Blu-ray Review – WWE – Randy Orton RKO Outta Nowhere


Welcome to another week BWR fans, and that means one thing another WWE Blu-Ray review! As usual WWE always have a push towards the end of the year in terms of releases which is great for the die-hard fans who buy every release but it means I spend most of my weekends up to the Christmas reviewing! Anyway onto today’s point of call which is the latest Randy Orton release in what seems like a long line like the releases about The Undertaker and John Cena.

In terms of my views on Randy which is a regular occurance before a review like the other week with Lesnar, I am indifferent on the guy some matches are great and some are mediocre and follow the same plot! I grew up watching Randy Orton so for me I do get bored of seeing the RKO now but that’s not to detract from one of the best in the modern era for sure!

Right onto the review portion, first of all I see a theme in WWE’s latest releases which some people may pick up on and that is the formula of how they structure it with early through to present so the Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar sets start both in OVW and transition to now with Orton having the more lengthy path of the two!

Surprisingly though unlike last week’s Lesnar review where we got interview segments from previous ones done with him years ago, Orton actually sat down to film new interview segments to go in between the matches so like the Lesnar release in how it is structured but not in the way it’s delivered.

First of all we get him talking about John Cena and then a great match between him and Prototype from OVW back in 2001 which was great to watch and also to see how far they have come since then and if you are going to skip certain parts of this 23 match set which we are all guilty of, don’t do it for this one just for the nostalgia factor alone!

We then get his first shot at WWE title gold against The Undertaker from SmackDown in 2002 just weeks into his WWE career and having never seen this match before it was a great history lesson as such as are most of these Blu-rays to see these wrestlers back in a time when I didn’t really watch WWE.

And we couldn’t have a Randy Orton release or any other of the members of this group without an Evolution match and for me when they returned as a group a few years back, I didn’t like it as I have never been a fan of the stable and as a result I didn’t really enjoy this match as much as the others on the set.

In a nutshell so I don’t have to go through every wrestler, Orton takes us through each wrestler that has basically helped him over the year such as Undertaker who was previously mentioned as well as Chris Jericho, Edge Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and Triple H and basically his thoughts on the wrestler followed by a match between them with them usually being quite rare and non-televised which is always a good thing for a definitive collector, as well as also talking about the milestones in his career.

We get some great thoughts on the Hardy Boyz where he basically says that he always thought they are not very good singles wrestlers and in particular how unorthodox Jeff Hardy is in the ring, to hear more about one of my favourite feuds over the past few years back in 2008 is really great and like most of this set gives a great insight into what goes on in the head of a wrestler which you do not get to see on TV as such.

We get his thoughts on the ladder match and about how he doesn’t think of himself as a ladder match pioneer he thinks of The Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian which shows his honesty instead of making the whole set about him and how good he was in that period for example he gives props to those who deserve it.

Also in the same portion we get some great matches from one of my favourite periods in WWE, 2011 with Dolph and Punk so a great trip down memory lane again and he makes the bold statement in my opinion that Dolph is in the top 3 performers in the WWE right now which is his opinion but not mine!

We get some more 2011 with the form of Christian’s feud with the Apex Predator which again is one of my favourites and even Orton says how fun it was to work with Christian and as a fan it was great to watch too!

Finally he talks once again about John Cena and their relationship before talking about the future of wrestling and in this case Cesaro and Kevin Owens and like I said previously it is great to see him talk up other guys instead of kayfabing it all he is honest about it all which is why I like this release, he says how much he enjoys working with him and also says how much he wants to work with Finn Balor soon.

Finally in terms of Blu-ray extras once again it is just a few matches ranging from Bad Blood 2004 vs Shelton Benjamin to him vs Sandow from NXT in 2014, if you want a few extra matches go for that release or if you want it more compact in your collection and want to pay for the privilege but once again you get everything you need on the DVD set so I wouldn’t pay extra!

Rating – 8/10 – Great release with some great unseen matches and a good trip down memory lane for me in some cases. I am not usually a Randy Orton fan but I definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a good interview and some good matches not the best release this year but up there! Good job WWE!

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