Interview – Jeff Cannonball

1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog Jeff, cheers for agreeing to do the interview, first of all could you please introduce yourself to the readers??
Thank you for having me. Real cool to get to do something not focused on the United States. I am Jeff Cannonball, I have been wrestling for six years, and doing death matches for the past two-three of those, which is what people seem to know me for at this point. It helped me land my spot in CZW, at least. You can also see me in OPW, UWA Elite, and the occasional stint with Juggalo Championship Wrestling, as well as many more. I also tend to get a bit long-winded so I hope I can reign that in a bit.
2. Let’s start by speaking about growing up, were you into wrestling from a young age and if so who would you inspired you to follow the route of becoming a wrestler??
I have been a fan of wrestling all my life. My dad was a fan so I couldn’t even tell you when I first witnessed it. It is a part of some of my oldest memories. Just like ever since I can remember, my answer to “what do you want to be when you grow up” was always pro wrestler. The guy with the biggest influence over me as a kid was Ultimate Warrior. He was everything that I thought was cool and is certainly to blame for making me want to wrestle. As I got older I fell in love with ECW and then later on FMW from Japan, which probably explains the style of wrestling I have become a bit more acquainted with. Especially Cactus Jack, Matsunaga, and Tommy Dreamer.
3. Next how did you get involved in Wrestling training, who trained you and how would you rate the experience??
Well, much like many, I got older and my dreams sort of took a back seat to going to college (university as I believe you call it), and being a “real adult.” Early on in college I figured well, I’m here…I’m doing what I’m supposed to do…let me try to get into wrestling now. I was always the type who puts just as much emphasis on enjoying your life and doing the things you want to do for your own sake as I put on being a responsible person who does what he needs to do. So a buddy of mine found out I wanted to look into schools. He just so happened to be friends with an independent guy named Corey Havoc. My friend put us in touch and I started training two weeks later with a now defunct company, NWS. My training was mostly thanks to Corey Havoc, Nicky Oceans, and Corvis Fear (later known as Eric Corvis in Chikara and CZW). That is where I got the basics and started having my first matches. As I got more into it I would visit other NJ schools and non stop seminars. As of the past couple years, I also attend training at the CZW Dojo.
4. You are known to many as being a part of Combat Zone Wrestling, how was it taking part in the Tournament of Death and Cage of Death this year and how is it to put your body on the line in deathmatches?? 
I have always loved death matches. Ever since middle school when I first saw FMW, I thought it was so cool. It was everything I loved about wrestling but add in the extra violence and turn it up. However, I never wanted to be JUST a death match guy. I wanted to be able to wrestle normal matches as well. So I waited to get my feet wet in the death match world. Putting my body on the line just comes with the territory. The nerves are always there, but I do my best to push it to the back of my mind when it comes time. I don’t want to hold back and I want to deliver every time. CZW was THE goal of mine since the beginning. So getting to be part of the Tournament of Death and in the Cage of Death in my rookie year with the company was surreal. I always pictured myself taking part in both of these, but not in one year and certainly not in my first year. Tournament of Death, especially, was important to me. I’ve been to so many of them as a fan and finally being there was an amazing feeling. And I got to really take it in. I looked where I used to sit, I took my time at the beginning to really soak it in, and even after I was pinned by Matt Tremont, once I felt a little better I still laid there for a moment just to enjoy. Cage of Death, while still special, was much more chaotic and I didn’t have time to take it in as much. I was the 3rd person in an eight person war games style match, so as soon as I hit the ring it was GO GO GO!
5. You faced former ECW star New Jack recently for OPW, how was it wrestling him and do you have memories of watching him growing up and if so was it a surreal experience??

New Jack was a FAVORITE of mine watching ECW. I loved that his matches were pure unpredictably dangerous energy. I remember one of the first things I saw from ECW in general was him diving off a balcony, I wasn’t seeing that on WWF. You never knew what he was going to do. I’m pretty sure that if you had asked me when I was like 13 years old I would have included him in a top 5 haha! Wrestling him was a great experience, people may not believe it due to his reputation, but I learned a lot from him in those 10 minutes. He is a tough and scary individual, but it was all worth it in the end. Plus, it was a triple threat with Matt Tremont who is one of my best friends in this business while benefitting an injured Lowlife Louie Ramos, another best friend. I spent Christmas with these two!. I highly recommend checking that match out, On Point Wrestling did something special there.

6. Also you wrestle for Nova Pro Wrestling in Virginia who are growing with every show, what are your thoughts on NOVA Pro so far and do you think their shows will get better and better next year??

NOVA is awesome. They don’t use me regularly, but I enjoy kind of being that once in a while guy, it almost feels special, like Abdullah the Butcher back in his day. Also, since I am not at every show I get to see them grow in leaps and bounds. I did their first show, and it was solid but there were little things they could work on. I did their most recent show and it was night and day. From the locker room to the energy from the crowd, hell, even to the size of the crowd. NOVA is awesome and it’ll be fun to watch them continue to grow. Lets hope they don’t forget me as they grow!

7. Of course the blog is called TheBritishWrestlingRevival, would you ever come over here in the future if given the chance especially considering CZW does yearly tours over here and if so who would you want to face??

I would absolutely love to. I love travelling outside the US, and I haven’t been able to do it since 2012 (not wrestling related). I’m a big fan of old school British wrestling, believe it or not, I have a stack of Johnny Saint dvds. I don’t follow as much now, but I love everything I’ve seen from PROGRESS. Whether it was PROGRESS, CZW, or anywhere, I would love to get in the ring with Jimmy Havoc. I also wouldn’t mind doing a weird styles clash mix up with someone like Nathan Cruz.

8. What are your ambitions and goals in Wrestling and what do you want to achieve within 5 years would you say??

My goal was always CZW and to be in the Tournament of Death, as well as some other bigger tournaments such as IWA MS’s King of the Death Match. I’ve accomplished all of that this year so looking forward, I want to win at least one major tournament. The biggest of them all, TOD, but I want to bring some trophies home in the next few years. I also want to travel. I’ve never been to the west coast with wrestling, I want to do that. Of course, internationally, I just want to sit on a plane knowing that wherever I am going, it is thanks to wrestling.

9. Where can the readers find Jeff Cannonball on Social Media and where can promoters book you if they wish to do so??

I’ve got a twitter and instagram, both @jeffcannonball. I am very active on instagram and I am working on being better at twitter. Though, Twitter is where you will see me post about merchandise and upcoming dates the most. Speaking of merchandise, check out, it is a buddy of mine who does some cool things with music and enamel pins who also lets me put up my shirts, dvds, and whatever else I sell online. You can find me on facebook at Jeff Guerriero (Jeff Cannonball). Unfortunately, facebook decided “Cannonball” wasn’t a real enough last name and they forced me to go back to the name Guerriero. But I’m active on there, as well. You can book me through that page, or any social media. Or email me at

10. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug??

Sure, I’ve got very limited quantities remaining of my two current shirts, a long sleeve and a reprint. This is the only design I’ve ever reprinted so once those two are gone, they’re gone. Both at Check my facebook and twitter for all upcoming dates. And who knows, maybe I’ll accomplish another goal June 10 at CZW’s Tournament of Death, people travel for that show, join them. Thank you for having me.

I hope you enjoyed this interview and I would like to thank Jeff for answering the questions for you to read, please go and support him on social media if possible! 

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