Blu-ray Review – Brock Lesnar – Eat Sleep Conquer Repeat


Welcome back to another BWR review and we are back once again to WWE and this time to a compilation set instead of the usual Pay-Per-View which we have got over the past month or so and looking at my review schedule for the next 2 at least they are compilation sets which makes a nice change!

This time we are taking a look at the second Brock Lesnar release after Here Comes the Pain after his initial run, this set also came with mma style gloves which I got myself with my review copy which is a nice addition and makes a difference to the usual WWE set. I have always been a fan of Lesnar mainly due to the fact he only wrestles a few times a year and is literally a battering ram through the competition. His matches are brutal just how I like wrestling to be on occasion so I was looking forward to reviewing this and it’s apt the review is released on the day of Lesnar’s fight with Goldberg!

Now onto the content of the set and my thoughts …..

We start up with an interview with Lesnar saying that he loves hurting people and that it isn’t a character what he embodies in the WWE and also past interviews from earlier on in his career to most recent. It leads on to the strap line of Eat Sleep Conquer Repeat, we get more of this interview footage when he speaks about his amateur wrestling career.

First match is Brock Lesnar & Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Michaels & Sean Casey from OVW back in 2000 which is probably the earliest footage of Brock there is, don’t quote me on that. Both Brock and Shelton both became big stars in wrestling and this match should be good. The match is a good luck at early Brock Lesnar and the way he threw him around shows that even in his rookie month he was bossing it in the wrestling ring as you would say. The team they were facing didn’t want to go near him like now.

We next get a match between Brock Lesnar and Mr Perfect from RAW two years later which was not televised and before that there was talk about how Curt trained him of sorts and how Brock  was taken under his wing and before his death how he critiqued him a few days prior and how they were meant to go fishing a week after he passed away. This was probably the earliest look at Lesnar in a WWE ring against a bonafide legend of the business. Lesnar overpowered him in the opening minute of the match even chucking him out of the ring while being arrogant. Perfect was booed as he left the ring and couldn’t beat up  a jobber of sorts. Perfect got back into proceedings and started kicking him on the ground but Lesnar fought back with some really vicious forearms and clotheslines but Perfect dodged out of a  spear of sorts in a corner and made him pay to get a quick 3 count and a win vs the ‘rookie’ but also a personal friend and mentor to Perfect.

We next got Brock Lesnar vs Rob Van Dam from RAW, RVD is my favourite wrestler of all time so this should be quality. He had Heyman in his corner back then who is my favourite manager of all time, this was for the Intercontinental Championship and at this time he was the King of the Ring. Lesnar went straight after him mowing him like  a battering ram in the corner and chucking him round like a rag doll with his ruthless aggression as well as entrapping him in the corner but RVD got out of it and used some classic springboard aggression with flips and hurricaneranas. Lesnar caught him though when it looked like he was going to get any momentum and that was the theme of the match. It turned into an absolute beating. RVD got back into it kicking the hell out of Lesnar following it up with a Rolling Thunder and a somersault. Heyman tried to get involved but RVD took out Lesnar in the process and he kicked him in the face afterwards but Heyman grabbed his leg on the top rope. RVD got a great moonsault but Heyman got involved and it was ended by DQ. Heyman threw a chair into the ring but RVD reversed  and kicked it in Lesnar’s face. He grabbed Heyman and hit a 5 star frog splash on Lesnar’s agent. RVD got his comeuppance and was thrown into the table.

The next match was Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle from SummerSlam 2003 which was set up from Vengeance when he signed a deal with the ‘devil’ Vince McMahon and beat up Angle when he was being helped out by the Olympic Gold Medalist. At the start Lesnar tried walking away but Angle brought him back getting some quality moves such as a DDT and an Angle Slam. Angle got an ankle lock applied but Lesnar pushed over the referee when he countered it allowing Angle to apply the guillotine choke into another Ankle Lock. Mr McMahon came down to the ring and helped Lesnar by breaking the submission hold with a steel chair. Lesnar tried for a F-5 twice but on the second attempt, Angle countered and made Lesnar submit to retain the title in a great match. I am a massive fan of this era of WWE so for me this was great.

The next match was the first ever Biker Chain Match between Lesnar and The Undertaker from No Mercy in 2003. This is one of my favourite matches with Lesnar as I love hardcore wrestling mainly due to my love of ECW. The match starts of with Lesnar going straight after Taker with a series of punches, Taker tried to take the chain which was hanging from a pole soon affter but the lights went out but when they came back on Taker delivered a tombstone on the steps. Taker put him into a dragon sleeper but was F5’ed for is troubles. We got Vince McMahon interfering of course pushing Taker off the top rope onto the mat. Lesnar grabbed the chain, wrapped it round his fist and punched Taker. Retaining the title in the process and ending his 2003 run.

We then of course get his current run with some corkers such as Lesnar vs Reigns from Mania and Lesnar vs Triple H from SummerSlam, the DVD has 9 matches from his current one while the Blu-Ray has 5 more and of course it has probably his most famous match vs Undertaker from WrestleMania where he beat the streak. The DVD ends with Undertaker vs Lesnar also with their match at Hell In A Cell and in my opinion unless you want basically the definative collection of his current run or better quality I wouldn’t bother with the Blu-Ray as the matches on it include his squash match vs Kingston at Beast in the East but does also include more recent stuff with his match at Roadblock and this years WrestleMania.

Rating 7/10 – This set has some good matches don’t get me wrong but it seems really thrown together with mostly archive footage of interviews from RAW build ups and I believe I have never seen it so it’s only a guess here comes the pain, I think they do need a documentary in future of Lesnar when his career is up including the likes of Sable, Paul Heyman etc talking about him as opposed to getting a load of matches with the exception of two that you can just get on the Network. It gets a seven alone for its match content as I love watching his matches but apart from that it doesn’t have much going for it!

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