on the canvas by Conners and he followed it up with a nice clothesline. He was given a backbreaker to assert his authority in proceedings. Lazarus didn’t give up and they collided when they both went for a shoulder tackle. Conners followed Liam outside the ring to throw him back in to potentially kill the match and he fought back with some ‘Yorkshire Uppercuts’. Lazarus had the wind taken out out of him through some knees to the chest but he reversed the powerbomb attempt. They exchanged pins quickly and Lazarus kneed him in the gut but couldn’t get a three count. Conners came out of nowhere with a massive DDT but couldn’t get a three which frustrated him but Lazarus punished him with a modified crossface but he rolled out of it but straight back into it. He elbowed the back of his head then went straight back into it to try to get him to tap. He tried to set him up for a Lazabuster but got hit with some elbows. Lazarus got a dropkick and a Lazabuster to retain the title in a cracking match!

TCW Tag Team Championship (Inaugural Crowning) – The Proven (Caz Crash & Sam Wilder) vs The New Nation (Alexander Henry & Jason Prime)

The main event was the second contest I believe between The Proven and The New Nation with the first one being a barnstormer and this time it was for the new TCW Tag Team titles. Both men squared up and knocked ten bells out of each other like expected. It soon spilled to the outside of the ring and The Proven isolated Jason Prime. TNN stood on the outside and Wilder got a boot on Henry and Crash dived onto Prime. It finally started with Henry and Wilder but Wilder was still feeling some effects of an assault by Jason Prime previously. Henry was moved away by Anderson but he focused on it when he was given the opportunity. Prime came in and knocked ten bells out of each other with punches and they were trying to get the match finished as soon as possible with both men then taking his head off and taunting him with push ups and giving him knife edge chops. Prime came in and headbutted him in the midsection. He once again went after the knee and then brought Henry in who did exactly the same. Jason Prime wisely got Caz Crash off the apron so TNN could focus on the man who was in trouble in Sam Wilder and he got a bit of offence in but his knee was a hindering point which meant Henry could continue to batter Wilder to hopefully pull off an easy win. Jason Prime came in and kept him in the corner so he couldn’t of course get to Caz Crash. Sam tried to fight back but was soon dispelled multiple times from doing so. He finally got over to Crash who was on fire battering Jason Prime with some great clothesline. He got some good forearms and knees. Henry came out of nowhere and executed a great package piledriver. Wilder came out of nowhere and hit a fisherman brainbuster. Prime came out of nowhere himself to execute a spear. Henry and Prime stalked Wilder and they gave him a beating then went after a weapon. Crash was cuffed to the turnbuckle on the outside which meant only Wilder could win the match. In the ring Prime executed a nice deadlift german suplex. They went after a powerbomb towards the end onto the bare boards but they couldn’t do it. Crash got out of the handcuffs and they stalked Henry before winning the match and the belts through the help of the bare boards!! Great match!!

Rating – 10/10 – Really enjoyed this one to be honest and it is deserving of a step up from their usual 8 or 9’s. Some cracking matches especially the last few 1 on 1 bouts which have been some of my favourites from over the years in TIDAL and it was good to see these particular matches unfolded in their last appearance at the LUU which like I said I will miss! Good job TIDAL and I look forward to reviewing your next show from the new venue of the O2 Academy!

Thanks as always to TIDAL for giving me the opportunity to review these DVD’s you should support them by please visiting their Facebook :http://www.facebook.com/tidalchampionshipwrestling and following their Twitter @TIDALWRESTLING! If you want to buy DVD’s, T-Shirt’s or badges go to tcwrestling.bigcartel.com for more information!

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