Blu-ray Review – Diamond Dallas Page – Positively Living


Welcome to another new week BWR readers, and that means in most cases another new WWE release to review! Last week it was the Royal Rumble PPV from the start of the year which in itself garnered praise from myself for certain matches e.g Styles vs Cena and it was a very highly recommended show! We shift gears a little bit this week with the release of the DDP documentary and matches set which I didn’t even know was coming out until I was asked to review it unlike a lot of WWE documentaries in the past that I have been really interested in and thankfully got to review such as the Randy Savage one and the Chris Jericho one which was shared by the man himself!

Diamond Dallas Page is known as being not only a brilliant wrestler in the past starting shockingly at the age of 35 and also for his DDP Yoga which has put wrestlers such as Jake The Snake Roberts and Scott Hall/Razor Ramon on the path away from demons mainly alcohol in their lives and in my opinion he is a legend both out the business and in the business and is someone who I want to interview one day before I stop writing the blog and there has been discussions previously with the earliest I could interview him was this year but as of writing I haven’t heard anything!
Anyway I will give you a quick run through of the Documentary and what matches are included and then give you a summary at the end and whether I recommend it or not :

We start the documentary with DDP saying about how it’s been a great career and it panning to a shot of him on the beach. We got segments to start off the documentary of Scott Hall, Mick Foley and Eric Bischoff discussing how inspirational he is and we got DDP back in Point Pleasant, NJ and then his mum giving a few words about DDP as a child. As usual the quality on the Blu-ray is brilliant by the way. DDP of course gave a few words about his growing up, his dad and how he moved in with his mother after leaving his father and his sister talking about how he was busy while the rest of the family did nothing really. Also he discussed about him turning to sport due to him not being able to read and having ADD and Dyslexia which wasn’t known about back then and his injury at 11 where he had to turn to Basketball due to his kneecap being torn out as well as his meniscus and even though he didn’t get picked a lot of the time he used to practice and practice and practice which is where he got his work ethic which he is known for and it is of course a good work ethic to follow and one that DDP has done all his life and how even though he was awful at the beginning he picked the team himself at the end and how he did pretty well for himself despite his setbacks in life.

He goes onto say about how he started out in Wrestling in terms of watching it and how he say Handsome Jimmy Valiant not in the WWF but the WWWF and how he wanted to be him as well as due to Dusty Rhodes, Superstar Billy Graham and Bruno Sammartino. He then says about how much he loved nightclubs and restaurants and how he concentrated on that as a career even though he went and trained to become a wrestler on the side which prompted him to do a few indy matches which DDP even admits were terrible and even his best mate said that when he wanted to do something he did it and that made him open the night club in Florida where he met his ex-wife Kimberley who talks at length about their relationship throughout the documentary and is in my eyes a good addition as many WWE documentaries rely too much on the wrestlers that they wrestled at the time which is all well and good but the family aspect is always good too.

He said about how he started watching wrestling again and he saw this guy called Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts in WWF and said how he pulled him in to wrestling again and he spoke about how in his bar in Florida he saw Jake out of the blue and they got talking and drinking which prompted Jake to spread the word to the likes of Goldust who had a few words about it, Shawn Michaels and The Bushwhackers to name a few about Norma Jeans Bar. This lead to a spot in AWA as the manager of the Bad Company team and friendships with Eric Bischoff and Dusty Rhodes would prove valuable to DDP in the future.


His guest appearance as chauffeur as Rhythm and Blues in WrestleMania was discussed and also how he got a tryout as a result of his alluded to contacts and we get some great footage of Dallas’ WWF commentary tryout which didn’t get him the job and he says about how it wasn’t meant to happen as Jesse Ventura was too good to replace and he couldn’t fill those shoes. He moved to WCW as a result of Dusty Rhodes and he got a managing spot with the Freebirds and Scott Hall but he even said that his passion burned more than ever for him to finally get in the ring which allowed him to finally become a wrestler at the age of 35 which like I said was unheard of back then and is now even more so and after 3 weeks he got thrown in the ring and according to William Regal he just got better and better from his initial run and we also get a bit on Kimberley becoming the permanent Diamond Doll after lots of alterations and also about his finisher the Diamond Cutter. As well His many gimmicks was discussed but his big break finally came opposite the NWO when he turned it down. Also his feud with Randy Savage is discussed with it being the feud of the year for 1997 in PWI being the turning point overall as well as him teaming with Karl Malone of course which was the biggest grossing PPV in WCW where DDP and Karl took on Hogan and Rodman and finally in terms of WCW we got him finally becoming the WCW World Champion and how him and Kimberley felt afterwards and Terry Taylor himself summed it up as dreams do come true. This was a nice Segway onto the final wrestling part where his run with the WWF/WWE is discussed and how he ended up signing with the company he had always wanted to be with and his Stalker gimmick which is in it’s entirety on the second disc of the Blu-Ray but it was a gimmick that he never really liked. Finally of course the Positively Page gimmick was talked about and how much that got over and basically how much it was completely different to the Stalker which was great for him and this lead to him facing Christian in WM X8 and then we go onto the DDP Yoga of course which was a big thing for DDP to keep going and Jake The Snake Roberts, Scott Hall and multiple other superstars and normal people’s success stories to plug the Yoga were of course there and rightfully so. And his recent WWE run and Hall of Fame induction in a short time ends the documentary in a great way and I think DDP is a brilliant induction to this years’ Hall of Fame.


On the Blu-ray we get 20 minutes of extra stories in the documentary style which were not on the main feature and so If you want more of this brilliant documentary it is there and of course we get tons of matches with some brilliant and some rubbish and the most part is the WCW days due to it being where he spent most of his career but overall it doesn’t matter as it shows his evolution from being a manager who people never thought would be a wrestler to a legend in the business!

Overall to end off I would rate it a 9/10, I love the WWE documentaries that are produced and the only reason why I don’t give it a 10 is because I wasn’t really around in the DDP era so it doesn’t mean as much to me but he is a true inspiration and this documentary showed it and it is definitely one of the best they have produced for some time!


Diamond Dallas Page : Positively Living is out now from and participating retailers from the price of £19.99 it is BWR approved!

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