Interview – Christi Jaynes


1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog Christi, thank you for accepting to do this interview, first of all could you please introduce yourself to the readers??

Christi Jaynes Born in Brasil I reside in Austin TX.

2. Next of all let’s speak about growing up for you, did you watch wrestling growing up and who would you say inspired you to train to become a wrestler??

I moved to the USA and that’s when I started watching wrestling. I didn’t speak or understand English so I didn’t know what they were saying. I just remember thinking wow that’s really cool! these people must have some kind of super powers to do this.

3. You are originally from Brazil I believe but are now based in Austin, Texas, how long have you lived in America and is there any wrestling scene in Brazil at all or is it non-existant??

Now yes there is a wrestling scene in Brasil but I can’t speak for when I was younger I was never exposed to Pro Wrestling till I came to the USA

4. Next of all, how did you get involved in Wrestling training, who trained you and how was this experience and also if you could have a seminar with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why??

I Started Training in Austin,TX with George De La Isla. I had a friend tell me I should look into it so I googled Pro Wrestling Schools and 3 came up 1 was in Houston, the 2 wanted too much $ just for a try out to see if they wanted to train me and 3 was an old man that wanted me to show up at 11 pm Friday night. I took #3. ( hahaha yeah I’m crazy, but you kinda have to be, to be in this business) i spent a year just doing basics I still go to training 3x a week 2x I go twice a day and gym 7 days. I learned that most people won’t support you threw your journey and will always put you down. I’ve built a pretty thick skin and know I absolutely love this. I would want a seminar with HBK , Jericho, Beth Phoenix, Macho Man, Undertaker, Drago, Blue Demon, Rey Mysterio, Dark Angel, AJ styles, Charlotte, Bayley Not only am I a fan of these Wrestlers but the quality of there work is phenomenal

5. You are currently on tour with Stardom I believe and you are returning home shortly, how did you getting into Stardom come about, has it been a good experience wrestling and living in Japan and do you have any plans to return this year or in the future??

Yes, I just got back from being on Tour with Stardom. It was a truly surreal experience. I did a Show in California and Kairi Hojo was there. I never thought I was going to be picked to go to Japan. Some wrestlers spend their whole career and never get the opportunity so I felt truly blessed. I would absolutely love to go out there again and well see. wrestling is an interesting animal

6. Speaking of Stardom and also British Wrestling which of course is the topic of the blog, you are coming over here in June for the International Grand Prix 2017 for British Empire Wrestling alongside the likes of Santana Garrett, Toni Storm and Katarina Leigh, are you looking forward to coming over here and taking part in the tournament and are you over here for a while or just the one date and if so what other promotions do you plan to wrestle for??

I am very excited to be coming across the pond. I will be wrestling for BEW Grand Prix, Southside, PCW and HOPE Wrestling. I will be out there from June 1-19 so if any other Promotions have a spot open message me

8. What are your future ambitions and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??

I just want to travel get better, possibly a contract isn’t every wrestlers dreams. 5yrs is a long time hopefully still healthy and able to do this

9. Where can the readers find Christi Jaynes on Social Media and where can promoters get hold of you for bookings??

ChristiJaynes on Twitter and Instagram my facebook is full so probably best to follow me on the other 2. Promoters can email me at

10. Finally to end the interview, have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug, if so please do??

I can just give you my calender hahaha. But for sure LLF.MX May 19 Riot Monterrey MX May 20, IHWE May 21, ACW MAY 21, Wrestle Circus May 27, Hope Wrestling June 2, BEW June 3,4, PCW June 17, Southside June 18, Wrestle Circus June 23, ACW june 25

I hope you enjoyed this interview and I would like to thank Christi for answering the questions for you to read, please go and support her on social media if possible! 

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