Interview – ‘The Iron Demon’ Shane Mercer


1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Blog Shane, could you please introduce yourself to the readers of the blog who may or may not know you??

I am the Iron Demon” Shane Mercer. A ruthless, in your face, smashmouth guy who lives the saying “No Limits” inside and out

2. Let’s speak about growing up, who did you enjoy watching growing up and who would you say either wrestler wise or personally inspired you to become a wrestler??

I would honestly say the first match I ever saw was Wrestlemania 6. Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior when I was 4 yrs of age. And since that very moment i was captivated. But growing up and shortly after it was the Phenom” The Undertaker. Just something about him was different than everyone else and I loved it and how he moulded and changed as the business did.

3. How did you then get involved in wrestling training, who trained you and if you could be trained by anybody or have a seminar with anyone who would it be and why??

I always wanted to being the business and had absolutely no idea how…to even start this. Wrestling was not big in my hometown so my buddies and me just got together trying to figure this out. We got together of course wrestling like most kids/teens did interested in the business. But one day on MySpace I just searched “wrestler” and Zodiak Wrestler popped up. He told me what to do and I sent in money for my Kentucky Wrestling License. Got it and started wrestling for two yrs with barely any training just doing our old backyard matches not knowing any better. Then one day got into the ring with Bull Pain and everything changed. He was formally in WCW as a member of the Texas hangman and had this very old school sense of respect. After not knowingly saying something to disrespect him and coming close to fighting. We both earned a better sense of respect and he took me under his wing with Todd Morton and showed me the better ways of how things are done which formally I call my training

4. You are the current Strong Style Wrestling World Champion and in July a rivalry with Kongo Kong comes to an end inside a steel cage, do you have any words for Kongo and what has happened so far in the feud ??

If anyone knows Kongo Kong it would be me. I have fought this man across the whole United States and teamed with as well at times. Now with his focus on Impact Wrestling he needs to not forget probably his biggest rival if ever still has his sights set on leaving this cage match still Strong style Champion. I say No Limits for a reason

5. You have wrestled for IWA: Mid South since around 2008, how does it feel to wrestle for a promotion for so long and you are a one time heavyweight champion in the promotion for only 28 days, is it your goal this year to potentially regain the title and have a long reign??

Most definitely. It was off and on until 2013, that was my real full time return. And it was a repaving of sorts to prove I could hang. And I did so be defeating in one summer Shane Helms,Michael Elgin,Colt Cabana,Adam Pearce,Corporal Robinson,Hyzaya and more then it cultivated with the title win the following summer in 2015. It’s time to regain what’s mine.

6. In January you wrestled Shane Douglas I believe, how was this experience and did he have any words for you after the match if so could you share any with the readers??

It was a very humbling but amazing experience. He shared with the audience that it was one of his final indie appearances if ever wrestling and it was someone I grew up watching as well as the guy who single handily started the official start of Extreme Championship Wrestling.
To be in the ring yet defeat him in a extreme rules match is very humbling.
Backstage he stayed with me chatting until the whole locker room was gone and the janitor had to ask us to leave going on from ECW days to today’s wrestling and just tips he could give me about anything.
Got my personal contact info about a project coming up but I can’t let that out of the bag just yet 😉

7. Of course the blog is called TheBritishWrestlingRevival, would you ever come over to the UK and if so who would you want to face and why??

Of course, would absolute love too. I definitely have a few must have matches just to push my limits against some of the best. Zack Sabre Jr.,Dave Mastiff and Pete Dunne. Lots of others as well but those are the go to challenges right off. So unique and different it would push my ability against a different animal in each of them

8. What are your future ambitions in wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??

In 5 yrs the goal is to be already reestablished everywhere if not signed. I want Shane Mercer to be a world wide name and one of the guys people seek out for great matches and top of the line performance. Always striving to be the absolute best

9. Where can the readers find ‘The Iron Demon’ Shane Mercer on social media and where can promoters book you for up and coming shows??

Facebook-Shane Mercer Instagram-shanemercer Twitter-TheIronDemon Any promoters interested can email me at I am available to work absolutely anywhere against anyone. #Tourofdestruction is worldwide showcase of #Nolimits

10. What future dates have you got where the readers can see you live and have you got a message to end the interview off??

IWA Mid south every Thursday night at the Arena in Jefferson Indiana. PWCS in St. Louis on June10th June23rd in Memphis Tenn. July7th Heroes and Legends in Indianapolis July15 Resistance Pro in Chicago Illinois July 22nd Strong style Wrestling for World Collide against Kongo Kong in a cage. Then following week is the gathering of the juggalos as well for JCW against Kong for the JCW Championship Any readers who don’t know me, look me up. Seek out who I am and educate yourself on someone who absolute lives the motto No limits and exactly why I am referred to as the Iron Demon. If you don’t know…you will

I hope you enjoyed this interview and I would like to thank Shane for answering the questions for you to read, please go and support him on social media if possible! 

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