DVD Review – TIDAL Wrestling ‘High Tide 2016’


Hello readers and welcome to the latest DVD review! This time once again we have another release from TIDAL Wrestling. This is their first show at their new venue of the O2 Academy in Leeds after leaving their 2nd Leeds venue of the Leeds University Union after previously leaving the now closed down Cockpit. This was a welcome surprise when it arrived as I haven’t reviewed anything from them in a little while mainly due to their being a long period between their shows due to them leaving LSU.

Match 1 – “Gimmick Killer” HT Drake vs “Killshot” Shane Strickland

First up we have in my opinion one of the standout matches on the card between two BWR alumnis HT Drake who has been making huge strides up North for not only TIDAL but other promotions such as Absolute and BWE vs Lucha Underground star and one of the most underrated talents on the Indies right now in Shane Strickland who I have always been a fan of and could have been a part of the cruiserweight classic in my opinion if he wasn’t signed to LU. Both men were checked before hand by John Myers and teased the lockup before going all out with both HT and Shane trying to clothesline each other before HT catched the boot before landing in the corner before eating a kick from Shane. Shane flew through the ropes to HT on the outside landing on his feet. Shane carried HT round before throwing him against the ring post and throwing him back in the ring. Shane stomped on his back flying back in before taking it to HT with more kicks and fists to the face. HT hung upside down on the top turnbuckle before kicking him in the head when he came for him then executing a springboard elbow to the head to take the previously showboating Strickland down. Drake continued his assault but when it couldn’t get the win for him he reverted to submissions to slow him down before executing a back suplex and a knee to back of the head. He got the crowd on side and got a fullnelson but Stickland powered out of it with a kick to the midsection before getting a springboard dropkick. Elbow to the side of the head and a kick to the back of the head followed by Strickland who was trying for his first TIDAL win in his second appearance. A slap by Strickland connected but he was put into a full nelson then a german suplex pinning combination after trying to potentially springboard elbow HT. Drake got a kick to the face but Strickland kicked his legs off the turnbuckles and then got a kick to the jaw before landing a DDT. He then went to the top turnbuckle before executing a 450 splash but that couldn’t get him the win. Strickland threw him head first into the turnbuckle before heading back up bringing HT up but HT got an enziguri before getting a springboard dropkick launching from one side of the ring to another. HT then got a springboard moonsault to Strickland who was on the outside. Knees the face before executing a brainbuster but Strickland kicked out again. HT got two kicks to the side of the head after Drake jumped into the turnbuckle. Strickland though got rolled up by Drake to get the victory after it was looking like Shane would win.

Match 2 – TCW Women’s Championship – Triple Threat Iron Woman – Violet O’Hara (C) vs Lana Austin & Ruby Summers

Next up we have a three way Iron Woman match for the new TIDAL Women’s title which is held by Violet O’Hara, the other two women in the match are Lana Austin & Ruby Summers, all 3 are long serving members of the TIDAL roster especially Violet and Ruby and so it is deserving really that they get the initial title shots. I am hoping though that we see other female wrestlers challenging for the title such as Nixon Newell, Kay Lee Ray returning potentially  and with Xia Brookside and Lizzy Styles debuting very soon it could mean future title shots for them two if they are not just teaming in TIDAL. Lana started off by going after both women and this paid off with Violet thrown to the outside it allowed her to get the first pinfall on Ruby Summers, this of course angered both Ruby and Violet allowing them to team up on her and when that was complete they battled in the ring. Lana cunningly stayed on the outside and pull the legs out of Ruby Summers smashing her onto the apron and she continued the punishment battering her on the outside of the ring before showboating but this allowed Violet to drag her back in and get a great clothesline before kicking her in the midsection and finally getting a dropkick off the ropes to a grounded Lana. This though didn’t get her a three count. Lana scouted an oncoming Violet O’Hara and dragged her down onto the turnbuckles before throwing her across the ring. Ruby got to her feet but was kicked out of the ring again before a suplex by Lana onto Violet. She danced over Violet smacking her in the head, she followed it up by wrapping her legs round her head on the ropes. Ruby once again was punted back out onto the floor outside. Lana was in control and nearly got her 2nd pinfall but when she took too long after a snapmare Violet got to her feet and while Lana distracted the referee, Ruby got to the top turnbuckle and dropkicked both women. She continued her offence but Lana powerbombed Ruby who was trying to superplex Violet O’Hara meaning both women were down but when she tried for pins to get 2’s she got frustrated. This meant Ruby could fight back including getting a great neck breaker to get the next pinfall to put it to 1-1 with Ruby and Lana getting pinfall’s. Lana showboated again after inflicting punishment on Ruby but this lead to Violet getting a pinfall. Ruby and Violet battled it out before giving Lana chops and a double suplex. Ruby and Violet fought again but Ruby as well wouldn’t let Lana get some time out which could potentially grab her a sneaky win with 5 minutes to go and neither would Violet as they both tried to collect a win off Lana who then went to the outside only to be chased by the other two competitors. Ruby tied up Lana but she fought out of it to elbow her in the jaw and then strike and stomp Violet. Ruby got a snapmare before trying to submit her witha camel clutch. Violet got a front face lock before kneeing Ruby in the stomach before finally DDT’ing Ruby. Violet could only get a 2 count with Lana breaking up the 3rd attempt. Violet dragged her to the middle to try to get the boston crab and Ruby choked Violet out of the submission. 1 minute remained with all 3 women vying for the pinfall or submission. Violet threw Ruby to the other side of the ring and she rolled out. Ruby came back in and got to a 2 count before the bell was rung. Sudden death insued with Violet O’Hara winning with a shining wizard followed by a pin on Lana Austin to retain the TCW Women’s title!

Match 3 – The Service (Sean Only & Daniel James) vs Sebb Strife & ‘The Ugandan Warrior’ Nsereko.

Next up is the team of Sean Only and Dan James vs Sebb Strife and Nsereko. All 4 men are really underrated in my opinion especially Nsereko and this is another match as part of Sean Only’s return to TIDAL after an injury layoff.

The match started really fast with all 4 men in the ring attacking each other and trying to get the upper hand. Sean Only fled to the outside which allowed Sebb and Nsereko to back Dan into the corner and try to inflict punishment on him and also to not allow him to get to Sean or to inflict any armbars or submissions on him. Sebb and Nsereko traded tags into the match and had good chemistry as a tag team. Sebb pulled off some great moves including a moonsault which came out of nowhere for a man his size. In the end Dan James bit Sebb’s face but he couldn’t get to Sean with Nsereko halting that. Dan tried to get some offence together against Nsereko but this was halted. Dan threw him outside and Sean battered him, this allowed Dan to get back in and then tag in his partner for the first time. Sean started off with a  kick to the midsection before choking the life out of Nsereko. Dan was tagged in and for the first time focused on the arm. He hoisted him up onto the top rope before kicking him in the side of the head. Dan stamped his head down on the ropes while he tagged in Sean Only but Dan was soon tagged in again stamping down on his neck, he then proceeded to kick him and when the referee’s back was turned they held Nsereko in the corner inflicting more punishment on him. Nsereko fought back with fire inside of him, he tried getting to Sebb Strife but Sean took him out, Sebb got some retribution and after Nsereko headbutted Dan’s chest he tagged him in. Sebb of course was on fire getting some clotheslines and elbows, Sean tried to interject himself in but it didn’t work as Nsereko and Sebb teamed up twice with the second time Sebb going to the top but Nsereko was pushed into the corner. Sebb was thrown into the barriers by Sean. A modified slam by Dan and Sean got them the victory.

Match 4 – Hardcore – “The Moustache Messiah” JD Boom vs “Can-Am Queen Of Hardcore” Addy Starr

Next up we have the end to an long running feud between Addy Starr and JD Boom, this on paper as a feud didn’t excite me but has been quality with the barefoot lego deathmatch a highlight. Prior to the match, JD Boom announced that due to him making a sacrifice, Addy Starr should make one as well. If she loses, she must leave Tidal Wrestling. JD slapped Addy and started battering her on the floor. They exchanged punches and Addy grounded him and got some great dropkicks before smashing him with a lego cricket bat. Addy then played and smashed him with a violin. Then she used a baking sheet but JD ducked out the way the second time and then smashed her arse with it. JD grabbed a boat so he didn’t get hit by any Party Poppers. He then grabbed a trellis and hit her with it. JD got lay down on it and was curb stomped onto it. She then grabbed a steel chair and executed a drop toe hold onto it. Addy grabbed a ladder before spinning it round catchng JD 3 times. Addy lay him out on the turnbuckle with the ladder resting on him before jumping on it. She lay it on the opposite corner but was speared as such onto it. He grabbed the bag of Lego which was scattered all around the ring. He got a full nelson but was thrown onto the ladder then german suplexed onto the Lego. Addy though was given one when she tried to run the ropes before boobplexing her onto the Lego. Thumbtacks were then brought out and scattered in the ring. He was thrown off the top rope back first onto them. Addy was still on top and went to the second rope before stomping him in the chest. She dragged him through them and stamped him into them even further before then throwing him into them again. She then grabbed a barbed wire steel chair but was irish whipped into it as it was resting in the corner. He went outside for another chair and set them both up but was thrown head first into both chairs. She then added the barbed wire chair to the middle but was thrown into them after a fireman’s carry. She returned the favour and suplexed him onto the barbed wire chair. She went and got more barbed wire before wrapping it round her arm before hitting him with a barbed wire forearm. JD pushed her face and dragged her face through the lego, thumbtacks and barbed wire and ended up tapping out.

Following the match, both competitors showed their respect for each other with an embrace

Match 5 – Triple Threat – “The Righteous” Joseph Conners vs “The Bruiserweight” Pete Dunne & “The Knockout Artist” Chris Hero

Next up is a 3 way that also stood out between Joseph Conners who has for a long time been my favourite UK wrestler, Pete Dunne who I have seen millions of times live and gets better each time and recently was in 2016’s PWG BOLA and finally Chris Hero who I have always really enjoyed watching over the years whether on the Indies or in NXT so on paper this could steal the show. All 3 men locked up and tried to get the advantage. Conners and Dunne teamed up to try and displace the bigger man but they ended up exchanging pin attempts. Dunne had the arms of Hero and Conners had a waist lock applied but Hero turned it round and another pin attempt followed but all 3 men ended up on their feet. Dunne got Conners grounded and when it looked like they were going to team up they went after each other with Conners getting a sunset flip to get out of it and get a pin attempt. Conners was rammed down with a shoulder block by Dunne and Hero returned the favour on Dunne. Conners and Dunne teamed up to take out Hero. Hero though replied by hitting Dunne with an elbow and Conners with a great kick before giving him knife edge chops and a knee to the nose. He then focused on Dunne but Conners soon tried fighting back but was hit with a punch and a kick to the face but when he tried for a cannonball Conners put his knees up, Dunne and Conners tried teaming up again but once again Hero fought back laying both men out. Dunne and Conners laid him out again and Hero was on the receiving end of some great knife edge chops. Hero flipped over the ropes but eneded up on the outside which meant Conners and Dunne could fight it out for the victory potentially. Hero came back in when they were fighting it out and Dunne was given a boot to the face twice. Hero got both men down with a double clothesline. He nearly picked up the victory over Dunne after basically breaking his face. Dunne got a surfboard on Hero and executed a double boston crab on Hero and Conners. A vicious forearm sent Conners out leaving Hero and Dunne to fight. Dunne went for a german suplex but couldn’t get it done twice. Conners flew back in with a  DDT after being kneed in the face and he also did it to Hero. Conners focused on Dunne but Hero got up to kick Conners in the face. They all threw chops at each other and all ended up on the floor after going mental. When they got up it was exactly the same with them all exchanging pin attempts as well. It was like this until the end when Joseph Conners ended up picking up the win by pinning Dunne who he is in a series with in TIDAL so it makes sense.

Following the match, Chris Hero offered his hand to both Joseph Conners and Pete Dunne. Joseph Conners accepted the handshake while Pete Dunne replied with two fingers to Chris Hero. Pete Dunne then fled the ring after both men attempted to get their hands on him.

Match 6 – TCW Tag Team Championship – The Proven (Caz Crash & Sam Wilder) vs Go Team Sports! (Ace Matthews & David Graves)

Next up is a tag match between The Proven and Go Team Sports, I am growing to like the Proven like I say on every TIDAL review while Go Team Sports were great last time they were in TIDAL so this should be a good tag team match for sure.

There seemed to be a heavy Pokemon theme with Sam Wilder having a jacket, hat and taking out a pokeball while GTS had Pokemon themed shirts. Ace and Caz shook hands at the start. Caz went behind and took him down but both men were back up to lock up again with Ace focusing on Caz’s arm. Ace grounded him but Caz got up and got a shoulder tackle and Ace did them same again before a series where there was lots of leapfrogs but Caz scooped the leg to get a cover. Ace back slided Caz to get another pin and Caz got a pin as well himself to finish a good part of the match. Ace and Caz exchanged irish whips and ended with a double cross body. David and Sam came in and David had the upperhand nt allowing Sam to gain the upperhand with some quality offence. He got the crowd behind him and tagged back in Ace before hitting a double hip toss and double elbow drop. Sam got a high enziguri and Caz was then tagged in and focused on the ankle slamming it down to the canvas. Sam was then tagged in once again and focused on the same area as well. He wrapped the leg and arm together but Ace got to the ropes and Caz got in once again to drag him to the middle of the ring before getting him up and tagging in Wilder again. Caz was tagged in and Graves got an inverted atomic drop after he was also tagged in. He stalked Crash before spearing him in the corner. Crash ran after him and got a suplex for his troubles. BA Rose came down to the ring and Graves threw Ace into Caz. Graves was tagged in again and got a swing low kick. Graves threw him against the turnbuckle but was hit with a nice enziguri. Rose smashed the apron and cheered on his partner. Ace and WIlder came in and dispelled Ace and his partner. Dave DDT’ed Ace by accident. Crash got a great moonsault to get a 2 count. Caz got a great ankle lock but Ace pushed him off. Wilder was tagged in but Ace caught him when he tried the monkey flip. Crash got a kick to the mid section and he followed it up with a double foot stomp flying through the air. Graves sent Sam into Caz and they got a tag team neckbreaker. The Proven got a quick roll-up but when Caz was tagged in he was suplexed to the mat. They set up for The Burial’s finish and while Rose was checking on his partner, Matthews was distracted which allowed Caz to tie him up and make Ace Matthews tap out to retain the titles.

Match 7 – TCW Open Championship – World Of Sport Rules* (6, 5-Minute Rounds, 2 Out Of 3 Falls) – Liam Lazarus vs Jigsaw

The sub main event is between Liam Lazarus who like Conners is one of my favourite British wrestlers mainly due to his matches in TIDAL and Jigsaw who is over here quite a bit now mainly for HOPE Wrestling but even though he is over here quite a bit I have never seen him live which is weird but still most people know how good he is so this should be a cracking sub main event! This was World of Sport Rules which makes it even more intriguing. Both men locked up with Liam focusing on his arm. Next up he got one of his hands pinned on the mat before putting Jigsaw’s arms behind his back and Jigsaw did exactly the same before Liam got out of it by flipping over. They locked up again with Jigsaw focusing on his arm this time but Liam took the arm reversing it and grounding Jigsaw. Jigsaw himself then grounded him and focused on bending back his leg. Liam tried to get out and he did meaning both men were back on their feet again. Liam got him in a head lock then took him down with a shoulder tackle. Jigsaw got up and he was shoulder tackled again but arm dragged Lazarus when he got up again before the first round ended. Round 2 started with Liam rolling around the ring and both men picked up the pace with a few snapmares. Liam got a backslide but Jigsaw grounded Liam and rolled him up quickly for the first fall of the match. Both men shook hands and drank some water before getting ready for Round 3. Jigsaw took Lazarus down and wrapped his legs round his knees. Both men had a submission locked in at the same time and Jigsaw reverted it to the same as before before both men got up and jockeyed of position. Jigsaw took the knee down but Lazarus took him down and got a deep arm-bar on. Lazarus double-underhood suplexed Jigsaw and waited for the 10 count but Jigsaw got up before Lazarus rolled through and got his first fall with an arm bar meaning that if either man got the next fall they would win. Round 4 started with the previous 2 rounds lasting less than 6 minutes. The bell rung and Jigsaw went straight after Lazarus throwing him round the ring. They exchanged waist locks before Jigsaw kicked him in the face and executed a brain buster but only got a 2 count. Both men stood up but Jigsaw got a few knife edge chops. Lazarus got him in a fireman’s carry and threw him against the top rope before drop kicking him. Lazarus went up top and tried for a cross body but was met with a mid air dropkick. 2 minutes gone and after Jigsaw scooped him up he was rolled through. Lazarus took him down and went for a pin wrapping his legs down to the mat to retain the title in Round 4.

Match 8 – TCW Championship – Rampage Brown vs “The Mexican Sensation” El Ligero (C)

The main event is between two of the promotions’ previous champions in Rampage Brown and El Ligero, both men have been in the promotion for quite a long time and their matches are usually great so hopefully this shouldn’t be any different. Ligero stopped on his entrance and told Rampage to come and get him. Ligero dropkicked him down the ramp. They both fought on the outside even though the bell hadn’t sounded. They already went outside of the barriers including Ligero jumping off it and executing a great hurricanerana. They made their way over to the bar and Rampage smashed his head off the shutters. Rampage clubbed him and smashed him off a cash machine. Rampage smashed his head as well off the bar. Ligero kicked him in the midsection and hit him with a forearm but Rampage planted hi onto the box that he had set up. Ligero set up a chair and smashed his head off it. Rampage kicked him multiple times in the midsection and grabbed the chair himself sitting Ligero on it. Ligero mowed him into the apron and he smashed the ring post with the chair. Rampage knife edge chopped him but Ligero rested him on the barrier but was then thrown over the barricade. Rampage stepped over and they made their way over to the merchandise table which is another staple of a TIDAL main event. Rampage chopped him and smashed his back. He went for a piledriver but Ligero reversed it and they went behind the merch table. Ligero went for a crossbody and was thrown over the merch table. They then went to the entrance way and Ligero gave him a great kick in the face which knocked him off the entrance way. Ligero then moonsaulted onto Rampage. Ligero stood on the apron and stalked Rampage, he went for a hurricanerana but was side swiped into the barricade. They both got into the ring for the bell to be rung and Rampage went for the win but could only get two. Ligero kicked him and went to the top and tried for another crossbody but was hit with a massive samoan drop. Rampage set him up for a piledriver but it was reversed and Ligero threw him into the turnbuckle before hitting a cutter. Ligero went under the ring and grabbed another chair resting it into the corner. He smashed Rampage’s back to try and wear him down but was hit with a short arm clothesline. Both men grasped steel chairs and when they hit each others chairs, they both started battering each other. Myers tried to get involved and was thrown into the chair. Rampage got the  piledriver but due to there being no referee he couldn’t win yet.Sean Only and Dan James came down but Rampage battered them. Ligero came out of nowhere with a C4L but the injured ref only counted to 2. Both men went to the apron and hit each others with forearms. Rampage hit a piledriver on the apron following a kick to the midsection. Rampage went for a flying shoulder tackle but was hit with a chair. Ligero had the win the crowd and commentators thought with a springboard takedown but it was only a 2 count. Ligero went and grabbed the belt and walked back down the ramp into the ring. He smashed it off Rampage’s skull but it was only a 2 count again. Rampage picked him up and smashed him down with a gut wrench powerbomb. Rampage was dazed and Ligero clawed himself up only to be kicked in the face. Rampage hit a piledriver to get the 3 count and to win back the TIDAL Wrestling Championship from El Ligero!!!!

Following the match, Rampage Brown offered his hand to El Ligero who accepted.


Rating – 10/10 – Absolutely quality show, from the additions of Shane Strickland, Jigsaw and Chris Hero to a quality main event, this had it all, unlike a lot of wrestling shows this one didn’t have a poor or bad match in it and I really like the new venue it is like their previous venues but is better in my opinion apart from LSU having the famous lift! But yeah if I was to pick up any TIDAL DVD or recommend one to a friend it would have to be this one! Shows how far TIDAL have come and that they are just going to get better and better!

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