Blu-ray Review – WWE Royal Rumble 2017


Welcome to a new week BWR readers, I would like to first of all apologise for the lack of content released by myself over the past week or so, I have been having internet issues which have only just been resolved but I am back and ready to release more!
Anyway onto today’s review and it is the first Pay-Per-View of 2017 in the form of Royal Rumble 2017. I am a big fan of the Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View and always have been but not so much the matches that pre curse it so I usually until I review it on the blog skip over those matches and just watch the Rumble.

The past few years in terms of the Rumble have been quite poor even though Styles ended up debuting last year to critical acclaim the lack of surprise entrants and also wrestlers being in it that may not be deserving of certain spots has annoyed many people myself included so will this be another flop or will it be a surprising start to the year both in terms of the undercard matches and the main event?? Let’s see!
First of all we had Charlotte vs Bayley for the RAW Women’s Title, as I say every time I have been raving about the women’s division recently and how good it has got with wrestlers like Charlotte and Sasha really heightening it again and making it worth watching and this match was no different, it wasn’t brilliant but it was still a good watch to start the card off with Charlotte hitting the Natural Selection on the ring apron for the victory and another retaining of her title which I think she may lose shortly either on RAW or FastLane on the run up to WrestleMania before potentially winning it again or maybe even being drafted after to SmackDown. Overall this wasn’t Charlotte’s vintage that she has been producing as of late but still worth a watch and a good start to the show!

Next of all we had Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Title with 2 stipulations on board with Jericho who has been interfering in Owens’ matches and helping him win and in this case even though It was No-DQ as well unless someone else helped he would have no choice but to be on a level playing field. This match was brilliant and a worth a watch even if you don’t really like Reigns that much. There was weapons with Tables and Chairs for example used with Owens crashing through the chairs for example and Reigns was put over as being the more likely to win throughout so the fans would actually believe that it could happen and that finally Owens would get beat but oh no that didn’t happen. Braun Strowman came down to the ring and threw Reigns into the ring post and gave him a chokeslam onto the German Announce desk before giving him a running powerslam through a table in the ring before Owens pinned him crawling over to grabbed the victory. Afterwards of course Jericho came down from the shark cage and congratulated a hurt Owens and speaking of hurt Reigns looked annoyed at ringside and this will definitely make a match at Mania between Reigns and Strowman so it was worth it to set it up. Great effort!

Next up we had Neville vs Rich Swann for the WWE Cruiserweight Title and you could call this a filler as bad as it sounds before Styles and Cena metaphorically main event the show. This match was alright though but suffered massively as the crowd wasn’t into it and I don’t know why but it could be a number of reasons as if I was there I would be looking forward to the Rumble match so unless a match was amazing I wouldn’t be that bothered. Neville won after throwing Swann off the top rope with a super plex and then applying a submission hold pulling back on Swann’s head before grabbing the victory and the title in the process. I don’t really watch 205 Live so for me it doesn’t have ramefications as such but it is great to see Neville back on top heel or not and he will be a good Cruiserweight Champion for sure

Next of all we had John Cena vs AJ Styles the match before the Rumble. I had been told multiple times to watch this match as it was meant to be brilliant but I waited until this review to watch it and I tell you what the person was right. Absolutely brilliant match which was better than the SummerSlam effort which was at the time hard to top. Cena did his typical never give up mantra and he kept coming back after Styles threw the kitchen sink at him. Cena was always going to win sooner rather than later to tie with Ric Flair and a brilliant time to do it with such a great match ending with 2 Attitude Adjustments back to back finally downing the ‘Phenomenal One’. In my opinion even though Styles lost he should be proud of his efforts and in my opinion he will win it back sooner rather than later and as a result of this match the Rumble will be a hard act to follow but it shows one thing always watch the undercard on the Rumble as you never know what gems you may unearth.


Finally we have the match that everyone waits for every year good or bad, the Royal Rumble match. I am not going to go too in depth with the match but I will just say the good and bad points so if you haven’t seen it you can make a judgement later. In my opinion first of all it was a good rumble match and better than last years for definite, they had to pull it out of the hat this year as the last few years had been poor and with some big names albeit current WWE superstars added such as Goldberg, The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar it made it a great watch. It was good as well due to the fact Tye Dillinger was part of it which even though I would have loved to have seen Samoa Joe, Finn Balor or someone similar from NXT we got the guy we were expecting to come in at 10 to a huge pop. We got the usual brilliant Kofi Kingston moment which we come to expect. Reigns even though he came out to boos as many people thought Balor would come in then was a good entrant to bring in as he was easily dumped out to the joy of the crowd and also it set up a match with Taker without them having to do as much work. Goldberg got rid of Lesnar again easily to set up a potential match at Mania with him in basically the rubber match and basically overall it was a great watch. My only problems with this years was like alluded to, it lacked star power/surprise entrants just someone like DDP would do or even Jerry Lawler but I would rather have this one event a year where we get surprises than just got a lot of mid carders I can see on RAW but don’t let that put you off as it was a great match and a great end to the show with Orton winning which was a surprise to me!
Overall Rating – 8/10 – Brilliant PPV and a great start to the year from WWE. I was a little apprehensive coming into this as Royal Rumble seems to be getting worse year on year but WWE pulled it out of the bag with some great undercard matches with Reigns vs Owens and Styles vs Cena particularly starring and putting on a pretty good Rumble match. Overall I would recommend watching this for sure whether buying it from our friends at WWE Home Video UK or on the Network!

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