Interview – ‘The UV Underdog’ Bobbi Tyler

1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog Bobbi, thank you for taking part in this interview, first of all could you please introduce yourself to the readers??
Thanks for having me, I love having these extra chances to connect with fans! I’m Bobbi Tyler, sometimes referred to as ‘The Bombshell Blonde’, ‘The UV Underdog’ or whatever name people have dreamt up for me recently! I’m from the city of London; but I work all around the UK – from Devon to Scotland!
2. When did you get into wrestling growing up and who would you say inspired you to get into wrestling out of both wrestlers and people you know??
Whenever I get asked this question, one name comes to mind: The Heartbreak Kid – Shawn Michaels. As a kid I found him the most exciting thing on TV! Myself and my younger sister would wake up extra early on a Tuesday morning to watch RAW, and then re-watch it again after school. We both fell in love with wrestling from a young age, and I’ve dreamt of doing it from the start!
3. How did you get involved in wrestling training, who had a hand in your training and how would you rate your training experience??

 After years of dreaming, one week I managed to conquer my nerves and attended my local wrestling school. When I turned up I wasn’t just the youngest; but I was the only girl. Strangely enough; I’ve never felt so at home and became friends with other trainees instantly!  Before long I was taken under the wing of trainer Paul Ashe and I made my debut at Ultimate British Wrestling!


Photo : Bobbi with Xia Brookside after their match at HOPE Wrestling’s anniversary show ‘HOPE and Glory’


4. You faced the daughter of NXT trainer and British Wrestling legend Robbie Brookside, Miss Xia Brookside at HOPE Wrestling’s biggest MK show HOPE and Glory, what were your thoughts on the match and what was the atmosphere like backstage at what was HOPE:MK’s biggest show yet ??
HOPE & glory was without a doubt the most exciting show I have had the pleasure of taking part in this year. It was a goal I was working towards, so to find out my opponent was Xia just added to the excitement! Myself and Xia certainly had good chemistry in the ring – making my victory very emotional for me. A match a will truly hold a fond memory of for years to come!
6. You team with Kelly Sixx in HOPE as Tyliner I believe, what are your thoughts on Kelly as a talent and would you say you have good chemistry as a tag team??

Kelly will always be my favourite wrestler to work alongside! I value his knowledge and guidance like no other, and has taught me so much in such a short amount of time! After winning the RCWA Elite-1 Championship this month, I have no doubt in my mind 2017 is going to be his year. No, scrap that! 2017 is going to be OUR year!  

7. You wrestle for Pro Wrestling Foxes down in Birmingham, what are your thoughts on the current state of women’s wrestling and also all female promotions??

Womens wrestling in the UK is clearly picking up like it has never done before. At the heart of most promotions, there’s a strong fighting womens division! Just look at companies such as HOPE, ICW and Progress (Just to name a few!) Competition is getting heavier; which can only mean good things for womens wrestling around the globe!

8.What are your future ambitions and goals in Wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??
In five years I have no doubt I’ll be in a major promotion, such as WWE, Stardom Wrestling or SHIMMER! Just got to keep working hard
9. Where can the readers find Bobbi Tyler on Social Media and where can promoters book you if they wish to do so??
Bobbi Tyler is all over Social Media! Find me on facebook (, Twitter (@BobbiTylerUK) and Instagram (@BobbiTylerUK)
10.Any future dates or projects you wish to plug??

I’ve recently just been added to PRIDE Promotions upcoming tour in January alongside some of the top names from the UK and USA. Not to mention some exciting announcements I can’t share just yet! Let’s just say – Watch this space!

I hope you enjoyed this interview and I would like to thank Bobbi for answering the questions for you to read, please go and support her on social media if possible! 

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