Interview – Hard Flyer

1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog Hard Flyer, could you please introduce yourself to the readers of the blog who may not know you??
Basically I would define myself as a pretty crazy boy, since I was little I always liked to draw attention and who knows me knows that my madness does not end when I leave the ring
2. Let’s speak about growing up, who did you enjoy watching growing up and who would you say either wrestler wise or personally inspired you to become a wrestler??
My passion for wrestling began with the SmackDown 1 video game, but I did not feel the desire to become a fighter until I met Jeff Hardy, he was my inspiration for years. I think I somehow identified with him.
3. How did you then get involved in wrestling training, who trained you and if you could be trained by anybody or have a seminar with anyone who would it be and why??
For years  I practice backyard wrestling due to the lack of resources and possibilities of training in a school. After 6 years began to feel that perhaps it was an unattainable dream, put aside that dream and began to train in Capoeira, thanks to this I got out of my town and live in a big city that is Lisbon and where I was able to resume my dream of being a fighter training in the CTW training school . Currently I have the opportunity to train with great fighters, but if I had to choose to train with any fighter would be AJ Styles why to me he is a very complete fighter and I would love to learn from him.
4. You have wrestled over here previously for PRIDE Promotions including recently against Kelly Sixx and Lucha Underground’s Jack Evans, what are your thoughts on the UK and how was it to take part in a 3 way with one of the best in the UK and the USA??
Fighting in the UK is always a fantastic experience the audience delivers and lives every moment during the fight. I feel very comfortable every time I am there and it will always be a pleasure to return. About my last fight it was something incredible to be in the ring in front of a superstar as is Jack Evans, a fighter I continue to admire and respect. The fight was not easy, Kelly Sixx is a great rival, very intelligent and in the end managed to take the victory … finally we will see the faces Kelly hahha
5. You also wrestle for CTW in Portugal I believe, how does this compare to the UK would you say and being from Spain what is the wrestling scene like in Spain??
Sincerely in Spain and Portugal the sport is not yet at the level of uk but it is up to us to make this change and one day people have a different vision. This is going to help promote new schools, new fighters and more opportunities
6. You recently wrestled at the IBERANIME show I believe which is a comic con type of event, how was that experience and would you say events like that are big for getting promotions and wrestling in general bigger in a country??
Personally it is always a challenge for me to face an audience that is not used to watching wrestling but of course it was a great experience, I had a lot of fun and the public enjoyed it a lot. I am totally in favour of this kind of events
7. You call yourself the king of Rashasha style, what does this mean??
I knew that someday I would be asked to see how I explain it … my english is not very good and clear in one of my trips to UK I was with a great friend Ultimo Tiger then met a girl and not knowing how to speak English ask me Friend I tell him and he answered do not worry tell him – no kiss just rashasha hahah I think I’ve taken it too far
8. What are your future ambitions in wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??
I think like most wrestlers I would like to be able to live in wrestling and serve as a reference for many people, professionally I would love to fight in CZW and PWG as I feel that I would fit into their fighting style
9. Where can the readers find Hard Flyer on social media and where can promoters book you for up and coming shows??
I am always active on Facebook and Instagram for everyone who wants to know something more about me or if I can help in something do not hesitate to write me
10. What future dates have you got where the readers can see you live and have you got a message to end the interview off??
In the coming months I will be in Riot Barcelona in Spain, day 4 June in ctw and pride in July in CTW, October in Belgium Brussels in November and here an exclusive this year I also going to go and fight US soon more information will be revelaed, finally I just want to say for all those who have a dream that do not leave, fight, nothing is easy but to get different things you have to go different paths focus engage and please don’t just dream this life go and live your dream.

I hope you enjoyed this interview and I would like to thank Hard Flyer for answering the questions for you to read, please go and support him on social media if possible! 

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