DVD Review – WWE Best Pay Per View Matches 2016



Welcome to the latest WWE DVD review today, this is of course part of the yearly series of Best Pay Per View Matches which is of course released towards the end of the year/ start of the following one! Sometimes they can be spot on with some great matches which saves you buying the Pay-Per View’s by themselves and sometimes there are some shocks involved which in itself either makes it a hit or miss.

As usual if you have read my reviews of the Best Pay Per View releases previously I don’t cover the matches in great detail as I have already reviewed them in Pay Per View’s but I basically just say whether they should have been included and why!

Finally before we get onto the review I am sorry this is late, my copy got lost in the post so another one had to be sent which meant it is a week late so usually you’d see the Survivor Series review in line with the release schedule but that is not the case for those wondering!

To start Disc 1 we get Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens which is the only match from the Royal Rumble, for me at the time this was a great match and still was when I rewatched it for the DVD maybe not as good as I said it was previously but this definately deserved it’s spot on the DVD as it was a genuine match of the year contender and it shows how bad the RR PPV was as we only got one match for it which can be the same for others on the DVD but like I alluded to it did deserve its spot and if your picking and choosing through the DVD give this a watch!

Next up we get 2 matches from Fastlane in the form of AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar which happened as a result of the Royal Rumble result and is a usual occurrence now, I don’t know what it is but WWE Fastlane seems to be the pay-per-view not that well touted due to WrestleMania season but to be honest it produces in some cases better matches than Mania. First up Styles vs Jericho which I said ‘this was amazing and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if this is on the Best PPV Matches of 2016’ so it doesn’t surprise me it is on this release, brilliant match and I really liked rewatching it. The 3 way was there at the time to pick a #1 contender and it is probably the reason why it was on the DVD apart from that it was ok but a bit short.

Next up we get 3 matches from the biggest event in Sports Entertainment, Wrestlemania in its 32nd incarnation and in this case we get the Ladder Match, Charlotte vs Sasha vs Becky and Shane vs Taker, first of all the ladder match which was one of my favourite matches on the card as I have always been a huge advocate for ladder matches and high flying with The Hardyz my favourite tag team of all time and RVD my favourite wrestler of all time who both were brilliant in this discipline, I said previously it was a spotfest and thats what I love in wrestling as I am a massive fan of Lucha, High Flying and while some people can sit there and watch 50 minutes of Technical Wrestling I can sit there and watch an hour of flips. Charlotte vs Sasha vs Becky was brilliant and if I was to add anything else to the DVD it would have to be Styles vs Jericho but apart from that I loved this match and I think this really made WWE management believe in the women’s division even more and the two women who are currently carrying it Sasha and Charlotte. I would rather have had Becky win but she got a title win on Smackdown later on in the year so it’s all good. Finally we had Shane vs Taker which wasn’t amazing but still was good and was probably on the card as it is Shane’s return to the ring and you can’t have a Mania without Taker.

On Disc 2 we got Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens from Payback which was brilliant and whenever they are together they produce brilliance so I am not surprised this made this DVD, Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles from Extreme Rules which I didn’t initially review as far as I am aware but it was brilliant and even though I was apprehensive with it being Reigns it was great and well worth watching either on this DVD or not, The Ladder Match from MITB which is brilliant as usual and is really good just to mark out over , Reigns vs Rollins which like I said in the review isn’t usually my cup of tea due to Reigns and Rollins but I really enjoyed it and did when I rewatched it, brilliant, Sasha Banks & Bayley vs Charlotte and Dana Brooke and Ambrose vs Reigns vs Rollins from Battleground, the first one wasn’t great but because Bayley was the mystery partner who is a favourite but I wouldn’t call it a best PPV match of the year.

Disc 3 starts with John Cena vs AJ Styles which was brilliant and one of my favourite WWE matches of the year that is for sure and also Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor for the first ever WWE Universal champion which was great but also sad as it was Balor’s PPV debut for him to be injured after grabbing his first ever title but still a great match and a dead cert for this set in my opinion. Next up we had a match from Backlash in the form of the Women’s 6 pack elimination match which I especially enjoyed as Becky Lynch ended up winning the title and overall it was a brilliant effort from the women which was one of my favourite matches from the female superstars last year for sure and I forgot about it until I watched it on this release, well worth watching!

Cesaro vs Sheamus in the best of seven series from Clash of Champions was next and I remember this one well as it was from a recent release and this was one that really surprised me as I am not usually a fan of Sheamus and it really delivered but with a weird ending with it ending with a draw as it was the final match in the series but watching it back with that aside its brilliant. The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler was the penultimate match and was so so good, I didn’t previously watch it as I didn’t review it but it is a hidden gem if you don’t watch a lot of WWE programming and you may skip over it but with both men being veterans of sorts in the company and they were literally given reign to go out there and put on a great match and that is what they did. Finally we got the Charlotte vs Sasha Banks match which I found was alright but the fact that i was the first ever WWE women’s main event and Hell in A Cell Match meant it had to be on the release so it’s fine with me!

Rating – 8/10 – I can’t really argue with too much on this release probably apart from one or two match choices, this is probably the closest you are going to get to the Best PPV Matches of last year and if you are not a major fan of buying PPV’s or don’t really watch a lot of wrestling this will be perfect to watch only the best and keep in the loop! Well worth the purchase for only £19.99

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