Interview – ‘The Activist’ Mauro Chaves


1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Mauro, thank you for doing this interview, first of all please could you introduce yourself to the readers of TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog??

Hello. I am the Activist Mauro Chaves, I fight for Animal rights inside and outside of the ring. I want to bring the revolution, a #VeganRevolution to Professional Wrestling. Please feel free to like my facebook page at and follow me at twitter and instagram @MAUROWPCHAVES

2. Let’s first talk about growing up for you, who would you say inspired you to become a wrestler and did you always want to be one or did this come later on??

I am for Portugal, and wrestling is very small in my country. It was in 2005, I saw in TV Triple H open Randy Orton’s Head with punches. Blood was everywhere. I was in. I started watching and I became a huge fan. My top 5 was HBK, Triple H, Edge, CM Punk and Jeff Hardy. Long hair, tattoos and Muscles, everything I wanna be when I grow up haha. I saw Raw and Smackdown live at Pavilhão Atlatico (now it´s called MEO arena) and I said in that moment that I wanna be a Professional Wrestler.

3. How did you get involved in Wrestling training, who had a hand in this and how would you rate your experience??

I looked for wrestling school´s in Portugal. We had WP Wrestling Portugal, CTW and APW. I start training at CTW, then I move out to WP Wrestling Portugal. Training there was difficult. A lot of RESPECT happen there. I had some really nice coaches like Bruno “Bammer” Brito that was train by Lance Storm, but the guy that train me more was Ruben Branco. He was a very demanding. I hate him, but thanks to him, I became the person I am today. He attitude was like: Are you sick? Does that pay for training? No right? So come train! Many people didn´t enjoy this, he had people that cry after the first train when they toke 1 chop from everyone. Good Times. Well, it´s a difficult business.

4. You are originally from Portugal but now live over here if I’m correct, what are your thoughts on the country so far both wrestling and personally??

London is awesome. I am a Vegan and I have Vegan food everywhere. It’s amazing. Yes, I am living in London for 5 months now. Wrestling is amazing in London, it´s everywhere, AND The fans are super cool. People really enjoy it. It´s a “Thing” in here. I am very happy.

5. You are a vegan pro wrestler, have you always been vegan or is it more recent and is it good to be able to put that into your pro wrestling image would you say??

I am a Vegan for almost 2 years Now. I saw a video in Youtube, the video was called Best Speech ever from a guy call Gary. After that moment I became vegan. And for wrestling, I just am who I am, I turn the bottom and puff, the Activist Was Born.

6. You interfered at the end of David Francisco and Theodore Powers at New Force Wrestling, do you want to explain the reasons for this and are you aligning yourself with David or Theodore or is that yet to be revealed??

About what happen to Theodore Powers, You have to go listen to THE SPOTLIGHT DRIVE, the Fan…TASTIC podcast from David Francisco.

7. You recently became part of the Golden Stars collection, how did this come about and are you glad that you are giving back to people who support you by signing cards for them to buy??

I am a Golden Star, The Number 1 in all Collection. Well, people see potential in me, I will be a future WWE Superstar, they ask me if I wanna be apart of this great collection and I accepted! If you are a wrestling fan and you don´t have my personal signing card, YOU ARE NOT A REAL WRESTLING FAN.

8. What are your ambitions and goals in Wrestling and what do you want to achieve within 5 years would you say??

For this year, I wanna work at least for 4 company’s in the UK. I’ve got NFW, I gonna make my debut for Lucha Britannia this Sunday October 16th and I have more 2 places to go. Maybe Progress and IPW UK? Who knows what the future will bring me! In 5 years, i would like to be one of the best wrestlers in the UK, and maybe WWE? Too soon to tell.

9. Where can the readers find ‘The Activist’ Mauro Chaves on Social Media and where can promoters book you if they wish to do so??

Yes Like I said, Please feel free to like my facebook page at and follow e at twitter and iNSTAGRAM @MAUROWPCHAVES For Promoters you can send me a e-mail to:

I hope you enjoyed this interview and I would like to thank Mauro for completing the questions so fast, please go and support him on social media if possible! 

If you want to support BWR as well as Mauro go and follow us on Twitter : @BritWresRevival

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