British Wrestling Revival Awards 2016

Welcome to this years BWR (British Wrestling Revival) Awards which have become a staple of my blog mainly towards the end of the year due to lack of content but also to give you the readers my thoughts on the standout performers over here in the UK who deserve a mention as well as those who could end up being seen a lot more in the coming year. I have really enjoyed producing interviews and DVD reviews again this year and I hope you have enjoyed reading them and I hope 2017 is even better than this year. The results of the Awards are below…..

BWR Best British Male Wrestler – Pete Dunne


Once again this award goes to someone completely different like it has every year since the awards inception with Mark Haskins, Will Ospreay and Zack Sabre Jr previously taking the honour and in all honesty I could have easily have picked either of the 3 again but I have gone for Pete Dunne this year. This man has had an absolutely stellar year going over to America to take part in PWG’s 2016 edition of their highly anticipated tournament BOLA and basically taking over the UK scene for the likes of Southside, Progress, WCPW, Attack, Rev Pro and Fight Club Pro and also making it over to OTT and WXW multiple times in Ireland and Germany this year. There was major whispers about him joining NXT and he is now a part of the WWE’s UK Tournament next month cementing his status as not only this years big UK breakout star but also as the best male wrestler in the UK for this year. ‘Young and Bitter’ Pete Dunne is this years Best British Male Worker and it’s well deserved.

BWR Best Female Wrestler – Nixon Newell


Photo Credit : Brett Hadley Photography

This year had to go to Nixon on the female front, you could say I am a little bit biased as she is one of my favourite wrestlers right now but she has had another great year and retains the award she won last year. A main stay for the likes of Southside, Attack, Fight Club Pro, BEW, WCPW and now Progress recently as well as going over to Malta, Romania and America twice this year you would be hard pressed to find another contender this year. Like Pete there is strong rumours even more so that Nixon has signed to NXT starting in April and if this is the case, it is well deserved but gutting that we will be losing one of the best in the UK by a mile. She is great against other female wrestlers as well as intergender whether in one-on-ones, multi-person and tag with the likes of Chris Brookes previously as the Vulture Squad as well as tagging with the likes of Mark Andrews and Pete Dunne! Also if you get the chance watch her recent FCA match with Kay Lee Ray from Southside Ill Manors, one of my favourite matches live this year, ‘The Girl with the Shiniest Wizard’ Nixon Newell retains the award for best Female Wrestler for this year

BWR One to Watch 2017 (Male) – Ashley Dunn


So next onto our one to watch male for 2017, this has always been one of my favourite parts of writing this end of year awards post as it is good to see whether I am right in the years to come, in 2013 Tyler Bate got awarded this and is now one of the best talents in the UK, in 2014 it was Joseph Conners and once again Joe who was already established anyway has made major strides wrestling more up north for the likes of WCPW and getting to the likes of IPW:UK and it looks like Joseph will have an even better 2017 and last year was Chris Tyler who is mentioned later. This year it is Ashley Dunn also known as the Superstar, a BWR interviewee this year as well as our social media face, Ash is starting to make strides on the UK scene. I first saw him in a match with Will Ospreay for HOPE’s MK arm which occurred earlier this year and was uploaded to YouTube and is a match I have watched multiple times since, I then saw him live for my friends down at GOOD Wrestling against Ryan Smile and both men stole the show and more recently at HOPE’s anniversary show in MK where he became the new Kings of Flight Champion. I really like watching him as he is a real ball of energy in the ring and is also a really lovely guy as well. He already has bookings for 2017 as well as for HOPE with RCWA, Pride and the newly born again SWA where he is facing Chris Ridgeway and has also been over to Italy this year, remember the name Ashley Dunn as you will be seeing a lot of him in 2017.

BWR One To Watch 2017 (Female) – Bobbi Tyler


Next up is the female one to watch for next year, this one was hard for me also as for this one you could say many names such as Bea Priestley, Xia Brookside, Sierra Loxton, Kat Von Kaige the list goes on but I have gone for someone a bit more different and less well known, Bobbi Tyler. A main stay so far for the likes of HOPE which especially in my area is producing some great talent from Bobbi, Ashley Dunn, Hustle Malone, Shogun J and multiple others . A cracking worker when I have seen her live who works well as either a great babyface and also a heel when she is teaming with Kelly Sixx as Tyliner.The most recent interviewee and I think next year Bobbi will be seen more and it could be another good pick by myself

Honourable Mentions for One to Watch – Hustle Malone, Kelly Sixx and HC Dyer


Photo Credit : Brett Hadley Photography

Number 1 is Hustle Malone who has some of the best promos in British Wrestling and is unbeaten for a whole year in HOPE, is a great heel as part of the Team M.A.D (Motivated and Dangerous) stable with Chase Williams and Danny Mayhem which I really enjoy, next year will be a big one for Hustle


Number 2 – Kelly Sixx a.k.a The King of Performance, is someone who most in the UK Wrestling Scene have heard of but is getting more and more bookings as of late and is getting better and better in my opinion, he is wrestling a lot more down near me now mainly for HOPE as previously you would have to go down to the South Coast to see him wrestle mainly. Make sure that if you see him on a card that you go out your way to go!


Number 3 – HC Dyer, I saw him firstly in LCW about 2 years ago now and thought he was great and it’s no surprise considering he came out of the HOP Academy under the likes of Stixx but when he turned up at Southside as the mystery member of the Righteous Army I was overjoyed. Have seen him a lot in Southside since then and I believe you will be seeing a lot of Dyer in 2017 especially considering he is now a part of the WWE United Kingdom Tournament along with Pete Dunne, Chris Tyler, Roy Johnson, Ricky J. McKenzie, Tyler Bate and multiple others who have appeared on the blog previously and in my opinion it is a good choice by WWE to put a mixture of both the experience and also people like HC and Chris as it showcases new and innovative talent.

BWR Most Underrated Wrestler – Damian Dunne


This is quite a biased choice for me as I am a huge fan of Damian Dunne and always have been but this year I have seen him multiple times and he just gets better and better both in his ability and also his persona in the ring. Even though he is a heel I am always first to applaud him when he comes out and in a lot of cases am one of the only people to do so. Absolutely cracking wrestler who we get to see a lot of down here in the Midlands but not so much further north and in my opinion Damian is the most underrated talent in the UK for this year and next year will be even better for the self proclaimed ‘Number 1’.

BWR Best Overseas Star – Travis Banks


A bit like Dunne I get to see a lot of Banks due to the fact he wrestles a lot in the Midlands which is a blessing as the New Zealand native has become one of my favourite wrestlers in his short time over here and that is translating too massively all over the UK with him going all over the place from Preston City Wrestling to Southside to newly formed WCPW as well as wrestling for Ring of Honor during their tour over here. I kind of compare his rise over here to Toni Storm who came over here and blew up and in turn gaining her regular visits to Japan for Stardom as well as of course spots on the rosters of most promotions in the UK.  Banks has really became a staple of the British Wrestling scene over the past year and long may it continue in my opinion. ‘The Kiwi Buzzsaw’ Travis Banks is this years BWR Best Overseas Star.

I hope you enjoyed this years BWR Awards and if you would like to offer feedback as to who you think deserves these awards please do contact us on Social Media!

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