Blu-ray Review – WWE The True Story of the Royal Rumble


Hello readers and welcome once again to another WWE review, it has been two weeks since the last one and this one I am doing today is one I am seriously looking forward to for 2 reasons, first of all the Royal Rumble which is the subject of this release is one of my favourite PPV’s in the yearly calendar, I have had to watch all the matches for the past 2-3 years as I have been doing reviews like this one but there is nothing better than sitting down on a Monday evening the day after to watch the main match and the whole excitement about mystery entrants which always gets me excited for sure, second of all this will be my final review of the year WWE wise as the next release isn’t until January 2nd so hopefully WWE will leave this year with another great release.

So then onto the review…

First of all we get a synopsis of the Royal Rumble match and PPV graphics and entrants from over the years such as the Big Show, Triple H etc before we start with the date of this years Rumble, January 24th and 9.43am. We next pan to staff putting up the ring and basically the venue in general. Pat Patterson is then seen meeting fans and Enzo Amore and him saying how good this years is going to be which of course it wasn’t to many. We next get the likes of Edge, Seth Rollins and Mark Henry discussing what the Rumble means to them as well as  the late great Roddy Piper. It was great to see wrestlers from all eras from Jake the Snake all the way to Darren Young discussing it. We pan back to Pat Patterson who was the brainchild of the Rumble discussing how he got the idea and how he gave Dick Ebersol who ran NBC the idea and his reaction to it all as well as footage of the house show Rumble trials before we get the likes of Jim Duggan and Bret Hart discussing the first one in 1988 which of course Duggan won. We then went back to footage of this years Rumble and in particular the Mania sign being put together. Next up we went to 1992 and the first Rumble where the title was up for grabs when Jack Tunney vacated it. This was a good segway as this years match was the 2nd time ever when this happened. In 1993 the first match where the winner would got to Mania’s Main Event the prestige of this and the popularity over the course of the years since it’s inception was discussed with us getting footage from the 1997 Rumble which was the biggest one so far over the course of the years and the likes of Michaels and Goldust were discussing it before we got John Cena discussing over the years how it’s become even more of a spectacle with him coming down on a spaceship in Miami’s Space Centre. As you can see by now we get the best of both worlds with this release constant back and forth between history and footage of this years Rumble and the latest part the fans discussing their excitement at the event and who they want to see win with Lesnar, Reigns, Owens and Wyatt picks from the fans.

Reigns then discussed the fan reaction of Philadelphia in 2015 where he won it and we got some great backstage footage with Michael Hayes and Triple H all speaking about it after the match and also this idea that Daniel Bryan was expected to win. We got as well the same thing with Batista and how Bryan wasn’t even in the rumble and this was of course a good segway to be part of a controversies section of the documentary where Steve Austin won it in 1997 quite controversially and also Michaels with one foot on the ground in 1995 when he went onto win it but every body liked Michaels so unlike with Reigns and Batista it garnered a great reaction from the fans. Also we got footage and reaction from the time when Luger and Hart co-won it which even Ambrose called crap and also the time when Rock and Big Show fell to the floor at the same time but the Rock won and Big Show thought he had been screwed.

We then get the next part being the Surprises element of the Rumble which are everyone’s favourite part of it including me, we get footage of AJ Styles entering the building who was a surprise this year, him being one of my favourite wrestlers over the past few years. We then get footage of one of my favourite moments in the Rumble recently when Jericho returned. As well as Goldust in 2013, Edge in 2013 and Bubba Ray Dudley this year which great and of course Cena’s return in 2008. Like I say it is one of the main reasons why I love this match and why this years was a disappointment as we only got like 3 when we usually get like 7 or 8.

Next bit is about the Undercard which like I say I hardly ever watch but is of course a massive part of the card mainly because it can shape future entrants in the main event and how they look when they enter and also it can shape the Mania card with it being on the Road to WrestleMania. And as Bret Hart aptly put it, the guys go out there to steal the show in an event mainly focused on one match. We got some great footage as we do throughout of some great undercards over the year including Tazz vs Kurt Angle, Ziggler vs Edge from 2011 and also the Ladder Match from MSG including the Hardys and The Dudleys and also interviews with the likes of Roddy Piper who won the IC title at the Royal Rumble and what it meant to him and also how it shaped Mania with Hart beating Piper for the Title in 1992. Also talk about Goldust’s and Razor’s homosexual storyline and a great piece with both men talking about their thoughts on the storyline with both feeling uneasy about it but that he should of embraced the whole thing.

Next up we got of course the Records which shape the match over the years including of course most entrants and least time spent in the match. We got the numbers segment from this year’s Rumble which gives quite weird records. We got wrestlers discussing the whole Santino Marella 1 second record and also Rey Mysterio’s longest time in the Rumble and how like Michael Cole said it was a cinderella story in the year after Eddie his dear friend sadly past away. Of course Kane’s record was spoken about which baffles me still to this day and how dominant he has been over the course of his illustrious career and how Reigns broke the record in 2014 in his first year.

The last two segments of the documentary were about the Moments and also the legacy of the whole match. We got Reigns entering the match, Styles big debut, Rusev diving into Reigns onto a table which made way for footage of over the years and the big moments including Too Cool dancing in the Rumble match in 2000, Maven eliminating the Undertaker, Jake’s Snake being thrown into the match and Andre eliminating himself in the process, Chyna competing in the Rumble match and of course being the first ever female to do so. And of course we had to have a part about Kofi Kingston and his ingenious ideas over the years to stay in the match. We end it off with the legacy the event has left over the years and we get Pat Patterson looking out at this years’ Rumble as a fitting way to end the documentary. In terms of matches, it is great for those who have not seen all of them as there is a few on there as a taste as well as some of the matches discussed like Tazz vs Kurt Angle so well worth watching but there isn’t that much to shout about in terms of Blu-ray Exclusives mainly just pre-shows and other matches from across the years which isn’t really worth the extra money unless you collect Blu-ray’s.

Rating – 9/10 – Absolutely loved this documentary as I mostly always do with the WWE ones being a massive wrestling fan and loving the history of everything, I love the Royal Rumble and the fact they pack a lot in over the course of an hour meant they kept my attention throughout as when documentary’s last a few hours it bores me but overall a great end to the year from WWE and well worth a pick up if you love the Rumble like I do!

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