Interview – Adam ‘Flex’ Maxted

1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog Adam, could you please introduce yourself to the readers to start this off??
My name is Adam ‘Flex’ Maxted as I am currently known in the wrestling world. I am 24 years old from Belfast Northern Ireland.
2. First of all lets speak about growing up for you, who did you watch in terms of wrestling growing up and who would you say including people in your personal life inspired you to become a wrestler??
Growing up for me my earliest memories of watching wrestling were when I was about 4/5 years old I was in foster care for about 3 years and the couple that looked after me always took me to visit the elderly mother of the man that looked after me, all I can remember is wrestling being of the TV during these visits, probably to keep me occupied while he visited his mother but I was hooked every time to the TV screen. As I grew older in my early teens I was still a huge wrestling fan my favourites were the Hardy Boys,Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio. As I got a bit older I guess like most teenagers I grew out of wrestling a bit I was still a fan but wasn’t as obsessed with it as I used to be, my attention had switched to playing football and skateboarding and interacting with girls of course (smirking). During my high school years at school (aged 13-17) I got bullied a lot and my mum actually took me out of my school and moved me to another,of course this didn’t solve the problem and even at that age I learnt a valuable life lesson that you can’t just run away from your problems sometimes you have to face them straight on. The bulling continued at this school,I guess because I was a ‘mummy’s boy’ and a bit of a push over but as I look back I’m actually glad it happened as it pushed me to walking through the gym door for the first time. In my mind I had the attitude that if I got muscly etc people would think twice about picking on me. Fast forward 6 years of consistent gym and training and I now have a physique that I am proud of as it takes a lot of dedication and self motivation to stay consistent with your training week after week for years but as I started changing my body shape through weight training and proper nutrition I decided that I was going to go after my dream to becoming a professional wrestler with my sights set on the WWE. To This day my mum is my main motivation in life and has had the biggest impact on me and who I am as a person today with my morals and drive towards my goals, when she was sick when I was younger she used to tell me that getting well and getting me out of foster care was her motivation every day to get better and eventually she did, she is now a successful personal trainer with her own fitness class studio in Belfast which again was a dream of hers and I’ve grown up watching her not settling for the hand of cards she’d been dealt in her early life and giving up, but choosing to work and go after the things that would make a better life for her and me and my younger sister.
3. You are of course known as being a finalist on the ITV Reality Show Love Island, for those who haven’t watched it had you already started training when you went on the show, how did you get involved with wrestling training in the first place and who had a hand in training you??
Before going on the show I had been training for about a year and a half and was just starting to get booked on shows in Ireland with Over The Top Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Ulster. As I’ve said above some of the experiences I had growing up lead me to the gym and as I hit my early 20’s I had made some really good improvements with my physique and had started watching wrestling regularly again. As a teenager growing up I would tell myself I could never be a wrestler like those big guys I’m too skinny etc but now I had a physique I was proud of and looked good so I decided to look for wrestling schools in Ireland. I took my first ‘bump’ down at Main Stage Wrestling with Joe Cabray who was back teaching after being in NXT developmental. I was traveling 4 hours to be at training with Joe and I remember the school was holding a seminar with TNA wrestler Robbie, I had only been training a month at the time of the seminar when I went but I stood there the whole time too afraid to get in the ring when he gave people the opportunity as I was scared of doing something wrong and embarrassing myself, fast forward a year and I’m now starting to get used to walking out in front of hundreds of people in tiny trunks covered in baby oil. At the moment I am still currently at wrestling school up in Belfast (uprising wrestling school) were I train 2/3 nights a week and I’m currently being trained by the top heel tag team in Ireland (KOTN) Damien Corvin and Bonesaw who have helped me make big improvements in all aspects recently.
4. Carrying on with the theme of Love Island, would you say the show massively helped you in terms of being booked in wrestling and your popularity and how did you get onto the show in the first place??
Massively is an under statement, before I went on the show I was lucky to be wrestling 2/3 a month in Ireland but going into the show I knew it was a huge opportunity to use it as a platform for my wrestling career. I knew that if I was myself and portrayed myself the right way, speaking about my wrestling etc that it could open doors for me after the show. when I got home I had messages and emails from different promotions wanting to book me for shows and now at the moment I am lucky enough to be wrestling most weekends all over England and I know for a fact that I would not be getting these opportunities so early on in my wrestling career so it was a gamble going on the show but it paid off. To get on the show basically a casting team from ITV got in touch with me via Facebook asking if id like to apply for the show, I took some time to think about it but again thought how it could open doors for me with my wrestling. I sent off the application form, they interviewed me and liked me and as they say the rest is history.  
5. You wrestle for Southside Wrestling Entertainment making your debut a few months back and recently in Stevenage in front of a sell out crowd at their 6th Anniversary Show, what are your thoughts on working in Southside so far, the atmosphere at the 6AS, also you are making your debut in the promotions home of St Neots at the end of the month, are you looking forward to it and what should the fans of St Neots be expecting from you??
That’s right I made my Southside debut on 13th August in Nottingham, I was actually invited to that show as a guest but was interrupted by their champion at the time Joseph Conners who is one of the top guys in the UK. Recently in Stevenage I tagged with Bram in front of over 800 people at their 6th anniversary show which is the biggest crowd I’ve been in front of to date. At the end of this month its been announced that I will take on Paul Malen in St Neots which is a big deal for me as Paul is one of the first guys I met when I first started doing shows in the UK at the start of this year. For me I am humbled to be working in Southside and have to pinch myself sometimes when I’m in the locker room and I look around at the talent I’m in company with. Every one at Southside and the guys in the locker room have been extremely welcoming to me and I hope that they see that I’m just a young guy with a lot of passion for this and hungry to learn and improve.
6. The night after you are wrestling again for XWA teaming with Sid Scala and Lord Gideon Grey vs Hornswoggle and The Pitbulls, how did this match come about and are you looking forward to getting in the ring with Swoggle??
This match is going to be interesting to say the least, I’ve tagged with my right hand man Sid Scala a few times now and we work well as a team, I do the work and he picks up the reward I put this down to how hard he works haggling people and making deals so I don’t mind doing the heavy work in the ring etc but Lord Gideon is along side us in this match so it’ll be interesting to see if we can work as a unit without any egos getting in the way. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on Swoggle and keeping my pump while I’m in the ring by curling and pressing his body weight.
7. You are in the Fight Nation British Championship tournament, what are your thoughts on the other entrants in the tournament and how determined are you to get a title to add to the collection??
Another debut for me at another promotion, again I am humbled to be part of a show filled with such talent and then being entered into the British Championship Tournament is my first opportunity to win a title in the UK. The other entrants all bring something different to the table and different styles so it will be a great night of action for everyone in attendance. For me this debut is another opportunity to show the world that I’m not just the guy from Love Island but the guy that is humble and hungry to improve and impress and this is a big platform to do that.
8. What are your future ambitions in wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??
For me I want to see out the rest of 2016 and learn and improve as much as I can from the rest of the bookings I have this year, at the moment I am grateful to have regular bookings with Southside, XWA Wrestling, Kamikaze Pro, IPW:UK  & Over The Top Wrestling in Ireland and I am extremely grateful to the promoters of these companies for giving me these regular opportunities to improve and be a part of their shows. In 2017 I aim to make a bigger name for myself in the wrestling world but not as a reality TV star or ‘that guy from Love Island’ but a guy that remains humble and hungry to keep progressing and improving every time I step in the ring. I know that WWE hold try outs when they are over in the UK on tour and I feel if I can work regularly throughout 2017 that towards the end of it I may get the opportunity to try out for WWE. In 5 years I will be 29 and in an ideal world ill be signed with WWE and living my dream but if not ill still have 1 more year to make it happen as I’ve heard they don’t usually sign people over 30..clocks ticking ha  
9. Where can the readers find Adam ‘Flex’ Maxted on social media and where can promoters book you for wrestling appearances??
Twitter – @AdamMaxted
Instagram – AdamMaxted
Snapchat – adamsintillate
Wrestling Bookings –
10. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug and have you got a message to the readers to end the interview off??
I would like to thank everyone at The British Wrestling Revival for giving me this opportunity to share a bit of background information on myself as not many people have heard of me yet but like I’ve said I’m focused and hungry to make a name for myself. To anyone that took the time to read this I say thank you and I hope you follow me along my journey and if I’m ever booked on a show you’re attending be sure to come and introduce yourself, If I’m not busy taking a selfie of my biceps that is ha.

I hope you enjoyed this interview and I would like to thank Adam for answering the questions for you to read, please go and support him on social media if possible! 

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