Blu-ray Review – WWE The History of the Hardcore Championship : 24/7


Hello readers and welcome back to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog, today we have another WWE Blu-ray review to start September off! We have done a PPV in the form of Money in the Bank and Attitude Era Volume 3 over the past month or so both of which have got 8/10 rating which is a first for a long time!

This month we start off with The History of Hardcore Championship : 24/7 a compilation set and without looking at the release schedule I got Battleground through today so it is following a similar format!

This set covers one of the most sought after belts in WWE back when it was active for the toughest competitors such as Mankind, Raven and Al Snow, RVD, Undertaker, Tommy Dreamer, Hardcore Holly to the more underrated competitors of the era Crash Holly and Steve Blackman. Being a big fan of most of the names on this Blu-ray and RVD being my favourite wrestler of all time and finally being a huge fan of ECW and all things Hardcore initially I should love this set from the synopsis.

Mick Foley the first champion, Rob Van Dam the final champion before it was merged with the intercontinental championship and finally the man with the most reigns, Raven were hosting this compilation set which gets brownie points as all 3 men are some of my favourites of all time!

All men started talking about the title and how it changed their career as such and changed the landscape of WWE with them not previously using weapons as such only in attacks at the end of the matches such as Jerry Lawler with a garbage can.

They also spoke about Paul Heyman’s use of Japan and Memphis to influence ECW and how originally no-one wanted to do them but then everyone wanted to in the end and was itching for it.

We roll into Vince McMahon giving Mick Foley the WWF Hardcore Championship after Mick said before hand how he was given it so it was a bit of a segway as such.

The next week Vince goes to Mankind and said about booking his match vs Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock for that night as his first defense with Mankind coming out in a tuxedo with his hair combed. This match was a pretty good start to the set with Mick Foley using his designer shoes and tuxedo as weapons, pin attempts outside of the ring, the use of the announce table with JR and Jerry Lawler on commentary. Vince McMahon as well was sitting at the top of the ramp bemused as to what he was seeing of the newly corporate Mankind. Boss Man hit Shamrock with the night stick which got Mankind his first defence.

Mankind vs Big Boss Man is next which is a few weeks after his first defence with The J.O.B Squad accompanying him to the ring. Shawn Michaels distracted him and Big Boss Man beat him up with the night stick until Mankind used the steps to dispell any momentum as well as the ladder. The match was really good to reminisce about with the Rock making an appearance, Commissioner Shawn Michaels grading the match which is hilarious and of course as alluded to weapons. Big Boss Man ended up winning after the help from the previously alluded to The Rock.

Al Snow vs Road Dogg followed which is a quality matched on paper with RD as champion in this one! Chairs were used with them being thrown around and used to jump from. Al Snow crashed into the table after Road Dogg ducked after a somersault and also used were cookie sheets with Al Snow asking for more. They even went backstage using janitorial equipment, toilet rolls, a broom, steel poles and then they went outside into the snow using a snowshovel. RD won outside in the snow emphasizing Falls Count Anywhere.

We then get Al Snow again taking on Bob Holly at St Valentines Day Massacre, they used weapons almost straight away and like the previous match the outside and weapons such as the fire extinguisher were used with them also going backstage once again. Like I have said it’s great seeing these no holds barred contests because it is different and gives some terrific moments with bizarre weapons and having fans and crew aptly adds to this match. They even went to the river in this one a bit like in 2010 when Jack Swagger was champion which is a bizarre example but one I really remember.

Bob Holly won the match which brings us on to them talking about the creative spaces they used and then two matches vs Steve Blackman and Bart Gunn, the matches were as expected crazy with kicks and weapons flying in the first match until Droz helped Hardcore Holly win.

What I would say for sure with this set is that you get a hell of a lot of Al Snow in the opening few matches which may put people off but I used to be quite the fan of him so it’s good to relive it!

For the next part of the set the sadly deceased Crash Holly has a number of matches and it was good for me as I didn’t have the biggest recollections of him compared to wrestlers like Hardcore Holly or Al Snow but with matches against Tazz, Perry Saturn and even tag teams like The recently returned Head Bangers and an old favourite of mine Mean Street Posse. I would say that this set is as much about the depth of talent and the unsung heroes of the era’s than the wrestlers they are showcasing for sure!

Speaking of unsung heroes a wrestler who was previously featured in a match and is seen as one of those types of wrestlers is featured next in the form of Steve Blackman and we get him here in quality matches with the likes of Shane McMahon and X-Pac as well as again Hardcore Holly who is a theme running through the set.

From here we get a look at Raven and Rob Van Dam as well as the likes of Jeff Hardy, Tommy Dreamer and Test with some quality matches to end the set off with!

My thoughts on it are that it is a quality set which has to be up there as one of the best I have reviewed. I loved reliving moments from the past and watching some new matches that I had previously not given any thought to watching on the Network or elsewhere. Doesn’t get 10 as it isn’t as hardcore as what I am used to in ECW but the fact it isn’t adds to it as well as it isn’t trying to copy the product too much by going mad! Definitely recommend it – 9/10

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