Interview – ‘The Kid’ Ethan Silver


1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog Ethan, cheers for agreeing to do the interview, first of all could you please introduce yourself to the readers if they don’t know you already??
No worries. Hi, I am “The Kid” Ethan Silver, I am 19 years old, and wrestle around the UK in both singles and tag competition.

2. Let’s start by speaking about growing up, were you into wrestling from a young age and if so who would you inspired you to follow the route of becoming a wrestler??

I got into wrestling as I went into year 6, as it became popular in school, for about 20 minutes. The first match I saw was from the go home Smackdown before Survivor Series ’07, in Rey Mysterio vs Mr Kennedy. Guys like Rey and Jeff Hardy made me want to be a wrestler, as they made me think I could do it, as they were small too.
As I watched more, I gained more favourites, but they were the original guys. Especially Rey

3. Next how did you get involved in Wrestling training, who trained you and how would you rate the experience??
A month after starting to watch wrestling, I googled local wrestling schools, and found a school close to me. I trained there for about 5 years (alongside Drew Parker). At the time it was amazing, I was wrestling so I just enjoyed it. Now I know more, I realise it wasn’t very good training, but i learned a lot which helped me get to a standard where I could go wrestle around and train with other people, such as Mike Bird at Dragon Pro. I then began training with BWP in Prestatyn, and ATTACK! and attended as many seminars as possible. Wrestling training was always great for me to be honest, i was just happy to be wrestling

4. You are of course known as The YOLO Squad with Drew Parker, how did you two form and are you looking to wrestle a lot more together and establishing yourself even more across the British Wrestling scene in both singles and tag this year??

Its a funny story. Me and Drew have known eachother since we were 11 and 10. We used to play triple threat matches online on WWE games, and gang up on people. We made jobber characters with ridiculous gear, called them the “YOLO squad” and would have a laugh online. One day we were booked as a team, and needed a name, so we used that name. Nowadays the name doesn’t fit us, in fact we just changed our name to the “North West Wolves” to resolve this issue. We still team regularly, but I think just based on how much we have changed as wrestlers, I think we’ll be establishing our singles acts this year more so than the team stuff. I am part of another team under a pseudonym anyway. Anyone who has seem my highlight videos will know what I mean

5. You are part of Attack Pro Wrestling which has seen a great rise over the past few years both talent wise and also the promotion itself, what do you make of it and how did you feel seeing the likes of Tyler, Mark & Pete part of the WWE UK tournament recently??

ATTACK! is the best. The best. It may be smaller, but I feel its like PWG in the sense of smaller venues, but phenomenal match quality, fun atmosphere and a great group of fans. It also operates within its own weird and wonderful universe, which makes it feel extra special.
I was over the moon for Mark, Pete, Tyler, Trent, and Dan. They all deserve it, and are incredible wrestlers. Im glad they all got to showcase what they can do, and they did great. I think it helps ATTACK! to have some of its roster shown off in this way aswell

6. You are making your Southside debut on March 11th against Robbie X and Bubblegum, what are your thoughts on debuting for Southside and if the fans at Southside have never seen you before what can they expect??

I’m really excited for this. Ive wanted to work for Southside for a long time, and finally have the chance, against 2 great dudes.

If the Southside fans haven’t seen me before, be ready to see and underdog, who wont give up, and will flip and fight his way to a victory. The Kid takes wrestling seriously, and I’m gunning for a victory in my debut

7. You are the Knockout Wrestling Champion after getting the shot through the Road to Gold, how did it feel to win the title and do you have any words for the roster who are now after the title??

It felt great. KOW was one of the first places to give me the ball and see if I could run with it. I earned the shot, and worked hard to prove I could be a champion there. Winning the title was the proof of that, and I feel like i did earn it

As for any words for the roster, come get it. Ill face anyone. Im having a blast as champ and Im not ready to stop

8. What are your ambitions and goals in Wrestling and what do you want to achieve within 5 years would you say??

I want to be in a position where I am making a living from wrestling. I dont mind where. I have a lot of goals for wrestling in the future, but at the moment, ive been living in the now, and trying to progress week by week.

9. Where can the readers find ‘The Kid’ Ethan Silver on Social Media and where can promoters book you if they wish to do so??

You can follow me on twitter at @ethansilverflip. Insta at @ethansilverflipz and on facebook as Ethan Silver. I also have in online store at where rad tshirts are on sale. You should all grab one!

10. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug??
Just find me at shows everywhere. Come say hi. Oh, and check me out on youtube! “EthanEpicenterSilver” is the channel name. Highlight vids galore, subscribe!

I hope you enjoyed this interview and I would like to thank Ethan for answering the questions for you to read, please go and support him on social media if possible! 

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