Blu-ray Review – WWE Hell in a Cell 2016


Hello readers and welcome to the first post of 2017, I hope all of you had a great Christmas and New Year, as some of you will know we have entered now into the 4th year of the blog which in my opinion is mental considering when I initially started running it I thought it would last a few months at most, I am hoping to make this year one of the best yet!

The first post of the year if it is not an interview there is no surprise that it is a WWE DVD/Blu-ray review, it wasn’t put up yesterday on release due to me forgetting about the release so I had to scramble to watch it but this is the second WWE Raw PPV of the draft which  was main evented by two of the best women right now in Charlotte and Sasha Banks which shows how far WWE is pushing women’s wrestling and how far it has come from the jokes about it being the toilet break in a WWE PPV.

Anyway we will get to that later, onto my quick concise thoughts on the matches overall before you get your usual rating and my recommendation on whether you should buy it :

First match was between Rusev and Roman Reigns, I didn’t watch this PPV live so for me I only looked at the match listing when I reviewed it yesterday and I thought this would be really boring as I am not a massive fan of either like many but surprisingly it was a really good match which showed both men’s talents off in quite a bruising, physical encounter which you expect from two of the biggest toughest men in the WWE. There was several near falls which of course gave the illusion that Reigns could lose the title at any moment and we could have another Rusev reign but Reigns ended up coming through with a spear of course to retain the title and probably end a feud and start a long reign running up to the Road to Wrestlemania run in.

The next match was unfortunately the first dud of the card between Dana Brooke and Bayley, Brooke was in control for the first few entrails of the match before Bayley fought back to get the win with her signature Bayley to Belly. Bayley was expected to win but I would rather you put her even against an enhancement talent to potentially hype up a potential title match for her against Sasha or Charlotte after dominating but instead we get her facing Dana Brooke who hasn’t really impressed me since coming up from NXT and like said this win was all too predictable, if I were you skip through it.

Next we got Gallows & Anderson vs Enzo & Cass, this was alright but of course all too predictable with Enzo taking a beating, Cass being tagged in and then Enzo losing in the end and was exactly the same here. I myself like Enzo & Cass and because I don’t watch RAW every week means when I do these reviews it is always good to see them in action but even I get sick of the same script every single PPV, Sheamus and Cesaro recently won the WWE RAW Tag Team titles and I believe that Gallows and Anderson will probably face them at WrestleMania once they get the rematches with the New Day over with and potentially we will get them going over so it isn’t all bad in terms of the outcome.

Next up we had Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins in the second Hell in a Cell match of the night, which in my opinion was very very good and was definitely an improvement on the previous two matches. It was a very hard hitting, big spot match including Rollins sending Owens through some tables, this was up until the ending when Jericho ended up coming down to interfere which was all too predictable but I really enjoyed it as for one I like Jericho and also when you don’t know the results or have not seen the PPV previously you watch a match rooting for someone for an interference to happen which makes you wonder what is going to happen which still gets me to this day. His interference meant that Kevin Owens wins and potentially sets up a match or series of matches between Jericho and Rollins especially if Rollins wins the title from Owens. Rollins spent most of the match towards the end going after Jericho for it to be more like a handicap which was clever and great so overall a great effort and even though people were expecting it before hand it was great to see Jericho involved, Drink it in man!

Next up is a match that I was quite looking forward to between BWR alumni TJ Perkins and someone who agreed an interview right before his WWE run started but never did it Brian Kendrick. Of course it was for the Cruiserweight Championship. For those who have read the blog for a while probably know that I love all things cruiserweights, flips, lucha libre as I love fast paced wrestling compared to the more technical side so when they brought back the cruiserweights my favourite division from back in the day I was thinking count me in. A pretty good match but it wasn’t helped by the fact the crowd was stone cold after the Hell in a Cell match and understandably so. Kendrick used some great tactics as a heel to pick up the win including acting like he was hurt and Perkins checking on him to be headbutted which resulted in Kendrick picking up the title and TJ losing it after around two months. This will mean which is great that we may even see the likes of Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado, Tony Nese being given title matches which is always great but I don’t expect Perkins not to be in the title picture again that is for sure.

Sheamus & Cesaro vs The New Day was next which if I am right was around the time when they were about to get the record for the longest reigning tag team champions in WWE history so the finish especially made sense in this one. A good tag match which was good before the main event as usually the sub main event normally follows something superb so isn’t great. Kofi Kingston who of course was not in the match hit the Trouble in Paradise on Sheamus which made the disqualification which of course is clever from the New Day, if they end up losing the titles soon it will have been a quality reign but even I think they are getting quite stale now so we will have to see what happens but like I said a good little tag match as sub main event.

Finally to the main event between Charlotte and Sasha Banks which was the first women’s match to headline a WWE PPV and the first women’s Hell in a Cell match so was a record breaking match as such. Charlotte started the match by attacking Banks which led to the two fighting in the crowd and outside while the cell was being lowered. Charlotte then ended up climbing the cell and was knocked down by Banks, Charlotte counter acted that by throwing her into a broadcast table with a powerbomb and the match looked to be over with Banks about to be taken away on a stretcher making Charlotte the RAW Women’s Champion again. Banks though got off the stretcher and entered the cell so the match was finally started. They went back and forth with a few near falls which really made you believe that either woman could be walking out with it. Banks ended up applying the Banks Statement on Charlotte but Charlotte escaped and rolled out of the ring which signalled the beginning of the end of the match. Charlotte attempted a superplex through a table but Banks ended up knocking Charlotte onto the table. Charlotte tried the figure eight but it failed which lead to Banks looking to get the win with a Powerbomb into the table but it failed, Charlotte then threw her onto the table and then got Natural Selection to win the title and I believe her 3rd reign. Overall a very good match which ended the card nicely, I didn’t have any problem with the ending but I prefer Charlotte to Sasha anyway so I was happy myself to see Charlotte win it again, I thought after the start Banks would then go onto retain after taking punishment but that didn’t happen. I am very looking forward to their next match!

Rating 7/10 – A good Pay-Per-View but not amazing at all. Some matches were great and some were god awful but for the Hell in a Cell matches alone I would pick this up as there is some great matches from them. Not the best of the year but not the worst by any means!

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