Blu-ray Review – WWE TLC 2016


Hello readers and once again welcome to another WWE review, this time we go back to the realm of Pay-Per-Views after last reviewing Best Pay Per View Matches from last year, for those interested I would have also been reviewing Survivor Series and this was I think mentioned in my previous review but it got lost in the post I think so that is why that review was not released!

It is the last PPV of the year that we will be visiting which is TLC – Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2016, this was put on by the Smackdown side of the draft as opposed to all together or on the RAW side, looking at the card in my opinion apart from probably Styles vs Ambrose in AJ’s first TLC match nothing stood out which is more of a testament to the SmackDown roster and the fact I am not a massive fan of most of the wrestlers on it which is nothing personal but I am more likely to give this a worse review as a result unless they knock it out of the park!

Anyway onto the matches :

First of all we had Heath Slater & Rhyno vs Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton, Orton and Wyatt ended up picking up the victory with a bit of help from their ‘manager’ Luke Harper who was out ringside and took a spear from Rhyno instead of Orton and allowed Orton to come back in and RKO Rhyno and pick up the victory and become the new SmackDown Tag Team champions with Wyatt, the match overall was very short and WWE used it as an intention to put The Wyatt Family over and instead of them drawing it out it was very fast to make them seem dominant and above what is currently there in the tag team division! I don’t have any complaints with this match as they are going somewhere with it, it is the matches that have no purpose and are quick that bother me!

Next up was Nikki Bella vs Carmella which was No Disqualification and considering the stipulation and the two wrestlers part of it I thought they would really put on a great match that I would really enjoy but let’s just say it wasn’t very good in my opinion, it lasted 8 minutes and even though the intensity for a feud was there, the quality was lacking and it didn’t go on long enough for a No Disqualification match! I have become quite a big fan of Nikki Bella since Total Divas and Total Bellas after initially not thinking much of her and even though I have never been that enamoured with Carmella in the ring, I really enjoyed her work in NXT so I was surprised when this wasn’t as good as I thought it would be! Skip past this if you can!

Next up was The Miz w/ Maryse vs Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship in a Ladder match and this was brilliant and definately a stark contrast from the last match! I am always a big fan of ladders in matches or any weapons due to my love of ECW growing up and also loving the Hardy’s so I still get pumped when the ladders come out! We had of course the best bit of the ladder match which really builds up tension and that is the near win scenarios and there were plenty of those and for someone who didn’t watch the PPV live I got that feeling as if either man was going to pick up the title. The Miz of course got a heelish ending by low-blowing Ziggler twice and using the advantage of No-Disqualification and I was sitting there applauding it as it ended the feud nicely and kept up Miz’s character. I thought myself Maryse would have low blowed Ziggler so that Miz would of got the win but it shows him to be a great heel that doesn’t always have to rely on others to get him results! Overall a brilliant match well worth a watch especially if your like me and really enjoy ladder matches.

Next up was Baron Corbin vs Kalisto which for me was good but not brilliant like it could of been, because it was a Chairs match both men went all out to deliver moves using the chairs which especially using a guy like Kalisto is always worth a watch but the crowd overall just weren’t into the match especially after the great one before it and as a result it suffered and fair enough if you have no reaction during a bad match but when it is good like Corbin vs Kalisto it doesn’t make sense but still worth the watch even though the crowd didn’t love it!

The next match we got was another women’s encounter but a stark contrast to the other one it was between Becky Lynch who if you read this blog regularly know that she is my favourite female wrestler vs Alexa Bliss who I was puzzled at when they brought her up but after a while it made sense and she has become quite the force on the SmackDown roster ever since now aligning herself with Mickie James, the match was for the Women’s Title in a tables stipulation. Bliss ended up winning to become the new SmackDown Women’s Champion so like I said because I didn’t know the results going in was a gutter, she ended up winning after they battled and Bliss tripped Becky before powerbombing her through a table to win the match and unlike the other womens’ match it was quite good and went nearly 20 minutes so apart from that I would definately watch it over the other one! I hope Becky wins it back sooner rather than later but I reckon Mickie might turn on Alexa and potentially win the itle herself in the future but that is just a thought!

Finally we got the match that I was very much looking forward to and that was AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Title. I was a big fan of AJ before he came to the WWE so I will always give his matches a watch even though they don’t have the same effect on me and Ambrose isn’t my favourite but I still enjoy watching him on occasion! This match though was brilliant and a great end to the show, AJ Styles ended up retaining his title unsurprisingly but the finish was a weird one with James Ellsworth getting involved and pushing Ambrose off the ladder through two tables which gave AJ Styles the chance to grab the title and retain. Some cracking spots and overall a great match to end the feud with Styles moving on to face Cena at the Rumble which will shape who either man faces at Mania but a satisfying end to the feud that is for sure and a very good main event to end the show!

Rating 7/10 – A good show to end the year off, some matches that were not worth watching but if you get the chance for Ziggler vs The Miz and Styles vs Ambrose alone it is well worth watching either on the WWE Network or if you want to buy the Blu-ray which includes all the Pre-Show stuff for those who always ask about the extras involved but overall worth picking up!

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