Blu-ray Review – WWE Money in the Bank 2016


Welcome to the latest WWE review and we are back today for the first Pay Per View in quite a while as the last one was the latest Attitude Era set from WWE. This was actually the first PPV I have actually watched live in 2016 mainly due to the fact I usually watch them the day after or when I review them in all honesty but I actually thought it was a pretty solid PPV at the time but watching it back was it as good as it was live??

First of all we have the New Day vs Enzo & Cass vs The Vaudevillans vs Gallows and Anderson a.k.a The Club which was a pretty good tag team match to start proceedings off with, Enzo nearly winning the titles had me really believing he was going to do it at the time and even though I usually don’t like fatal 4 way tag matches for a few reasons including the fact it doesn’t give all tag members an equal opportunity to shine and also I think it is usually just a way for WWE to get all their tag teams on the card even though the champions eventually do win and even though the latter is true it was a good enjoyable match which started the event off good.

Next up is Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler once again, this was surprisingly in my opinion a very good match, I have never really been a fan of either so I am surprised I am saying it. I would definitely say this match showed Corbin off even more to potentially elevate him up the card in future PPV’s by the end of their feud. They worked off a big and little kind of deal and I was surprised that Ziggler didn’t end up winning in the end as that is usually what happens but a good match to continue on after the tag team 4 way that is for sure!

Charlotte & Dana Brooke vs Becky Lynch and Natalya was a bit rubbish and was kind of there as a filler match which was quite a shame after the previous two matches and considering the 4 talents on show but it lead to the attack afterwards from Natalya who turned heel on Becky which of course started the storyline between the pair so even though it wasn’t the best match it led to something which made up for it. This led to them two feuding and Charlotte and Dana Brooke going to feud with Sasha Banks which of course meant Charlotte won back her title for a second time.

Sheamus vs Apollo Crews followed which was a pretty solid match which told a story in less than 10 minutes. Crews showed his great athleticism once again and him winning in a sort of crafty manner meant that the storyline carried on, abit like Ziggler I have never been the biggest fan of Sheamus but his matches recently have been good in my opinion and unlike some other feuds I am glad this one is carrying on and building up even more now that Crews got the win in that fashion.

The next match was between AJ Styles and John Cena which many had been looking forward to since Styles joined the company and it did not disappoint, it wasn’t a 5* match by any means but a cracking watch and one of the best matches I have watched this year for definite. Both men as expected due to it being 25 minutes long they were both given near falls and equal time at the top of proceedings with AJ getting the win in the end over Cena who has been the best in WWE with AJ the best outside WWE until he joined the company and I would definitely say that I was looking forward to this more than Rollins vs Reigns for sure and if they weren’t going for the title this should and probably would have been the main event of this PPV which I would of been fine with. The fact Gallows and Anderson were involved as well was expected and even though it was a sneaky/dirty win he is the heel of the piece so it is expected. I would also expect a second match in a PPV to come which would be great as this was pretty good.

Next up we had the usual spectacle which is the Money In the Bank match which this year included Dean Ambrose, Chris Jericho, Sami Zayn, Alberto Del Rio, Kevin Owens and Cesaro all real stellar and no wrestlers who you expected just to be there to do the spots as all could win the briefcase and would for the most part be worthy champions. As usual the spots in this match were insane with all men having individual spots and potential near grabs of the briefcase with other wrestlers trying to 1 up them to the contract but it was Ambrose who ended up winning it which made sense by the end of the night but I would say before hand that I predicted this would happen and rightfully so as of all the men he deserved it most and was the stand out prediction. Definitely worth a watch as a match just to mark out over as it is every year!

Rusev vs Titus O’Neil was next and it was a write off mainly because it was just a filler to calm the crowd down after the epic match before hand but there always has to be one so it’s not going to be slated by me.

Finally it was the main event which was between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight title on Rollins’ return to WWE action having been forced to relinquish the title due to injury which Reigns promptly won. I am not a particular fan of either wrestler to be honest but it was a great match. A bit like in Cena vs Styles pin falls after finishers were kicked out of and Rollins was made to look strong and even though he was out for several months which was great to see. Rollins won it cleanly which was a surprise considering he has just come back from injury but this was setting up Ambrose to take advantage of a groggy Rollins to win the title in a thrilling end to the show!

Rating 8/10 – Best PPV this year in my opinion, even the bad matches had some sort of repercussions which meant they weren’t just for nothing which is great! The 3 matches apart from Rusev and O’Neil that headlined the show were good and well worth watching alone! The ending was quality and I cannot wait to see it build at the next PPV.

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