DVD Review – Finn Balor : Iconic Matches


Welcome to the latest WWE review and this was done earlier than release for probably the first time in a long time, I have probably done it about 3 times in the 3 or so years I have done reviews for WWE Home Video UK and this is for a few reasons, I am busy all bank holiday weekend meaning that my review time is limited and also it is quite a short review to do so I can do it as soon as I get it in the post!

That DVD is the Finn Balor : Iconic Matches DVD which was out yesterday , this DVD includes 3 of Finn’s ‘iconic’ matches while he has been in WWE from his time in NXT so before people question the matches involved it is only exclusive to one brand and discover why his quiet, deadly precision and his periodic transformation into the ‘terriying’ Demon King has made him a firm fan favourite in WWE.

As you can tell there are only 3 matches and I was pretty gobsmacked when I opened this release which I had been anticipating as of course it’s Finn Balor to find out that there s only 3 matches but they are not charging over the odds for it which is great and it is a £4.99 price point so is especially good for a child or someone just returning to WWE or starting watching it who may want to see some matches but not sit through a 3 hour PPV.

I remember when I first got into wrestling at the tender age of 8 I had these Best of Raw and Smackdown releases with a few matches that were really cheap and these fit under this category with previous releases I believe including John Cena and Roman Reigns, no disrespect to WWE as I am reviewing for them but in my opinion putting these releases out is a stock gap in order to sell something new while they have nothing to release which is fair enough. Also this is perfect just to add to the collection if you are buying something anyway

Onto my thoughts on the matches –

Finn Balor vs Neville –

The first match is from NXT Takeover Arrival where they took each other on in the NXT title No.1 Contenders tournament and this was a period that I watched NXT avidly which I don’t really anymore due to certain wrestlers like Finn leaving the product and so I remember this match well. This was at time when Finn had only just really debuted a few months prior. This was a brilliant match full of aerial moves of course with both men known for this and also some great technical wrestling, this is probably on this Iconic Matches set for a reason and that is because it is when he became the Number 1 Contender for the first time and this was just after Neville really lost his title so was about putting the young upstart Finn Balor over and it did just that. It elevated Finn Balor’s spot up the card due to his number 1 contender status and it also begged the question whether we would see Neville in NXT again but overall a brilliant match and probably the earliest success Balor had in a long storied career in NXT.

Finn Balor vs Tyler Breeze –

The second match was another from the Takeover specials and one that even though I watched it at the time initially forgot what Pay-Per-View/Special it was from unlike the first match. At the time it was a 3 way with Hideo Itami involved but he was taken out. This match wasn’t the best on the show by anymeans but it is a Finn Balor compilation and this was still quite good, they started off quite slow but when they grew into it there was some really nice near falls including him hitting the Beauty Shot after throwing Breeze into the exposed turn buckle but he turned it around to win and become number 1 contender for the second match running on this DVD set with a dropkick and double stomp. Overall not Finn’s best match in NXT but not his worst by any means and with it all leading up to the next match it makes sense to include it.

Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens –

The final match on the set was between Kevin Owens and Finn Balor from the Beast In the East PPV, at the time this was billed as Finn’s historic return to Japan after only a short time away after his storied exploits in New Japan Pro Wrestling. This match was brilliant at the time when I reviewed it on the blog and is the same now and I would probably say this was his best match while under the NXT banner. To see him win the title in front of the home crowd of sorts in Japan was something special and even know we knew it was going to happen when the match was announced it was brilliant. Owens matched him throughout and people really thought that he was going to retain and steal the moment away from Balor but of course he didn’t. If they release a Finn Balor DVD/Blu-Ray in a few years in my opinion this will be on it.

Overall Rating – 6/10 –  A good set for the price but of course not the definitive set but in my opinion this will come in a few years and like alluded to in my opinion this is just a stock gap but maybe for the big Finn Balor fan or a child getting into the WWE this might be a good set to buy them, a good easy review for me though before we get PPV’s and Documentaries to come over the coming weeks so it gets the rating based on the price alone and the good matches but is definitely one that you don’t have to pick up.


Finn Balor : Iconic Matches is out now from wwedvd.co.uk and participating retailers for the price of £4.99


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