Interview – Keith Lee

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1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog Keith, thanks for your time, could you please first of all give the readers a quick introduction to yourself??

First, many thanks for having me. An introduction ehh? Easy. My name is Keith Lee. I’m out of TX. I was trained by Killer Tim Brooks in Waxahachie, TX. If anyone does NOT know of him, refer to the Sportatorium days when the Von Erichs, Piper, Flair, other old schoolers were doing big things. I’m what many would consider an above average athlete at 6’3″ 332.4 lbs. I would describe my style as unexpected and/or versatile.

2. At what age would you say growing up did you get into wrestling and which wrestlers would you say inspired you to become a wrestler??

I was introduced to professional wrestling around the age of 4 or 5 by my late Grandmother. It was definitely something myself and my cousins honed in on. Surprisingly enough, no wrestler inspired me to pursue wrestling. But my Grandmother absolutely did.

3. How from there did you get involved in Wrestling training, who had a hand in this and how would you rate your experience??

I left college football behind in pursuit of pro wrestling. While I’m certain playing football at a higher level and then moving to wrestling would probably be easier, my passion is great and so I chose to start from the bottom and work my way up. Like anyone’s experience SHOULD be, it has been a lot of learning. While I’ve had shortcomings here and there, I’ve no regrets for I have learned…abundantly.

4. You have wrestled quite a bit recently for Ring of Honor with your tag team partner Shane Taylor including at Field of Honor & Death Before Dishonor’s TV tapings, how did getting into Ring of Honor come about, what’s the atmosphere like backstage in ROH and is your goal to win the titles in the future??

As a slight correction, neither of us were at Field of Honor. I had received many messages from fans asking about it, but we were not there. The way things come about in wrestling is expressing interest, giving a reason you may be worth it, and then proving it. This has been the case with ROH. A vigorous experience that felt like starting over again. Backstage is always a hectic thing, especially for companies that do tv. So many things going on at once and so many important roles all trying to do their job. I’ve enjoyed my time thus far greatly to say the least. Titles are always an option as far as I’m concerned. Though I doubt it’s truly pursued until current affairs and goals are complete.

5. Speaking of you and Shane, how did you form as a tag team, how long have you been teaming and who would you say has been your favourite team to face so far and why??

Shane and I have only been a tag team for just over a year starting at the end of May last year…at the suggestion of ROH actually. Probably War Machine and/or Killer Elite Squad. Both bring an elite level of intensity to the ring and push me to broaden my arsenal and tactics.

6. You are the current Inspire Pro Prestige Champion and have been for 529 days so far I believe, how did it feel to win the title at the time and who would you say in Inspire currently is the biggest threat to your title reign??

The very same way I carry it and represent it every day. Proud. I was proud to win, I’m proud each time I defend it, and I’m proud to continue carrying it, furthering history and solidifying my stamp on Inspire Pro. Biggest threat. Good question. Because in my belief, anyone could be a big threat if they push themselves to that level. However, I don’t TRULY have one right now anyway due to some….business with Ricky Starks. Time will tell my friend.

7. Of course the blog is called TheBritishWrestlingRevival, do you want to come over to the UK in future and if so do you have any opponents on your wish list and have you got a message for UK promoters??

Amazingly enough, it was JUST announced I’ll be coming to the UK for PCW November 25/26th. So SUPER excited for that. I’ve heard many positives about the talent level in the UK. So I wouldn’t pick, I’m open to face anyone. Competition is a thing I love. And new competition is always great.

8. What are your goals and ambitions in Wrestling and where do you see yourself in around 5 years time??

Goals and ambitions. I have other projects I work on outside of wrestling. But in wrestling, my immediate goal is to wrestle for PWG. And my major goal is to wrestle in Japan. So I will be grinding for those.

9. Where can the readers find Keith Lee on social media and where can they book you and also The Pretty Boy Killers??

Instagram and Twitter are both @realkeithlee.

I am also Genzou on the Thrall server in World of Warcraft lol!

10. Have you got any dates your booked for in the future and any projects, if so the floor is yours??

I don’t know when this comes out, but I’m part of an amazing anniversary for VIP Wrestling here in TX. Two days of wrestling. Day 1 features Chris Hero and Cody Rhodes. Day 2 has AR Fox, DJ Z, and myself versus Ray Rowe for the VIP title. September 8th and 9th. It’s going to be insanity me thinks.

 I hope you enjoyed this interview and I would like to thank Keith for completing the questions so fast, please go and support him on social media if possible! 

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