Blu-ray Review – WWE 24 : WrestleMania Monday


Welcome readers new and old to another week of 2017 which seems to be going faster than normal, as usual another week means usually another WWE review and this is no different.This week sees the release of another documentary after the brilliant DDP one released last week and it is the WWE 24 documentary which is on the WWE network and this release coincides with it being WrestleMania Monday. For all those wondering why I didn’t release yesterday was due to a few reasons, 1. I received this late last week and 2. I was having a weekend off from blog work and wasn’t at home at all so I apologize. Back to the release this includes the documentary as well as a sprinkling of matches on both discs! Will it be as good as last week or will it be a flop?? Read my thoughts below as well as whether I recommend it!


We start the documentary off with Feeling Electric a song which some people reading this may know off the FIFA game from the past year and certain superstars discussing what WrestleMania Monday means such as Enzo and Cass and Miz and Maryse. After the intro we get Apollo Crews in Dallas, TX before his debut on Monday Night RAW one year ago talking about how it feels, followed by Enzo Amore with something similar. We get it followed by Daniel Bryan, Zack Ryder, Cesaro, Sami Zayn etc all talking about how good the crowd is and how sometimes in the case of Fandango it can help catapult a career after all the fans sang his entrance music on the night after Mania. By the way as a little side note this documentary clocks in at 54 minutes long on the Blu-Ray so just less than standard for a WWE release. Going back we got reference to certain moments including Paige who of course was in the news for the wrong reasons winning the WWE Divas title, Neville’s debut in 2015 and Goldberg’s debut In 2003 as well as the retirements including Shawn Michaels which was one of the most emotional moments I have had as a wrestling fan and Ric Flair in 2008 which was when I only just got into wrestling so it was one of the first moments I remember as a wrestling fan.

Seth Rollins even said that his favourite moment was back when Ziggler ended up winning the heavyweight title and we got reference to when Lesnar basically took over RAW by battering JBL and Cole leaving Saxton to do commentary for about an hour and JBL was saying that there was people blowing up his Twitter asking them to come back! Following on from that we got one of my favourite moments in terms of Mania Monday and that was Maryse returning as I don’t know if I have said before but Maryse was my absolute favourite back in the day and as a young lad I used to fancy the hell out of her so for her to return it was brilliant and I was wondering where she had been all these years! What was good about this documentary was that it referenced back to the different wrestlers it was focusing on as it seemed more like a Total Divas type deal as if it had been done externally as opposed to a WWE production which is good to see sometimes but also it meant that they chopped and changed a lot and didn’t stay on one person for more than a few minutes.

We got brilliant footage of the new debutants practicing their entrances before showtime which in my opinion is great as we don’t really get to see much of it as well as some old footage of Enzo Amore cutting promos before WWE and his story about getting into the WWE and also Big Cass’s struggles in FCW with him saying that he was put down with people telling him the only reason your not gone is because your 7 feet tall and so it is good to see wrestlers like him break free of that and become something. The fact we got more of an extended look at Enzo and Cass was great and to hear their stories was brilliant and made you like them even more considering what they had been through. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows were next and it was good to see their backstage stuff before the debut with them catching up and meeting certain wrestlers such as Natalya, AJ Styles and Arn Anderson and Michael Cole. Cesaro was next up to have a feature with his return from shoulder surgery, how he felt watching Mania being injured and his thoughts on his first day back.

The focus then shifted to the actual show with Mr McMahon starting it off saying how he is sure it is one you will never forget. We first of all got Apollo Crew’s debut and his thoughts just before hand in the Gorilla Position including Stephanie McMahon giving him some advice and we got highlights from his first main roster match. Apollo said afterwards about how good it was and there was footage of his girlfriends’ reaction which showed what it meant to not only Crews but his external friends and family. Zack Ryder spoke about how excited he was to get out there and of course this tied in with one of the focused character’s returns to the show Maryse. We next got Baron Corbin who up to this point hadn’t really been focused on but that is probably due to the fact he made his debut the night before as opposed to it being a huge surprise and him saying that he had that nervous good energy and how he realised he was on RAW. Next up it was Enzo and Cass and of course their reaction just before their debut including some great stuff in the Gorilla Position of them two hyping each other up. There was also footage of them two coming back through the curtain with Enzo still so hyped and Triple H greeting them. Cass ended up getting emotional and was saying that he finally did it and that he had shut up the people that told him he wouldn’t get anywhere in Wrestling. Enzo ended their segment by saying that he kept thinking at Mania that will be him next year and that the moment he had on that Mania Monday was irreplaceable.

We finally got Cesaro’s return and you could say how hyped the crowd were by the reaction and a shot of all the fans taking photos and videos of his entrance and we also got Styles saying how much a moment like the one he had when he became #1 contender meant to him and how much he had sacrificed to have a moment like that. We ended up with a montage of all the fans and wrestlers involved with some words and music in the background which basically said how much this RAW means to them and the fans every year.


Rating 7/10 – Pretty good documentary which really gave me more insight as to how wrestlers feel like when they debut on the main roster such as the emotion felt by Enzo and Big Cass. I love the RAW after Mania and this underlined this. Not the greatest I have seen which reflects in the rating but I liked the different style it had to other WWE documentaries and it is definitely worth the watch whether you watch it on the Network or get the DVD or Blu-ray for the matches and full moments involved in this spectacle every year.

WWE 24 : WrestleMania Monday is out now from and participating retailers from the price of £19.99 it is BWR approved!



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