Blu-ray Review – WWE Battleground 2016


Welcome to another WWE review, it’s been a little while since the last review WWE wis which of course was the Hardcore Championship release which I seem to remember I gave quite a good rating. Pay-per-views as some may know are usually what trip WWE up Home Video wise in my opinion but that’s only because in my opinion apart from the main few PPV’s in a year they do serve up some garbage and some matches and moments that are great so basically hit or miss.

Battleground is usually one of those that produces some really good matches in the main events and even the undercard to a certain extent but some matches do usually let Pay-Per-View’s like this with another example being FastLane and the reason is that they are trying to get every wrestler on the card that may be underutilised but anyways lets start off with the matches and my short opinion on each and end it with a rating and my overall thoughts on the release and whether I recommend it or not!

First of all we had the Sasha Banks and a mystery partner vs Charlotte and Dana Brooke, the mystery partner was of course Bayley who is finally making strides up to being a full time member of the main roster and her transition as many will know hasn’t been a seamless as Becky, Charlotte etc. who have all just been thrown up while Bayley has been in NXT for what feels like forever. It was a good tag match and the unveiling of Bayley added to this. Anyone previously reading my reviews will know that Bayley isn’t my favourite women’s wrestler but even I popped when she came out both watching it live and rewatching it here. This match didn’t need to be exactly great as it is all part of the Banks vs Charlotte feud so good opener overall.

Right next up is The New Day vs The Wyatt Family in a 6 man tag team match, my thoughts on both teams are that The New Day used to be a firm favourite of mine but I think they are quite stale now which may piss off some readers but like any gimmick it gets stale after a while and The Wyatt Family I used to like when they debuted but have never been a massive fan of, so this was either going to be good or poor and it was quite good.

It was quite slow to start off with but got really good, Xavier Woods was really good and has always been really strong either  in singles and The New Day. Big E took a rough bump to the outside which was the only bad part to the match, Bray Wyatt picked up the victory on Woods and Strowman was hardly used but overall a good second match and nothing bad as of yet from this PPV.

Next up was Rusev vs Zack Ryder which was the first write off of the card, it was basically a squash match to put over the US champion but it wasn’t in the way that Ryder got some good moves in. After the match Mojo Rawley came down to save Zack Ryder from an attack from Rusev being a new Smackdown dratee and he got up in his face and Rusev left with the title, bit of a waste of time overall!

Zayn vs Owens followed and blimey it was really really good and included some great spots such as the brainbuster on the apron. These two have always had great chemistry from their ROH days to NXT to now and whenever there is a match between these two on a card you know it’s going to be good similar to when Owens faced Cena a million times last year whenever it was on a card you knew it was going to be great. I hope that now Owens is Universal Champion we potentially get a feud between the two again but the danger is that it may get stale but enough about that this match was great as I said and is up there for sure in the top 5 of the year so far and also eclipsed the time for the main event so you can tell how good it was!

Following on from this Becky Lynch faced Natalya which of course was the come down match after the great match previously, Natalya worked on the knee the whole match with a good story going on as opposed to being a usual WWE come down match which is usually rushed and not very good. Natalya ended up winning after kicking Becky’s kneecaps while the referee was trying to get her to back off and then she applied the Sharpshooter dragging her to the middle of the ring and making her tap so not the heel win many expected coming into this but there was of course twinges of Natalya being the heel and Becky being the babyface. I am a huge fan of Becky as some may know but also have always been a fan of Natalya and I am looking forward to what comes next with this in the next review. I am really glad though that Becky ended up winning the WWE Smackdown Women’s title as she deserved to win the initial one in my eyes but she will be the female face of SmackDown for a while at least that is for sure! So overall an alright match, nothing special but not like the usual mediocre served up after a cracking match so good job WWE!

Next up we got The Miz with Maryse vs Darren Young with Bob Backlund for the IC Title. It ended in double DQ after 8 minutes so wasn’t a long drawn out affair before a double dq, Maryse fell over as if Backlund had shoved her and this meant Miz shoved him down and then Darren applied the crossface chickenwing and the referees separated them meaning a Double disqualification was ruled which was poor and meant that The Miz being a heel got through a match with a screwy double DQ which is a good tactic for his character but not for the fans who want to see a good match, a bit of a shame but I can see why it happened!

Next up was John Cena, Enzo and Cass vs AJ Styles, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows, really great tag team match overall, some really good spots as you would expect from these four men but these only happened towards the end so there could be some build towards it. Cena and Styles of course were the main focuses of the match with Cena picking up the victory through his trademark Attitude Adjustment to set up a match at SummerSlam later on in the year which was the main thing about the match with Enzo and Cass and Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows just there to help build it up which is fine by me and it made me look forward to the match even more!

The main event was between Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, the main stipulation I guess with this match was that if Ambrose won he would take the title to SmackDown and if either of the other two won they would take it to RAW so before hand many were predicting a win for the latter due to RAW being the more stronger brand but Dean Ambrose ended up picking up the win after all men hit their finishing moves on each other before Ambrose laid out Reigns with dirty deeds followed by getting the 3 count to retain the title. Overall a good triple threat and not being a massive fan of all 3 in this match it does come as a bit of a surprise me saying that. They told a great story with all 3 men getting some great offence before Ambrose pulled off the win and so they all had their individual part to play in it as opposed to it being focused on one particular wrestler being the dominant one which was what was mainly so good about this!


Rating 8/10 – A really good pay per view with some great matches, if your bothered about the build up to the Pay-Per-View get the Blu-ray but if not get the DVD in my opinion as it’s cheaper and if you already watch the current product you will already be caught up unless you collect Blu-ray then please pick up that release. Battleground PPV’s are normally alright or quite bad but this surprised me, good job WWE!

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