Interview – Will Cuevas


1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog Will thank you very much for agreeing to take part in this interview, first of all could you please introduce yourself to the readers?? 

Hello everyone! I’m Will Cuevas, the Moneymaker, from San Francisco, CA. 

2. Let’s first of all talk about growing up for you, did you watch wrestling growing up and if so who inspired you at the time to train to become a wrestler?? 

I began watching wrestling around the age of 7. My grandfather who’s from Puerto Rico would watch USWA wrestling on ESPN and then watch Lucha Libre on the weekends. Once I saw my first match I was hooked.  My favorite wrestlers when I first watched wrestling was Gentleman Chris Adams and the Fabulous Freebirds.  The Freebirds had an electricity that would make arenas go crazy.  Eventually as I grew up, Shawn Michaels became my favorite performer hands down. 

3. Next of all let’s speak about training for you, what are your thoughts on your training experience, who trained you and if you could train with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?? 

I first began training in 1998 at the All Pro Wrestling Boot Camp in Hayward, CA. My first trainers were Michael Modest and Frank Murdoch.  After returning to wrestling when I left the military my trainers became Vinnie Massaro And Robert Thompson. Michael Modest was a trainer that demanded respect and perfection. He was able to incorporate the physical aspects along with the mental aspects.  We were encouraged to watch all other wrestling besides the WWF/WCW at the time. This is where I created an immense love for Japanese, Mexican and European style of wrestling. 

If I could train with anyone dead or alive I would say Mitsuharu Misawa and Eddie Guerrero.  Misawa was one of the first Japanese wrestlers I was introduced to and the style blew me away.  Eddie is simply a personal legend in my heart.  He is one the greatest of all time. 

4. You are the APW Worldwide Internet Champion winning it back towards the back end of last year, how did it feel to win it back and what are your thoughts on the constant rise of APW?? 

I originally won the title on September 11th in 2015 and at the time was the biggest moment of my career.  My match was pushed to the main event and streamed live on YouTube.  For the first time, in just a short time back in wrestling was the main event of the card and Boyce Legrande and I delivered. Winning it back was a bit of a redemption for me.  When you hold a title for a while you try your best not to be complacent, but I found myself working harder as a performer and I think many fans saw that.  APW is super hot right now and I’m super happy about it.  Why wouldn’t any wrestler in the world want to perform at APW right now? I think the fact that APW is running at the historic Cow Palace in San Francisco is showing that they are a major player on the West Coast. 

5. Speaking of APW, you recently faced Zack Sabre Jr, how was it to take on one of the best in the world and are you glad that APW gives you those opportunities?? 

Zack Sabre Jr is hands down the best wrestler in the world right now. It was the most physically intense matches of my career and I think I made a believer out of many of my critics who think I may not deserve these opportunities.  Zack is highly intelligent when it comes to wrestling.  APW has given not only myself but others opportunities in the past few years, I just think that I’ve ran with those opportunities and exceeded expectations.  From Boyce Legrande to Lince Dorado to Matt Carlos to Rik Luxury to Zack Sabre Jr, fans have repeatedly been active on social media saying what I do out there is the “match of the night”.  I’m highly critical of myself and see many flaws in what I do, but if fans are saying that, then I must be doing something right. 

6. You have wrestled on WWE TV previously against the Shining Stars on Superstars, how was it to be part of WWE programming and what was the atmosphere like backstage?? 

The opportunity to wrestle the Shining Stars was fantastic. I have a huge respect for the Colon family. If you notice before the match, Epico noticed the Puerto Rican tattoo I have on my chest which is the same emblem on their gear. I felt right at home in there. They mentioned my selling and footwork were great after the match. The experience for me is appreciated but I’m not the type to be star struck. Maybe it’s my military experience but we are all men who put our pants on one leg at a time.  The backstage experience is all about learning, it’s about realizing that all of us wrestlers come from the same cloth.  It’s about standing out without trying to seem like a kiss ass.

7. What are your future ambitions in wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?? 

For me I’m doing what I love right now. I’m pushing myself in the ring and always look forward to taking on top tier talent.  Within the next 5 years I’d like to tour the U.K. and Japan simply because I love and appreciate the styles and crowds so much.  As far as WWE I’d like to be in consideration for their 2017 Cruiserweight Classic if there is one. If I had to choose one ambition it would be to tour Europe and wrestle all of the talent there.

8. Of course the blog is called TheBritishWrestlingRevival, would you ever come over to the UK if given the chance and if so who would you have your eye on facing?? 

Talk about a dream come true. The UK has been my hope for years now.  Just like football, or what us Americans call soccer, the fans are just as important as the athletes.  To compete in the craft of pro wrestling that I love in front of fans who love it just the same would be very fulfilling.  Easy answer, Marty Scurll hands down. His persona, style, attitude and track record says it all.  If I had to choose a #2 it would be Grado.  Performance wise I think it would be electric.

9. Where can the readers follow the progress of Will Cuevas on social media and where can promoters book you for shows if they are reading this?? 

I’m on Twitter at @WillTheCuevas and on Instagram at @Will_Cuevas.  I will also be releasing a new merchandise line to be sold on my website WillThe  Hope to hear from you all there. I’m very responsive to my social media.

10. Do you have any future dates or projects that you want to plug to end the interview off??

I have several important dates coming up.  March 25th for All Pro Wrestling I take on my first trainer Michael Modest.  April 15th for Pro Wrestling Revolution I will be in action in Santa Rosa,CA, this is my alternate persona Memo Cuevas.  Then of course the big one May 6th in the Cow Palace in San Francisco. I don’t know the plans yet but it’s going to be historic.

I hope you enjoyed this interview and I would like to thank Will for answering the questions for you to read, please go and support him on social media if possible! 

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