DVD Review – WWE Roadblock : End of the Line


Welcome to the latest WWE DVD review, we are back with another Pay-Per-View DVD release today and in fact the last Pay-Per-View of 2016. I have Royal Rumble 2017 right next to me on Blu-Ray to review next so will this end the year great or will it end it on a more sour note. The main spotlight for this pay-per-view as seen on the cover was the Universal Championship match between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens. This review wasn’t out earlier as I had interviews with John Skyler and Dezmond Xavier ready to go and I don’t like to put out more than one post a day out so it puts focus on the specific article that day but anyway onto the matches –

First of all we had the RAW Tag Team Championship match between Big E and Kofi Kingston and Cesaro and Sheamus, this match was a great start to proceedings, I really like all 4 men especially the New Day and I really enjoyed their Oscars mick take the other week on RAW. Like I said a great start and it was full of near falls which made the action thrilling but also as if it was going to end at any second which it didn’t. Surprisingly to a certain extent Sheamus and Cesaro ended up capturing the titles in this instance after Kingston hit Cesaro with his finishing move the Trouble in Paradise but because Sheamus was still the legal man he used it to his advantage and got the pinfall. Like any long running reign though over the years such as Nikki Bella last year when she lost it to Charlotte it is always going to end when it surpasses the record and it was always just a case of when with the New Day and I reckon though they may reclaim them at a PPV in the future especially if they still garner a red hot reaction from the crowd.

The next match was between Braun Strowman and Sami Zayn where Zayn would win if he survived 10 minutes which was the limit. In my opinion this match was alright as you can expect it was mostly just Strowman beating up Zayn for most of it which isn’t that fun and even though Zayn ended up winning by surviving the time limit we only really saw his offence for literally the last few minutes and when Strowman looked like he was going to end Zayn, he went full throttle and ended up with a Helluva Kick as the clock expired to win the match. I would love to see a match that goes longer between these two where it is more evenly matched in terms of the offence I don’t mind who wins as this match was just Strowman being shown as this machine with Zayn showing his fight so it is probably more of a pre-cursor

Next up it was Seth Rollins vs Chris Jericho, this usually would be a main event on a Pay-Per-View like this but because they are going of in different WrestleMania programs it makes sense with Rollins after Triple H and Jericho facing Kevin Owens which may be a pre-cursor for the main event. This match none the less was good, Rollins picked up the victory and like with the New Day match there was a lot of near falls which like I say I like. Rollins of course was glad as it is revenge for Jericho costing him winning the Universal Title which is held by Kevin Owens and speaking of Owens he did make an appearance with Rollins looking like he would lose but he didn’t hitting the Pedigree which is of course Triple H’s move to get the win which could show a rift between Owens and Jericho to appear in the future and also teases Rollins’ feud with Triple H which aforementioned is currently taking place.

The next match was between Rich Swann who is the Cruiserweight Champion at the time of the PPV taking on Brian Kendrick and BWR alumni TJ Perkins. As I always say I am a big fan of Cruiserweight/ High Flying/ Lucha wrestling and always have been it is up there with hardcore so to see this style on WWE programming regularly is brilliant. This match was good but not up to my standards, still worth a watch though. It ended with my favourite move in wrestling, the superkick with double to the face of Kendrick before Swann hit a great uppercut back kick on Perkins for the win. Not the best match I have seen but it was bettered by Neville coming out and hitting Swann witha forearm and then beating up Perkins who tried to save Swann and it was cheered by the crowd even though it was a signal of a new era in WWE for Neville and also the start of his push for gold and sending a message to the champion for future events including 205 Live.

Next up we had a 30 minute Iron Man match between two of the best female wrestlers on the roster in Charlotte and Sasha Banks for the RAW Women’s title. To be honest I have changed my opinion on both women over the past year or so with Charlotte being higher in my estimations, I was actually looking forward to this match more than Reigns vs Owens. I have never been as big of a fan of Sasha as most people are but I don’t mind her and recognise she is one of the best if not the best in the current division. This match was excellent and probably stole the show for me. At the start I nearly turned off as being into action packed/ straight from the word go wrestling I thought this would be boring but when it got into it, it was a brilliant match. In my opinion though the only thing that really let this down was the pinfalls for the eliminations especially the last one where Sasha tapped out right at the last second as opposed to logically with a few seconds to go and also the crowd were terrible at the start with both women putting in a mighty good performance it was a shame to have that but I hate to say it but there might still be that stigma there with certain audience members about women’s wrestling which frankly should be gone by now but still Charlotte who I prefer held the women’s title aloft for what felt like the millionth time to end the year off and even though Bayley is now champion I reckon she might win it again at WrestleMania.

The main event was between Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal title and the crowd being quite tepid towards the great match between Charlotte and Sasha meant this one would probably get more crowd reaction as a result as opposed to it being flat. In my opinion this match was good but not amazing. I was waiting all match for Jericho to pop up and that is not how it should be at all and it was the same a few years back with Rollins at Mania but it was more of a feel good story as he walked out with the title. This wasn’t main event standard which was a shame. Jericho of course interfered running down to the ring and caused an intentional disqualification by putting him in the Codebreaker in front of the ref. While this is good for storyline purposes it made a poor end to the show and I expected better. We ended with Rollins and Reigns dispatching Owens and standing over him to end proceedings and get revenge for proceedings in match 3 and the main event so the fans got at least some retribution for Jericho interfering as well with the Shield reforming sort of again.

Rating 7/10 – This was an alright end to the year but some of the matches were quite poor and it definately was more of a B-/C PPV with Charlotte and Sasha once again stealing the show and the main event failing to live up to the hype. I am hoping though that the Royal Rumble is better and gets me hyped up for Mania and you will see that review very soon!

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