DVD Review – WWE Annual 2016


Welcome to another WWE review, this time we are back on DVD for the first time in about a year since the last release in the compilations and that is the WWE Annual which is usually one of WWE’s last home video releases of the year over here in the UK and rounds the year off nicely!

As usual we get the Best of Raw and Smackdown as well as the Best PPV Matches of the year before so in this case 2015. I reviewed both earlier on in the year and I believe both received good reviews from me off the top of my head so I will be mainly doing an condensed review for this one like when I have reviewed this in the previous 2 years but then I will give you a price comparison so you know whether it’s better to buy this or the individual sets

As I previously said about this set it is 22 matches long so you definitely do get some good content. The matches include a great one in the form of Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose in an ambulance match which I rewatched for this review and was as good as when I first watched it, A cracker from Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins which was the last time they faced off I believe and I even said in the review that this could of been the last time they did in fact wrestle.

John Cena & Daniel Bryan vs Tyson Kidd & Cesaro is one that I always remember as being a really good match at a time when T*C were absolute gold in the WWE and unfortunately it’s sad watching it knowing that not only will Daniel Bryan never wrestle again but it isn’t looking likely at this point that Tyson Kidd who I have never been a big fan of but still respect him will return to the ring so sadness all round from this match but one that is still an enjoyable watch.

And finally to end this short portion on this set you also get the NXT call-ups with mostly Kevin Owens who was a star in 2015 for sure and also Neville who I haven’t seen in ages but that could be because I don’t really watch RAW or Smackdown but nether the less it was good to revisit a set that got a 9/10 at the start of the year!

Next up is The Best Pay Per View Matches of 2015 which was the first review of the year I think. First of all there was Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins vs John Cena which was quality in my opinion on an alright Royal Rumble show, Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan which was there to set up Reigns vs Lesnar at Mania and their epic match which is later on in the disc but one of the best matches of last year, not special but nothing really was on this Pay-Per-View with this the main shining light.

Cesaro and Tyson Kidd once again starred on this set which shows how good their year was last time out against the New Day which wasn’t amazing but one of the best of the year if it was longer which was the main problem.

The Tag Team Elimination Chamber match and the great Kevin Owens vs John Cena were also on this which are both self explanatory and are for sure two of the best this year.

Charlotte vs Brie Bella vs Sasha Banks which was the best match of the year women’s wise in WWE and finally Taker vs Lesnar from Summerslam and two alright matches in the form of Nikki vs Charlote and Rollins vs Sting with the final match putting a dampener on things as it is the last time we see Sting in the ring in an active role as he gets injured.

This got a 7/10 when released and I will not be altering that!

This set would set you back £19.99 from WWE Home Video UK while it will cost you around £31 so in my opinion it is good value for money especially if you want both sets anyway, it is great for a christmas present in my opinion either for a new or old fan of WWE potentially for a family member or a boyfriend/girlfriend who likes wrestling so I would definitely recommend it as the content is great!

I am looking forward to my next WWE review and you can find out when the next one will be by going to :

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