Blu-ray Review – WWE Clash of Champions 2016


Welcome to another WWE Blu-ray review and this time it is the return of the pay-per-views after a while with just compilation releases for the last few!

This was the first ever all RAW Brand pay per view of the current lot of the Draft which for me is something different and means we don’t get the usual suspects in all the matches so a thumbs up from me!

Lets waste no time and lets go onto the matches and my quick thoughts on each one before I give my recommendation on whether you should buy it and also a rating of course!

First of all it was a match for the RAW Tag Team titles with The New Day taking on Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, in my opinion it was a good opener that really got me into the show as opposed to having a flat opener like what can happen on occasion, thank god it wasn’t like that on this occasion. Gallows was made to look really dominant like expected as it gives the illusion that The New Day could lose the titles. As a result they had to cheat to win by hitting Anderson with the trombone before hitting the double team Big Ending to get the pinfall victory and another few weeks at least as tag team champion. The record for the largest title reign in history is only less than 100 days afterwards so it was always going to be a victory for the New Day.

Next up was a hotly anticipated match for me between TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick, fans of the blog for a long while will know that I interviewed TJ Perkins when he was Manik in the other promotion that should not be named so I was definitely looking forward to this and I have always been a massive fan of Brian Kendrick. The crowd was definitely into it as it is two quality wrestlers. TJP of course didn’t lose the title as he had only just got it and I reckon he will be title for a long while yet and of course the face of the Cruiserweights. Kendrick came close to winning it but TJP pulled it back for the win by kneebar submission after a kick from the firemans carry.

3rd match up was Cesaro vs Sheamus in their final match in the best of 7 series, I don’t remember any of their previous matches particularly but I remember that I enjoyed the first few but like anything in wrestling unless it’s thrilling, it gets boring. Overall though it was a great match but unfortunately it suffered from the fact it finished off with a draw which put a dampner on it. As a result it finished 3-3 and I reckon we will get another match to settle it which is not surprising even though people were expecting a Cesaro win. A great match that really kept the spirits up for sure.

Next of all we got Chris Jericho vs Sami Zayn, Jericho has always been one of my favourite wrestlers but recently I have got bored with him and this is years in terms of recently with only his feud with CM Punk making me want to tune in, Zayn on the other hand I have watched for years since his Indy days as El Generico and so I am a big fan of him. I thought Zayn would win the match but he didn’t and Jericho added another to the win column on his current run and it means at least that there is no sign of his run ending. It ended with Zayn nailing the Blue Thunder Bomb and when he went to hit another he was hit with a codebreaker and he didn’t kick out from it. The crowd once again was massively into it and it was another great match to add to the others previously.

Charlotte vs Bayley vs Sasha Banks was next up and like the Kendrick vs Perkins I was massively looking forward to this one as I am a big Charlotte fan now and Bayley has always been a personal favourite in NXT as well as Asuka. I really like now that the women are of course treated the same as men and we get to see the best quality matches from the women and this is another example. Charlotte won cleanly by pinfall which was a surprise as normally with her it is normally a screwy finish. Bayley was the one who took the pinfall which many were not surprised about as I reckon we will go back to Charlotte vs Sasha with scope for Bayley to have a feud with the title holder in the future. I have never been a massive fan of Banks so for me I prefer a win for Charlotte. Overall a great match that I would definitely watch again.

Roman Reigns vs Rusev was next for the US title which of course stayed on RAW, in my opinion it was pretty boring and really deflated me. The last few minutes were great though as it was both men powering out of each others holds such as the Accolades. Reigns of course hit a spear to win the title which is a good win as I don’t really like Rusev as much as Reigns and while I enjoyed Rusev when he debuted I think he’s a bit stale now. As a result of Reign’s title win, I reckon he may go after the WWE Universal title next year when he loses the US title.

Finally it was Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins which I expected to be a slobberknocker as they say. It was a good match but the interference at the end hurt it with Jericho coming down to ringside to make Owens retain the title and it did happen with Rollins throwing Jericho to the floor towards the end and giving him a suicide dive but Stephanie McMahon sent another referee down as the first referee was taken out of course and Owens hit a pop up powerbomb to win the match and retain his title. I am actually surprised that Owens has lasted that long as the title holder as even though I’m a big fan of him, Rollins has long been the current face of the company so for it not to be put on him was as surprise but as fans of Owens for years many people are happy to see him as the title holder me included!

Rating – 8/10 – A really good show that kicked off the RAW Pay-Per-Views with a bang which means SmackDown will have a task to beat this one! Reigns vs Rusev was the only stinker but some really good matches with certain wrestlers really stepping up to make an impression! Well worth a watch if you can pick it up!

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