Interview – Michael Chase


1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Michael, thank you for doing this interview, first of all please could you introduce yourself to the readers of TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog??

Hello Readers of The British Wrestling Revival, My name is Michael Chase. I am a professional wrestler and I am the current Reckless Intent Heavyweight Champion!

2. Let’s first talk about growing up for you, who would you say inspired you to become a wrestler and did you always want to be one or did this come later on??

The first time I saw professional wrestling, was probably about 1996/1997. A friend at school introduced it to me, who was obsessed with guys like Bret Hart, X- Pac and Shawn Michaels. I watched some wrestling when I was over at his after school, I was hooked on it then. I started watching as much as I could. The ‘Attitude Era’ stood out to me, with guys like – The Rock, Austin, Triple H, Mick Foley and The Hardys.

As I got a bit older, round about the time I went to high school I phased out of wrestling and never followed it again until around 2007. A group of us during exam leave rather than study for our exams would stay up all night watching live PPV’s and ‘Monday Night RAW’ and I caught the wrestling bug again. So much had changed since I last watched it. Guys like CM Punk, Randy Orton, Edge and still The Hardys all stood out to me. It was watching these guys that got me and some of my friends thinking about finding a wrestling school and going to train.

3. How did you get involved in Wrestling training, who had a hand in this and how would you rate your experience??

My start in wrestling looking back on it, was not the greatest. A friend of mine had located to a school, relatively close to where we lived in late 2007. I trained there for a few years before stepping away for a while.

My experience there had left a very negative impression of wrestling on me due to the poor training and the very poor treatment of people in general. It wasn’t until around late 2012, when I got involved with Reckless Intent. Their beginning was a slow start, but it was a place where there was genuine passion to succeed. I wanted to actively do whatever it took to get better and be the best. Since getting involved with RI, I have had the chance to go and learn from some of the best around and have had many people influence my training such as Big Damo, Jam O’Malley ,Scott Renwick and Chris Renfrew.

I’ve also done a bit of travelling about, to attend as many guest seminars as possible. Just getting the chance to spend a few hours, learning from the likes of Ricky Steamboat and Robbie Brookside has helped my career in more ways than words can describe.

I’m always looking to train and improve and am looking forward to training with 30+ year wrestling veteran, Frank ‘Chic’ Cullen in the coming weeks.

4. You are currently in your 4th reign as Reckless Intent World Champion, how did it feel to recently regain it quite quickly after Big Damo beat you for it and would you say having 4 reigns shows how dominant you are in RI??

Reckless Intent is my home. I have been there from day one. I’m one of only two original guys still with the company, from when they first opened the training school back in 2013. I always take great pride in being the Reckless Intent Champion and it has allowed me the opportunity to share a wrestling ring with some of the best wrestlers in the world such as Big Damo, Rampage Brown, Mark Andrews and Paul Tracey.

5. You wrestle for Insane Championship Wrestling, what do you make of their rise over the years and how is it to be part of all??

I think the rise of ICW is an amazing thing for the wrestling scene in Scotland. From spending time in the locker room it is clear that everyone there has the passion and the drive to succeed and it’s great to be a part of it.

6. You wrestled recently for one of my main affiliates TIDAL Wrestling and you were defeated by the New Nation when teaming with Massimo, what are your thoughts on the match and the promotion and would you like to return in future??

I had a great time down at Leeds wrestling for Tidal. I was able to tag with a good friend of mine Massimo, for the first time. Unfortunately, the result of the match didn’t quite go to plan. However, Massimo and I, have every intention of returning and avenging that loss to the New Nation!

7. In April, you defeated ex WWE star Juventud Guerrera in a match described on Cagematch as one of your best, would you agree and how was it to beat a former WWE star??

Getting the chance to wrestle someone like Juventud Guerrera, was an amazing opportunity for me to prove to myself, that I can hang with the best. I’m very grateful to the management of Discovery Wrestling, for believing I was the right man to face such a well-known star. To walk away with the victory that day, was definitely a career highlight for me.

8. What are your ambitions and goals in Wrestling and what do you want to achieve within 5 years would you say??

My dream is to go all the way. I would love to say, in the next five years, I would be checking into the WWE Performance Centre in Orlando, for work, but who knows what will happen. I would love to be wrestling all over the UK and even overseas. That is my dream and I will keep working towards it.

I also want to see Reckless Intent grow as a promotion. To see how far they have progressed, since beginning in 2013, is amazing and long may it continue. They are putting on some of the best shows around, using their own great core roster of guys as well as some of the best talent around Scotland and the UK.

9. Where can the readers find Michael Chase on Social Media and where can promoters book you if they wish to do so??

You can find me on facebook at On twitter michael_chase89 Instagram – michael_chase89

And for promoters interested in booking me email me at

10. Have you got any future dates you wish to plug or a message to the readers??

I will be wrestling for Reckless Intent Wrestling on October 29th where I will taking on Christopher Saynt. Then on November 5th it is Reckless Intents Reckless Rumble event where I will be defending the Reckless Intent Championship against Rampage Brown.

I hope you enjoyed this interview and I would like to thank Michael for completing the questions so fast, please go and support him on social media if possible! 

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