DVD Review – WWE Attitude Era Volume 3


Welcome to the latest WWE DVD review, it’s been a little while since the last one and I am glad in a way to get back into the swing of things with a review and I have Money In The Bank 2016 sitting on the side waiting to get reviewed at the end of the month so I have others planned! Today it is the turn of the Attitude Era series that WWE has been releasing sporadically for the past few years and the last one was in 2014.

The last time I reviewed one it got a 4/5 when I still used that rating scale and I thought it was a good trip down memory lane so will WWE keep this up or will it go down as being one more volume too many, review below and of course as usual rating with an explanation at the bottom!

Good points of the set –

For me first of all it has to be the great matches including the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and The Rock so for me pretty good point to start proceedings off. All matches are good length which mean you get exactly what you want instead of them being TV length and in some cases not meaning anything! So if your looking for value for money in your wrestling with great wrestlers this is a set worth buying already!

Also following on from that, the video quality on the set is superb considering the fact it is unreleased and even on the matches when it is fan cam they mix it in with different types of footage. For those expecting it to be amazing going in with it being WWE don’t bother but it is great for these unreleased matches which I thought would of been train wrecks filming wise.

On a nice segway to that, the fact it is unreleased content makes it great in my opinion. Normally for a lot of DVD’s/Blurays that WWE puts out nowadays and previously it is mostly rehashed sets full of matches we all have on PPV sets at home and also now the Network so when WWE releases these unreleased sets it is always worth getting as you can’t pay £9.99 and get this content.

It is the reason for one why I really enjoyed the ECW sets that WWE has previously released and that is not only because I am a huge fan of ECW it is because for the most part I had not seen the footage before and it threw up a lot of matches that are now some of my favourites like on this set.

Right then on to the bad points and there are very few which could pre curse a good rating. The main one being the commentary and the lack of it mostly, I use commentary in quite a lot of my other reviews in order to help me out mostly with moves and other content so if I was doing this match by match I would seriously struggle and it also makes you really get into a match when there is a good commentator like Joey Styles for example and even the likes of Byron Saxton, Michael Cole and JBL for example in the modern era as there reactions in a lot of places dictate how good the move is or how shocking a return is for example and so without any commentary it docks a few marks.
Finally and this is minute is that I don’t like Corey Graves as the choice of host and I know some people may slate me for that or agree with me but I have never really been a massive fan of his commentary work but that’s just me. I’d rather on this set have somebody who was from that era but I guess WWE are using him as they are high on him at the moment which is fair enough. For me though it doesn’t really take away from the DVD itself and is only a small detail!

Verdict –

A quality set which is definitely worth a buy if you either grew up in this era or need a bit of a history lesson. Some bits like the commentary let this down but the matches make up for it. Is this the best WWE set this year?? Nope, Will I watch it again?? Probably not but for the unreleased content which you can’t see on the Network alone it is definitely worth a purchase if you wan’t something a bit different! Also finally it comes with a mini book which will be a nice addition/companion to the set and focuses on the best matches of the Attitude Era ! 8/10 Rating

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